Land-Rover Range Rover Classic

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   The Land-Rover Range Rover Classic revolutionized the auto industry in 1970 with the launch of the Range Rover. No one had ever before seen such an outstanding 4x4 vehicle. Style, comfort, speed, outstanding off road as well as on road ride to the highest level and was so ahead of its time so it stayed in production for 25 years, almost unchanged to its original principles. During its lifespan the Range Rover Classic developed from a luxury Land-Rover for the farmer to a high-tech noblige in the SUV market.
   Still today the Range Rover Classic is real pleasure to drive and live with, either an early 1970's Range Rover or a 1995 Range Rover Classic, or someone in between.
   This Range Rover Classic website contains in detail year by year development and a huge amount of Range Rover Classic specialties and curiosities.

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