Heinel Specialbilar AB - SW

Heinel Specialbilar AB, Malmö, Sweden - ambulance conversion

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           Link to brochure:                       Picture of the Range Rover Heinel ambulance from 70's
Range Rover Heinel ambulance conversion
   The Range Rover Heinel ambulance was made by the coach manufactorer Heinel Karosserifabrik in Malmö, Sweden.
   The Heinel ambulance was ultralong and had a stretch of 1 extra meter/39.4 inches between the axels. Longer than any other known Range Rover ambulance conversion.
   Addition of extra doors on the sides, one single piece rear door arrangement and raised roofline.
   The Heinel ambulanse was developed for use in the remote areas of the Norwegian mountains.
This special Range Rover Heinel ambulance conversion stayed in service for many years and became legendary in Norway due to their outstanding capability to force snowdrifts and winter roads in the North of Norway where most of the Range Rover Heinel ambulances had their duty.
   The first Range Rover Heinel ambulance was converted in 1974 and the conversions stayed available for some years. Total production are approximately 20-30 Range Rover ambulances, mainly sold in Norway.
   The Land-Rover Special Project Department had one Range Rover Heinel ambulance for evaluation at Solihull in the mid-seventies. The conversion performed well and British Leyland                                   Press photo by Rover in 1975. Photo taken in Brånåsdalen, Norway
issued the Press Photo seen at right.

From the Range Rover 'Heinel' Ambulanse brochure: 
'When it comes to save lives, only the best is good enough: 
     -  Range Rover Ambulance' 

British Leyland rescue vehicles - saves lives and properties

Range Rover is a positive innovation on the rescue- and ambulance market and is approved after
the latest regulations for ambulance vehicles, issued by Norwegian Transportation Department of 
14. November 1970.
The main advantage is the permanent 4-wheel drive. This makes the Range Rover to a superior 
ambulance on country roads often over long and remote distances, as a stable and fast rescue
vehicle even under severe conditions, thanks to reduction transfer gearbox and differential lock               Ultra long Heinel ambulance with outstanding driving characteristics
a Range Rover Ambulance can manage to reach considerably more remote accident sites than
any other conventional ambulance.
With its excellent handling characteristics and high level of comfort, the Range Rover as an
ambulance have the right qualifications to meet the stringent requirements set to rescue vehicles 

Range Rover complete ambulance is provided with the following equipments:

Recaro front seats
Safety belts front and rear
Additional rear view mirrors
Roller blinds 

Stretcher lead with the main stretcher
Spare stretcher with rails
Washing arrangement 
Facilities for sputum suction
Facilities for oxygen 
Mounting for blood bottle
Separate medical equipment including mobile suction and oxygen

Blue lights Bosch/Pintch Bamag
Compressor siren
Electronic siren at extra expence
Signal facility patient/driver                                                                                                               Two stretcher version, where attendant's seat must fold down in use
Extra additional heating with thermostat
Roof mounted ventilation with illumination
Fluorescent lamps
Arrangement for antenna
1000 meter high beams
Fog lights
Roof mounted working lights
120 ah battery with main switch
20 acr alternator 

Rescue equipment:
Prevention equipment
Fire extinguisher 
Safety helmets 
Separate working light with extra cable
Rescue line

The ambulance is assembled at Specialbilar AB, Malmö, Sweden, 
on a 1 meter extended Range Rover chassis made at Heinel Verkstads AB, Malmö, Sweden
Also provided as apartment ambulance

Rear suspension with extra help springs & uprated shock absorbers to cope with the additional weight

Approved by British Leyland Ltd, UK by February 23rd, 1973
                                                                                                                                                        Spacious attendant room with 2 foldable seats and nurse seat


                                            100 cm extension is here clearly shown in this Heinel under restoration    Cabinet w/ hand wash and suction. Control panel, electric ventilation