Range Rover France

1970/71 Range Rover France

                                            British Leyland 
                                            1971 - France
https://goo.gl/photos/ZL3HUKnoc5TrBnWL7         https://goo.gl/photos/wKAzs81pUTQ89NL46
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                                                                                                                                                          Typical Range Rover Classic version from France - 2 door
                                                                                                                                                          Shown here is a 1992 model - often ordered with diesel engine

1973 Range Rover France
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1974 Range Rover France
 1974 Range Rover Africa
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         1974 BLI18

1977 Range Rover France

  Range Rover Version Utilitaire
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           1977 BLF41

1979 Range Rover France
1979 Range Rover #162
1st Winner Paris-Dakar
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1983 Range Rover France
     1983 British Leyland
        La Gamme 83
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1985 Range Rover France
1985 Land Rover Range
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1986 Range Rover France
      1986 Range Rover TurboD
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1987 Range Rover France
Land Rover La Gamme 87
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1988 Range Rover France
1988 Range Rover Turbo D
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1989 Range Rover France
1989 Range Rover France    1989 Range Rover Vogue SE
  https://goo.gl/photos/tWJdX3aJo3twtWhf7          https://goo.gl/photos/PHqo34bfNXJgyaX5A    
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1989 Range Rover model program in France:
• Sunroof electric tilt and slide
• Air conditioning
• Front spoiler with fog lamps incorporated
• Seat leather seats "Connolly"
• Protection of the side doors
• Electrically adjustable front seats with 6 positions
• Asymmetrical rear seats with integrated headrests 
• Walnut inlays in dash, center console and doors
• Electrically door mirrors with defroster
• Automatic transmission 
• Piped side edge on seats
• Grab handle 
• Leather-wrapped transfer case lever
• Leather-wrapped steering wheel
• 6 speakers including 2 tweeters 

• Front spoiler with fog lamps incorporated
• Leather-wrapped steering wheel
 American burl wooden inlay in doors 
 Asymmetric division of the rear seat with integrated headrests
• Electrically door mirrors with defroster
• Protection of the side doors
• 4 speakers
• Air conditioning
• Automatic

• 4 speakers
• Conviction central doors, tailgate and fuel filler flap
• Power windows
• Metallic paint

• Advanced handle system for front seats gives better access to rear seats
• 2 speakers
• Lockable petrol door
• Metallic paint


1991 Range Rover France
    Land Rover La Gamme 1991
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    1991 Land Rover La Gamme

1992 Range Rover France
  1992 Range Rover Main France        1992 RR Vogue/Vogue Plus/Vogue SEi        Land Rover La Gamme 1992
 https://goo.gl/photos/ZYddpJBibR1H2QPH8            https://goo.gl/photos/aCBqLXK2ePWPcezP6        https://goo.gl/photos/P3ndeSyBJeBZWFoC8
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               1992 RR599 FR                                   1992 RR600 FR                        1992 Land Rover La Gamme

1993 Range Rover France
  1993 Range Rover Main France
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1994 Range Rover France
24 heures T.T. de Paris
   (Tout Terrain 1994)
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   Endurance T.T. (Tout Terrain) competitions have for many years been very popular in France. In 1994 at the 24th Anniversary year of the the Range Rover Classic, this vehicle won the 24 hours T.T. de Paris 94 in the 'Standard' vehicle car class.

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