Range Rover Germany

1971 Range Rover Germany
1971 British Leyland Germany
           Press Release
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   In the Press Release from British Leyland Motor Corporation (Europe) of March 10th 1971
they announced a reorganization of the importation and distribution channels in West Germany                        Range Rover Classic in 1977 German market version
to Deutche Rover GmbH, sited in Frankfurt for the specialist cars - Rover, Triumph and Jaguar
(included Range Rover).
Previously there had been a split import between the different marques to Germany.
   For the Austin/Morris range there will still be the same import company A. Brüggemann & Co.
GmbH of Düsseldorf.
"However, several of Messrs. Brüggemann's dealers will also sell one or more of the specialist
car lines.", which mean that Range Rover also will be sold through A. Brüggemann's.

1972 Range Rover Germany
  1973 British Leyland      1972 British Leyland Germany
            Germany                 Range Rover - Price list 
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  1973 British Leyland       1972 BL Price list Germany

Range Rover introduced at the German market in 1972

From the German brochure in 1973:   
The Range Rover is undoubtedly an extra-ordinary car. It is an all-purpose vehicle that combines the legendary robustness and versatility of the Land Rover with the comfort and the loving detailed design of the Rover saloons. The car body styling we may well regard as successful synthesis of uncompromising modernism, more elegant styling and absolute expediency. 
Here are some examples of its many uses: a comfortable high performance car for long travels and expeditions, a stable and robust off-road car, ideal leisure vehicle that is equally as useful in terrain as on the highway. 
In all these occasions it can carry 5 passengers and 325 kg of luggage or 2 persons and 550 kg of luggage. 

This car for the future is driven with the familiar 3.5 liter V8 aluminum engine that is installed in the Rover luxury sedan. The motor power can be used by a total of 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds for every need. 
All-wheel drive, switchable differential lock, 4 disc brakes with servo assistance and a level control            Range Rover presented in an 'original' form in 1973 in Germany
are a small selection of all standard equipment. 

Range Rover delivered with the the following standard:
- Laminated windscreen
- Heated rear screen
- Wash and wiper system on rear screen
Range Rover list price:
- Range Rover:                       DM  23.870,-

                                                                                                                                                                 No German-specific details on Range Rover in 1973

                                                                                                                          The beautiful profile of the Range Rover with vinyl interior and bonnet mounted mirrors

1974 Range Rover Germany

Range Rover rescue vehicles in Germany

In 1974 the first Range Rover rescue vehicles were delivered to fire and rescue services i Germany.
First out were Stuttgart fire service to experience all the benefits of a fast, four wheel drive rescue 
vehicle like the Range Rover had of value to save injured people in traffic accidents.

The Range Rover at the picture is from the fire service in Esslingen. The rescue tools is displayed 
on the ground with large numbers. Number 1 is a hydraulic steel cutting tools to chop injured people out from crashed vehicles. 

A powerful V8 engine with 132 hp and 4 wheel drive, there is no problem to overcome small obstacles and drive in open terrain.

In 1975 the RSV had 75 interventions and assisted 54 persons in danger from their crashed cars. No
doubt the benefits of such fast rescue vehicles like this Range Rover

                                                                                                                                                       Range Rover Rettungswagen rescue vehicle on duty in Esslingen

1976 Range Rover Germany

 1975/6 British Leyland         1976 Leyland Germany
           Germany                        Kurz-Information
 https://goo.gl/photos/myGxqXC8ah3Ahfjk9         https://goo.gl/photos/krx3becV3RKb1dYR8
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From the German brochure in 1976:
The Range Rover is undoubtedly an exceptional car. It is an all-purpose vehicle that combines the
legendary ruggedness and versatility of the Land Rover with the comfort and the loving detail design 
of the Rover saloons in itself. The body styling we may well regard as successful synthesis of uncompromising modern, elegant lines and absolute convenience.
Here are some examples of its diverse use of options: a comfortable high-performance car for long 
trips and expeditions, stable and robust SUV, ideal leisure vehicle that is equally as well off-road as highway driven. In all these occasions it has a 5 passengers and 325 kg of luggage or 2 persons and 550 kg of luggage capacity. This modern car is powered by the familiar 3.5 ltr V8 aluminium engine 
that is installed in the Rover luxury sedans.
The engine power can be used by a total of 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds for every need. All-wheel drive, switchable differential lock, 4 disc brakes with servo assistance and an automatic level control are examples of the Range Rover's standard equipments.


1977 Range Rover Germany

  1977 Leyland - Germany       1977 Leyland - Germany
      Gesamtprogramm                  Kurz-Information
   https://goo.gl/photos/jjgcAv4Wp5Np8Wpr8          https://goo.gl/photos/EPq8Tw3StUz7Bp8z7
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1978 Range Rover Germany

Check the differences in these "Range Rover Africa" brochures :

1978 Range Rover Africa        1978 Range Rover Africa        1978 Leyland Germany          1978 Leyland Prices
 https://goo.gl/photos/nceq52P19vaKwEgs6          https://goo.gl/photos/HsYJL6PCngyaML1DA         https://goo.gl/photos/R8nfZWAKuZWcQJZC7        https://goo.gl/photos/CgXojp4TzJ2YfnJM8 
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893/1/4/74 - Stand 1.1.78     893/1/4/1974 - Stand 1.5.78     1978 Leyland Germany           Prices - 01.01.1978
  1978 Range Rover Colourchart
 https://goo.gl/photos/Wpy2TCzZWMWsTvKt7         https://goo.gl/photos/Wpy2TCzZWMWsTvKt7        https://goo.gl/photos/Wpy2TCzZWMWsTvKt7
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Range Rover - Germany 1978

Engine:     Aluminium V8 3.470 ccm (to the brochure's specifications)
Power:      97 DIN kW (132 HP)

Standard:  Laminated windscreen
                Heated rear screen
                Rear screen wash/wipe system
                Disc brakes on all 4 wheels
                Trailer towing hook

Optional:   Servo assisted steering                 Price: 1.251,- DM incl VAT (1 January 1978)
                Tinted windows                             Price:    560,- DM incl VAT (1 January 1978)

Price:        Range Rover 2 door                      Price: 33.297,- DM incl VAT (1 January 1978)


1979 Range Rover Germany
 1979 RR Main Brochure      1979 Leyland GmbH
 https://goo.gl/photos/qyhyDoxU9sfAYpHx5       https://goo.gl/photos/DQDci5Y22x4WHbpx5
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From the German brochure in 1979:
The Range Rover is now no longer a secret anymore and not only connoisseurs appreciate him.
The worldwide reputation of the Range Rover is not a coincidence, but has been justified for many reasons. The Range Rover is more than just a leisure car with off-road look.
It is rather the successful synthesis of a technically advanced, all-wheel drive in every kind of terrains, high capacity on payload and towing in one hand and a convenient, fast and sophisticated sedan on the other. 
That the Range Rover do not deny its British origins may be, just another plus point and is documented in his appearance: Sober, objectivity free of unnecessary extravagance, practical and yet elegant, functional and clear evidence of a forward-looking and to its details in the well thought-out design.
Many years of experience from the Rover-engineers in the construction of terrain vehicles and sedans, perfectionism in the development of the compact, high performance aluminium V-8 engine, without superfluous gadgets and the desire to provide maximum riding comfort, safety and spaciousness not only in everyday use, but also provided for the most difficult off-road use, made the Range Rover to what he is today. A pioneering multi-purpose vehicle that can make driving to an adventure on 4 wheels. A vehicle which is different from the normal everyday vehicles in a sovereign and impressive manner. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                         German Range Rover with the characteristic rubber bumper ends
Confident through mud and regular everyday use
The real luxury of this all-wheel drive vehicle is the wide range of its possible application speeds that can hardly be desired. Whether you're planning to pave your way through dense undergrowth, climbing steep mountainsides with up to 70% slope or want plow through knee-deep mud holes, where the water hits at seat height on the doors ... no problem for the Range Rover. 
For such a high altitude of the Range Rover with permanent four-wheel drive, a switchable transfer gearbox. The transfer ratio gears can be drastically reduced and really increase the pulling power. At steep downhill with max. 15 km/h it is sufficient to use the braking performance of its engine. In aid to keep the brakes to be calm and prevent sliding down muddy slopes.
On swampy grounds, the switchable central lock which acts on the center differential in the middle of the vehicle, make a further increase of the traction. In agriculture and forestry, but also in road construction areas the Range Rover is the superior way to take you to your destinations. 
Wet meadows, deep arable ground, clay, rocky soil and loose rock, it coped easily as on the road. 
The low weight, achieved by use of aluminium made ​light body panels, is powered by a beefy 
3.5-liter aluminum engine and thus makes the exceptional towing capacity of 2000 kg possible.
Boat, caravan and horse owners are realizing the benefits of the great traction of the Range Rover and certified an ideal combination of high recreational and practical utility. Military and security organizations
around the world also appreciate the Range Rover for many years.                                                                            Range Rover is capable for active off-road driving, lots of power
For what other car in its category can take the already claim to say it is being exported worldwide, 
with the exception of two countries?
With the substantial loading capacity of 700 kg the Range Rover offers in the luggage compartment behind the large tailgate and thus makes it especially useful for small entrepreneurs as an economical and interesting object.
The level control on the suspensions rear axle ensures constant vehicle height even when fully loaded. The advantage of an equal limousine like ride and with high suspension comfort, proves the Range Rover especially when driving under different conditions and to this day the Range Rover remains unmatched. 
A good balance and tuning of the suspension allows a comfortable pace off the trail and count for that the occupants are protected from unpleasant bumps and knocks. The special front and rear suspension on rigid axle, telescopic shock absorbers, coil springs gives greatly contributing to the sedan-like comfort and impressive driving condition.
Everyday operation on regular roads, dense city traffic, long distances or fast, sharp turns mean
with Range Rover no strain. Disc brakes on all four wheels, power assisted brakes and a mechanical       V8 badges in lamp clusters and reflective moved to bumper ends 
force on the drum of the rear drive shaft handbrake in a car of this category a given. 
Limousine-like comfort
A view into the interior of the Range Rover will convince the most demanding buyer in every aspect.
Clean processing, functionality, spaciousness and refined, not least the comfortable front seats are some typical characteristics. Along with the wide rear seat bench 5 people have easily room in the Range Rover. 30 years of experience from the Rover specialists give an interior and facia for many details that are easily recognized. Switches, levers and large dimension tools are practical and easily found in accessible places.
From the drivers seat is an exemplary visibility all round the vehicle which ensures the airy feeling due  
large windows area located from almost the waist level belt height.
Favorable exterior dimensions, large windows and two exterior mirrors and the standard rear wiper with electric washer allow a perfect view of the road ahead. 
V8 strong power
The strong 3.5-liter, four-stroke V8 engine with eight cylinders, all in light aluminium metal arranged in 
a V-shape at the front of the vehicle cylinders mobilized 132 HP (97 kW) at 5000 rpm and gives the Range Rover the stately speed of 160 km/h 
High torque at low engine speeds provides maximum torque of 251 Nm at 2,500 rpm. Especially under the off-road conditions it prevents this pulling power and a continuous power output, aided by the constant four-wheel drive to prevent to getting stucked or the wheels from spinning. 
Water cooling, a five-bearing crankshaft, central camshaft, overhead valves, pressure lubrication and two
radial-flow gasifiers are more characteristic features of this powerhouse. 
                                                                                                                                                       Only in Germany saw these V8-badges to hide out the reflectives
Engine:     Aluminium V8 3.470 ccm (to the brochure's specifications)
Power:      97 DIN kW (132 HP)

Standard:  Laminated windscreen
                Heated rear screen
                Rear screen wash/wipe system
                Disc brakes on all 4 wheels
                Trailer towing hook

Optional:   Servo assisted steering                 Price: 1.263,72 DM incl 12% MWSt (VAT) (May 1979)
                Tinted windows                             Price:    564,95 DM incl 12% MWSt (VAT) (May 1979)
Price:        Range Rover 2 door                      Price: 33.349,56 DM incl 12% MWSt (VAT) (May 1979)

1980 Range Rover Germany
1980 British Leyland Germany   1980 Leyland Germany
    https://goo.gl/photos/xuFB1bzMvSySX3vq7          https://goo.gl/photos/g4PWuxk5YD9zomAKA
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        Ley/ST/008-08-79              1980 Gesamtprogramm


1981 Range Rover Germany
   1981 Range Rover S               1981 Range Rover                   1981 Leyland GmbH - Fair Play
                                            Der Trophy Range Rover
 https://goo.gl/photos/kMYCyB9Z1dzRW1FV9          https://goo.gl/photos/aK5Si2mNUzuYU87L6         https://goo.gl/photos/DtQQs3aDRvAY4CRi8
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From the German brochure in 1981: 
There are people who still believe that in rugged terrain they need a jeep, a comfortable limousine for 
their holidays, the nimble small car for city driving and the prestigious coupe to their individuality. 
But that it is the Range Rover S, the all in one vehicle, they do not seem to know. 
And the Range Rover S is a no compromise concept. Take a first look under the bonnet!
The 3.5-liter V8 aluminum engine is extremely powerful, with 97 kW (132 hp) at 5000 rpm. 
He draws from idle and reaches the maximum torque of 251 Nm at 2500 rpm. That is the power needed for a good working for a terrain vehicle to effortlessly move forward, where others get stucked long ago. 
And with a cruising speed of 160 km/h, it is well impressive even on the highway. 
If you are showing the other vehicles your tail lights in the city traffic, this should not come as a surprise with an acceleration of 14.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h.
Sand. Snow. Mud. Forest. Range Rover S is ideal. 
And it climbs in any terrain thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive, which is participated via a lockable 
center differential. Even gradients up to 70% climb effortlessly. 
And since the 4-speed fully synchromesh gearbox with a reduction gear can be engaged, you have no 
less than 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. 
If it is impassable - because the Range Rover S feels comfortable. And you also. 
For the carefully tuned suspension swallow effectively nasty bumps and shocks. 
Telescopic shock absorbers, coil springs, trailing arms, Panhard rod. . . no gimmick, but technique 
by which you chauffeured Range Rover S over hill and dale without stiff exit. 
Not to mention the standard automatic leveling device that maintains the suspension characteristics either loaded or not. 
Whether to transport for your party or bringing your surfboards, Safari equipment and boat trailers         - the Range Rover Sport S has just level. Walking speed in heavy traffic celebration evening. 
Weekend on country roads. On vacation hairpins on the pass road. 
With the Range Rover S a pleasure. 
Because inside it's very comfortable. Spacious, soft carpeting even on the center console, luxurious seats with headrests and integrated seatbelts provide comfort and security. His slip leather steering
wheel and power steering when parking not let even breaking a sweat. Cheap exterior dimensions,
large windows, Color glazing, two side mirrors and rear wiper with electric. Washer will give you a 
clear overview. 
Needless to say that rich instrumentation, grippier switches and levers complete the attention to detail.
He must have just gone. 
Get on board. Experience the Range Rover S.

1982 Range Rover Germany
1982 Range Rover     1982 Range Rover Germany     1982 British Leyland           1.4.1982 Preisliste
  https://goo.gl/photos/zwqNAuWiM2mdY8s46         https://goo.gl/photos/npY6LFqYbHTQAKow6        https://goo.gl/photos/RumZBZbY9ACzG3TE8       https://goo.gl/photos/tXj7BXAMkRi5XJtt7
    Link to brochure:                         Link to brochure:                           Link to brochure:                            Link to pricelist: 
 1982 RR 09.81               1982 - PRO 70008               1982 BL Ltd 9/81              1982 - PRO 70110

                                                                        Stylish picture of the Range Rover with a film crew on top of the roof rack shooting new films in remote desert area

From the German brochure in 1982:
The Range Rover was built for discerning drivers that even in the remotest areas of the world or in the
hard daily work, without compromising on refinement and style.
A 'wolf in sheep's clothing', an attractive vehicle that even under the harshest conditions, do not loose its attractiveness. Robust, without being clumsy. Comfortably, without having to give away roadholding. Attractive design, without sacrificing functionality.
Alloy wheels in the four-door version with numerous high-quality detailed features such as, carpeting throughout the foot and boot areas, seat belts front and rear, tinted heat-insulating glass all round, and with metallic paint and air conditioning as optional equipment, Range Rover proves again its immensely socially acceptable appearance.
With its voluminous cargo hold of max. 1670 liters capacity he swallow incredible loads, up to 700 kg. Easy to load with the split large tailgate, the lower part can be folded horizontally; creating a picnic table or as a standing platform at the horse competition arena.

                                                                                                                                                          A new era started with introduction of the 4 door Range Rover 

                                         The new interior of the 4 door Range Rover. Angeled heel-board seen.                   Arctic White 4 door Range Rover in German version

Whoever is used to accept that off-road vehicles have loud engine noise, energy-sapping controls and knock hard suspension, will easily run the risk of underestimating the Range Rover.
But with all-wheel drive, differential lock and selectable reduction gear, capable to manage gradients of 45 degrees, the standard Range Rover outperform many off-road vehicles. The Range Rover does not fear competition. Especially not on the highway, where he achieves a top speed of about 155 km/h easily, thanks to muscular 126-hp 3.5-liter V8 light-alloy engine.
Encouraging that the fuel consumption in both models with the slightly modified engine can be reduced by around 20%. As an absolute necessity to master the variety of terrain conditions, proved to be permanent all-wheel drive, which provides in difficult terrain for optimum pulling power. To enhance traction and to overcome all the problems in the field, it has a third differential between the front and rear axle, which can be locked. In this way, the continuous power transmission is ensured on both drive axles.

The Range Rover, a vehicle that makes adventure driving possible.

1983 Range Rover Germany
      1983 Range Rover          1983 Range Rover Prices
  https://goo.gl/photos/wNPkaTapsvrx1ZHD8           https://goo.gl/photos/5cYfH4vfm8dH54hJ9
           Link to brochure:                                Link to pricelist: 


1984 Range Rover Germany
      1984 Range Rover
           Link to brochure:  

Range Rover available in 2-door or 4-door versions. 
The 4-door version selectable with either 5 speed manual or 3 speed automatic gearboxes.
2-door only available with manual
Air conditioning system available as option for both 2- and 4-door versions
Air conditioning includes a storage box between the front seats with integrated ashtray for rear passengers
3 spoke aluminium wheels, standard on 4-door models

Range Rover - Comfort at its best
With the Range Rover to its designers had made ​​a particularly difficult task: You should design a car that is in rough terrain, climbing ability and reliability is also a new benchmark in terms of build quality, design and comfort.

Automatic transmission
The crown of the program range is the new 4 door Range Rover with automatic. This new transmission count for that the driving of the Range Rover has become a lot more comfortable and effective, without having lost any power or road performance, even the off-road performance is unaltered.

Actually, in addition to the increased ease of use, the advantage of automatic gear changes shows, especially when it comes down to the difficult terrain to choose the right 'gear' or in extreme cases,     as well as ice and snow to ride safely and gently. The same applies in the high speed running.              The 3-speed automatic transmission is combined with a new high-performance transfer case, which can be switched with a combined reduction gear lever and center differential. A transmission oil cooler ensures the correct operating temperature of the oil.

5-speed manual
In conjunction with the two-speed transfer case and the new 5-speed gearbox, available on both the
2- and 4-door, gives now ten forward and two reverse gears.
The high/low transfer gear and the centre differential with power distribution to the front and rear axles can now be operated with just one combined manual lever on the transmission tunnel. The new 5-speed transmission have closer gear change lever movements and the gear changing operating conditions are easier. The 5th gear has an overdrive character, which gives advantages for the fuel economy, with about 10% lower fuel consumption. The transmission have reduced wear through 
transmission speed reduction and reduction of the noise level.
All this are attributes that make driving in the new Range Rover to be more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Prices from 16. January 1984 in Germany. All prices in DM (Deutsche Mark) incl 14% VAT
Range Rover 2 door:                    45.825,-
Range Rover 4 door:                    51.490,-
Range Rover 4 door Automatic:    55.500,-
Metallic colours, 4 door only:           990,-
3 spoke alloy wheels, 2 door:        1.750,-
Air Conditioning, 2- or 4-door:        3.900,-
Trailer towbar:                                400,-


1985 Range Rover 'Vorausrüstwagen' - Advanced Rescue Vehicles - Germany

     Range Rover - Vorausrüstwagen
                       Link to brochure:   

From the Brinck brochure:
Range Rover - proven in countless adventures

Range Rover has proven its efficiency in more than during adventurous challenges. Most recently at   the Camel's Trohpy '83 - 1000 miles deepest Africa and '84 - 1000 miles in wild America.

You will understand why: Who can withstand roadless terrain with difficult obstacles and overcome
the adventure jungle trails, then the local conditions are not a problem.

The Range Rover with its 93 kW/126 hp 3.5-liter V8 engine with all-wheel drive is a guarantee.

It's just fun to drive the Range Rover - not because of the seriousness in your daily work, but to provide first, quick help.

But even when it's good to know that you can rely on a vehicle that will take you anywhere, to enable first aid fast.

Its concept according to the Range Rover is equipped with the devices:

Option 1: A technical rescue kit that is mounted on a sliding, easily removable and telescopic loading
platform.                                                                                                                                            A Rettungswagen from Stadt Tüttlingen at RRC 40 Anniversary

Option 2: With the exception of unimpeded development, heavy equipment that are in optimal 
working height mounted on the loading platform at hand.
Option 3: With a power take-off on permanently installed generators with 5kVA. Its remote control box is provided with sockets for easy common AC (2x) and phase (1x). In addition, a rack for the telescopic pole is installed.

Option 4: For the first fire fighting operation with a powerful HALON, LIGHTWATER or POWDER-extinguishing system, which is housed within easy reach in the rear of the Range Rover.

Option 5: With the help HURST performance kit, spreader SP 45 or SP 30, Cutter S150 including accessories according to DIN 14751 Part 1 +2.

Option 6: with sufficient light in the dark in order to work and help you. This helps a STEM-LITE telescopic pole for STD applicances, command and advance equipment vehicle, armored personnel carriers, equipped with halogen lamps 220V/2.000 wattage. , Create an all-beam up to 60 m in diameter. The mounting height is 4.60 m. Optionally, a rotating beacon becoming incorporated.                                                                                                                          



Range Rover advanced rescue vehicle - a real partner for first aid fast.

Engine: 8 cylinder light-alloy V-8
Displacement: 3,470 cc
Power: 93kW/126 hp at 4,000 r / min
Max torque: 268 Nm (26.3 kgm) at 2400 r / min
AC alternator: 65 A
Fuel tank capacity: 81.5 litre

Transmission: Permanent four-wheel drive, differential intermediate gear, mechanically locked
                     5-speed manual transmission (fully synchronized).

Dimensions and weights:
Length:                   4,470 mm
Width:                    1,780 mm
Height:                   1,800 mm
Wheelbase:             2,540 mm
rear opening height:    890 mm
width:                     1,300 mm
Turning circle:         11,27 m

Box frame with 5 crossbars
Front axle: solid axle with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, 2 trailing arm, 1 Panhard rod
Rear axle: solid axle with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, 2 trailing arms, 1-arm, 
                Boge-level regulators
Dual-circuit power brake system, front disc brake and rear 
Tires: Michelin 205 R 16 M & S
Aluminum body panels

1987 Auto Kugel GmbH, Konz  -  Range Rover Conversion

Auto Kugel GmbH in Konz, Germany did in the 80's and 90's many exciting conversions on the
Range Rover. Both bodywork changes and high performance engines and transmissions were on
Auto Kugel's program. 
Among their specialities; the 245hp Mercedes V8 5.0 liter engine with Schuler-Voith transmission, 
were a combination not seen so often.

Read more about Auto Kugel GmbH, via this link.

                                                                                                                                                       Auto Kugel, did both 3 axle and Mercedes V8 engine conversions

1988 Range Rover Germany
  1988 Range Rover Germany              1988 Land Rover Germany          1988 Range Rover Vogue SEi
               Preisliste                             'Freiheit Fast Grenzenlos'
https://goo.gl/photos/ZRi8AEDBFAr1QCyn6            https://goo.gl/photos/YuCDpvFUowMB2GX6A                https://goo.gl/photos/GipW7AGJtYT2QBiW7
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         1988 Pricelist 8/87                         1988 211 5025 9/87                      1988 RR457 Feb.88  

Prices from August 1987 in Germany. All prices in DM (Deutsche Mark) incl 14% VAT
Range Rover 4 door - Turbo Diesel:                    65.275,-
Range Rover 4 door - Vogue, Manual:                65.275,-
Range Rover 4 door - Vogue, Automatic:            68.540,-
Air Conditioning, all models:                               4.592,-

1991 Range Rover Germany
 1991 Range Rover Main Brochure
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               1991 RR571 

1992 Range Rover Germany
1992 RR Main Brochure        1992 RR Sondermodelle       1992 Land-Rover Allradkompetenz        
  https://goo.gl/photos/1qjaRieCGVxCJKa17        https://goo.gl/photos/K1yYZq52g5dPMfGQA         https://goo.gl/photos/KMoSXqaYe2BQxoi76
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1997 Range Rover Germany - Post-Range Rover Classic
   1997 Land Rover Range Germany
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