Range Rover Italy

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1970 Range Rover Production Year - Suffix A 
    1970 Range Rover    
       Main Brochure  
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      1970 788/Italy
The Range Rover was introduced on the Italian market during the 1970/71
by British Leyland Italia S.p.A., as one of the first export markets outside UK.
The Italian Range Rover had the front side lights and the turning signal light lenses completely white to comply Italian Ministry of Transport rules untill 1977-78.
From 1978 the flasher lenses was left orange as a European legislation to EU.
The white lenses was only available in Italy.
                                                                                                                                                Beautiful Italian 1971 Suffix A Range Rover with white flasher lenses
                                                                                                                                                          The white Italian flasher lenses used in Italy untill 1977-78


1978 Range Rover Model Year

According to the press release from Leyland Italia; all Range Rover's sold in Italy in 1978 had a 
Diavia Frigette of Bologna air conditioning conversion installed as standard. 
The A/C conversion was developed by Diavia Frigette in Italy.

From the Leyland Italia Press Release of March 23. 1978:
Air conditioning is standard on all Range Rover's
The Range Rover, the most elegant, comfortable and fast off-road vehicle that you can currently meet on our roads, is now sold in Italy with a powerful air conditioning system specially developed by Diavia Frigette of Bologna, as standard. 
The validity of this installation was verified by the technical office of Leyland Italy through a series of "tests" laboratory. In the course of these tests and further development from the plant of Diavia Frigette the A/C system is able to ensure a temperatures of +3 C at the output of the jets even when the outside there are +50 C to a minimal of power absorption. 

The powerful Rover 3528 cc V8 engine of the 153 hp only use 2.5 to 4 hp to run the installation of the 
air conditioning, so that the performance of the Range Rover are minimally affected.
                                                                                                                                                        Diavia Frigette A/C system on Range Rover's in Italy, as standard
This multi-purpose vehicle, halfway between a terrain vehicle and a luxury station wagon, 
the Range Rover is now delivered with the adoption of air conditioning as standard created one more 
reason to meet the needs from its customers.

Prices (March 1978):

Range Rover                                                          15.722.050,-     Italian lira, incl VAT
- Tinted windows / heated rear window                          638.550,-
- Internal nylon / headrests                                          211.950,-
- Power steering                                                         793.800,-

Rome, March 23, 1978


1979 Range Rover Model Year
During the late seventies the Italian company Bubble Car manufactored a special grille with extra spotlights for the Range Rover.
The Range Rover shown right is lightly customized with:
- wider wheels and tyres
- fender flares on front and rear wing for the wider tyres
- rear light protection bars
- vinyl covered roof
- sports style rear view mirror on left front door
- uncommon anthenna fixings
- black wiper blades and wiper arms
- Lucas extra driving/fog lamps beneath the bumper
- Bubble Car grille with extra driving lamps
- white turn signal lights, only used in Italy
                                                                                                                                                         Range Rover Bubble Car with extra driving lamp arrangement

1982 Range Rover Model Year
    1982 Range Rover               1982 Range Rover
  Introduction of 4 doors          Italian advertisement
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1985 Range Rover Model Year
              1985 Range Rover Advertisement
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               1985 Range Rover Advertisement

1986 Range Rover Model Year
              1986 Range Rover                             1986 Range Rover                               1986 Range Rover                        1986 Range Rover
                Italian brochure                                Turbo D brochure                                Turbo D brochure                       Fuel Injection - Italian             
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         1986 Range Rover Italy                              1986 Turbo D                             1986 Range Rover Turbo D                  1986 Fuel Injection
The Range Rover Turbo D introduced with diesel engines developed and
produced by the Italian manufactorer VM Motore in Italy.