Range Rover - Norway

Scandinavia's first Range Rover Classic - 35800018A - under restoration in Norway
Scandinavia's first Range Rover with chassis number 35800018A survives and is under
restoration by the owner of this website and is among the first 500 vehicles produced.
The Range Rover 35800018A was produced May 14th in 1971 and exported to British Leyland
Norway together with 35800019A, which were finished 5 days later on May 19th.

It was registered as the very first Range Rover in Norway on September 3rd 1971. 

The 019A was never registered in Norway, but later exported further to Sweden and registered as
the first Swedish Range Rover on January 19th 1972.

Both vehicles were used under the Norwegian press launch at Synnfjell in October 1971 - see below.

The vehicle was in the beginning showed through BL dealers in Norway and later became under 
private ownership. It was used with pride in the 70s and 80s. Still today, people have reported to 
remember this Lincoln Green Range Rover from its early days, showed up in Norwegian mountain

The Range Rover 018A was well built and served the owners in a remarkably good way. Former 
owner told that he bought a later Range Rover in parallel, but the later was never as good as the 

The Range Rover 018A was converted to diesel engine in 1989 and became unregistered in 1995.
It has been stored indoor and later outdoor since 1995, but in a fairly dry area of Norway.



1970 Range Rover Classic - Norway - preview of Range Rover in Norwegian media
The official launch of the new Range Rover in Norway were in October 1971
The Range Rover were written about in the Norwegian media several times through the
autumn and winter of 1970/71.
Ahead of the Earls Court car exhibition in UK in Sept. and Oct. 1970, the first time Range
Rover were shown to the public, the Range Rover were reviewed in Norway as a completely
new concept of a fast Land-Rover with strong acceleration. At Earls Court the new Range
Rover would also be shown as a police car and as a rescue vehicle.
The weekly production of Range Rover should be 250 cars pr week or 12.500 pr year, nearly
one third of the Land-Rover production, according to the Norwegian media in September 1970.
An article in Aftenposten in September 1st 1970 reviewed the unusual use of aluminium materiel
in the new Range Rover in both the engine as well as the body. Totally use of aluminium in the
vehicle is more than 200 kilo. The weight of the alumium in the engine alone is 80 kilo.                          The new Range Rover shown in Aftenposten September 1st 1970
In October 1970 a small notice in Aftenposten, told that the British AA auto organization had
given the yearly Gold Medal to BLMC and Britax for their use of safety belts as standard on the Triumph Stag and the new Range Rover.
No Range Rover vehicles were imported to Norway in 1970.
In Aftenposten in June 22nd 1971 the journalist had for the first time the ability to try the new
Range Rover at a press launch at Geneve in Switzerland. The journalist was nothing less than
very impressed. The offroad were stunning and 90 km/t over grass land the same. The Range
Rover was described as a combination between a luxury vehicle and the Norwegian mountain
expert, the horse Fjordingen.
In June 1971 the launch in Norway later the autumn were mentioned and the expected listprice
as a 2-seater Van was between 50.000 to 60.000 NOK.
From BMIHT Archive:
"The build records show the first Range Rover exported to Norway was chassis number 35800019A. This vehicle was a Lincoln Green Range Rover built on the 19 May 1971 and despatched to
British Leyland Norway on the 20 May 1971."

The Range Rover 35800019A was imported to Norway as a demonstration vehicle for British      Range Rover climbing in steep terrain shown in Norwegian media 1971
Leyland Norge A/S. This vehicle stayed in Norway through the rest of 1971 and then it was
exported to Sweden.
British Leyland Sweden AB imported the 35800019A and registrated it 19th Jan 1972 and used 
the vehicle for demonstrations untill it was sold in July 1972 to a private customer. Range Rover
were officially introduced in Sweden in the second half of 1972, one year after the launch in
Today the Range Rover 35800019A still exist in good condition in Sweden, well kept by its
second owner after British Leyland Sweden AB. This Range Rover with the chassis number
35800019A, is with the greatest probability the first registered in Sweden, too.
British Leyland Norge AS:
In 1969 the British Leyland Motor Corporation in UK started via the British Leyland Europe
headoffice in Lausanne, Switzerland to establish a Norwegian daughter company British
Leyland Norge AS. BL Norge AS were constituted in Sept. 1969 with overtaking of all BLMC
import starting 1. March 1970.
BLMC also negotiated with Drammen car import harbour to import cars and spareparts via
Drammen, Norway. Drammen car import harbour intend to build a new warehouse for the 
imported parts and area for cars. Annual import were in 1969 expected to be 7.000 vehicles
totally within the whole BLMC range.
                                                                                                                                                          YVB151H in Lincoln Green similar to the first Range Rover in Norway

1971 Range Rover Classic - Norway - launched in October 1971 to the Norwegian customers
   "Superior in the slalom race course!" stated the journalist from Aftenposten at the launch of the new Range Rover at Spåtinn Mountain Hotel, Synnfjell held by British Leyland Norge AS for the Norwegian motor press journalists in October 1971. 
   The article from October 12th in Aftenposten tells that Range Rover have better off road capabilities than Land-Rover and can keep a speed on roads for 160 km/t, with permanent four wheel drive! 
   The test track were actually up and down the Spåtinn slalom track and at an adjacent sand pit. Several times they were afraid the the Range Rover should turn over, but the vehicle is constructed to manage 45 degrees side slope. The expected bumps against rocks or be stucked absented because of the high ground level.
   Only a quagmire will stop the Range Rover, said the representants from the Land-Rover factory.
The marked "Rover track" could be characterized as a tractor trail, but someone said that a tractor would not be able to go so nice in the track as the Range Rover. On the road the car perform fast and firm, and is easy to drive.
   The Range Rover is fast. The 3.5 ltr 8-cylinder aluminium engine is the same as the ordinary Rover cars use, but with reduced compression it's able to use 85 octane fuel. The Range Rover engine perform 158 hp (SAE) with an acceleration 0-80 km/t of 10.7 sec! The fuel consumption is 1.08 l/mil in 60 km/t and 1.58 l/mil in 100 km/t.
   The engine have some modifications like special constructed carburettors for steep hill driving,                  Press launch in Norway in Oct. 1971 at Spåtind/Synnfjell
 a special oilpan for sufficient oilpressure. The airfilter box have a valve so water and dirt can be
 drained when wading.
    The new fully syncronized gearbox is constructed for the Range Rover to utilize the power
under the most different conditions. With a transfer gear box there are 8 gears forward and 2 reverse.
A central differential is the reason for permanent fourwheel drive without breakeage. The differential is also lockable to ensure that there will not be any wheelspin.
   A new suspension system swallow much of the uneven surface on rough terrains or roads. The steering ratio is a bit too high to manage a very winding road without too many steering wheel handlings when gearchange also needed. 
   Outside the Range Rover looks very modern and inside elegant. Soft and comfortable seats with good space for both passengers and bagage. The front seats have built in safety belts which can withstand a pressure of more than 3 tonn. With 5 in the car you can have 340 kg with travel baggage. A spacious windows area give a very good overview of the traffic conditions.
    10 Range Rover's arrived Norway in October 1971 as the first batch of the regular import.
All the 10 vehicles were sold before they were imported to customers that had ordered a Range Rover before any testdrive were available.  
   British Leyland Norge AS expect an annual sales of 40-100 Range Rover in Norway in addition to Land-Rover.
   The weekly production in UK are 150 Range Rover and since the introduction last year there has been produced 7.000 vehicles.
   The price for a Range Rover will be high in Norway. With the high taxations on a passenger car the      Impressive driving abilities at the Norwegian press launch in 1971
list price will be NOK 83.600. If the rear seat is removed and a minor partition installed the price will
be reduced with more than NOK 25.000 to NOK 58.900 for a Range Rover Van.
(Source: Aftenposten 1971.10.12)
The 1971 delivered Range Rover had bonnet fitted rear view mirrors, similar to the UK version.
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover 5 seats:        NOK 83.600 incl. tax. (Oct. 1971) (Also 79.200 - Motormag. Oct 1971) 
- Range Rover Van:             NOK 58.900 incl. tax. (Oct. 1971)
British Leyland Norge AS:
In June 1971 the first stage of British Leyland Norge AS's market organization were finished with the collection of 45 BLMC dealers covering Norway from north to south.
As a result of the new organization both Austin and Morris dealers were merged to represent both marques.
- The new facelifted Rover 2000 and 3500 (P6) were announced by BL Norge AS in June 1971 together with a review of the new Range Rover.
- Range Rover Press launched in October 1971 at Spåtinn, Synnfjell in the mountain area of Norway. Very impressed Press coverage.
- In Oct 1971 BL Norge AS informed that their cars will have a little price increase, only on a few models. Average price increase on cars in Norway in 1971 were 3-6% 
- The BLMC marketshare in Norway were in 1971 5.5% compared to 5.2% in 1970.
                                                                                                                                                       Land-Rover 109" used as school bus in remote areas in Norway

Range Rover - Norwegian import agents

Pre-1970:         AS Autoindustri                                                                      -  Import of Rover and Land-Rover                                  
1970 - 1978:     British Leyland Norge AS                                                        -  Import of BLMC                                                        
1978:               Colt Motor AS took over British Leyland Norge AS                    -  Import of Jaguar, Rover and Land-Rover                       
1979:               British Leyland Norge AS changed company name to Trans Motor AS                                                                          
1978 - 1984:     Trans Motor AS (Now: Motor Gruppen AS)                                -  Import of Rover and Land-Rover/Range Rover              
1985 - 1990:     Eik Maskin AS                                                                       -  Import of Land-Rover/Range Rover                              
1991 - 1995:     AS Autoindustri                                                                      -  Import of Land-Rover/Range Rover                              
1995 - 2000:     BMW Norge AS                                                                     -  Import of Land-Rover/Range Rover                               
2000 -              Volvo Norge AS                                                                      -  Import of Land-Rover/Range Rover                              

1972 Range Rover Classic - Norway
The Range Rover soon became popular in Norway, especially as a company car for professionals like photographers, entrepreneurs and construction companies.
From 1972 the Range Rovers sold in the Norwegian market had door mounted rear view mirrors and not the bonnet mounted mirrors as the UK market had.
The Norwegian Range Rovers had small front wing mounted turn signal lamps due to traffic legislations. These turn signal lamps were common at some of the other European markets as well.
In 1972 there were no head restraints, still static safety belts and non-detoxed engine.
Most common body colours on the Norwegian Range Rovers:
- Bahama Gold
- Tuscan Blue
- Masai Red
- Lincoln Green
The Left Hand Drive (LHD) Export models sold in Norway had VIN numbers started with:                   A very original Norwegian 1972 Range Rover in Bahama Gold colour
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:         NOK 89.600 incl. tax. (Oct. 1972)

1973 Range Rover Classic - Norway
   Range Rover became a popular vehicle by Norwegian customers soon after the launch in 1971.
The Masai red 1973 model at the right went on duty by a Norwegian to Botswana in Africa in  
1974 and was used there for several years.
    The beauty in this story is at that time in 1974, the only two Range Rovers in Botswana
were this "Norwegian" one and the Range Rover belonging to the Botswanian president !  
                                                                                                                                                                                                  This Norwegian 1973 Range Rover went for some years to Botswana
                                                                                                                                                           Skotvedt Automobil AS one of the BLMC dealers in Norway
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:         NOK 72.370 incl. tax. (Oct. 1973)
  (Probably this is the listprice of Range Rover Van 2-seater)
British Leyland Norge AS:
   The Norwegian military defence have ordered Land-Rover vehicles for NOK 40 millions.
After one year with testing and in thight competition with other terrain vehicles, the Land-Rover were choosen. This is the first time that army Land-Rover will be deliveres to Norway.
   The Land-Rover 109 will be delivered as combinated personel carrier with 10 seats that also can be use for freight of goods up to 900 kg. Reinforced bumbers, power take off (PTO), observation hatch in the roof on right side and 24 volts electrical system for radio communication.
   British Leyland Norge AS is very satisfied with the contract and hope for further orders in the next years. The delivery of Land-Rover 109 will be in 1974.
                                                                                                                                                 The Norwegian military defence ordered Land-Rovers for NOK 40 mill

1974 Range Rover Classic - Norway
1974 Land-Rover & Range Rover
             Link to brochure:  
Typical 1974MY Norwegian Range Rover version:
- Door mounted rear view mirrors
- Front wing mounted turn signal lamps
- Black vinyl covered D-post
- Rear screen wash/wipe system
- Cloth upholstery
- Head restraints
- Inertia reel safety belts
- Detoxed engines
Most popular Range Rover body colours in Norway:
- Bahama Gold
- Tuscan Blue
- Masai Red
- Lincoln Green
VIN number for LHD Export models sold in Norway: 358xxxxxC
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:         NOK 114.630 incl. tax. (Oct. 1974)                                                                     Original 1974MY Range Rover clearly shows the Norwegian details 
Range Rover as Police car
From the police point of view, it is difficult to find any fault with the Range Rover.

Despite the size, it will rapidly forward in traffic because of the driver's excellent overview, plus an acceleration that allows quick passing and the ability to overcome common obstructions such asborder stones and various small obstructions.

As an emergency car, Range Rover has performance and comfort, and has the ability to manage difficult weather and road conditions that would have stopped other vehicles.

In serious accidents on motorways and national roads, it carry effortlessly the huge amount ofequipment needed.

With its high ground clearance the Range Rover is sovereign as terrain vehicle, and, if necessary,climb over the road ditches and slopes to reach.
                                                                                                                                                     Popular as Police car in many countries because of all its features
British Leyland Norge AS: 
   In March 1974 the first batch of the military Land-Rovers were delivered to the Norwegian defence. Vehicles, parts and equipment for NOK 40 millions will be delivered through 1974.
   In a small notice Rover and Land-Rover are described as a part of BLMC with impressive history back to 1904 with many interesting constructions like the gas turbines. Leyland also use the Rover gas turbine solution in some of their truck production.
                                                                                                                                                       1974 Range Rover engine with the new temperature inlet system

1975 Range Rover Classic - Norway 
Range Rover Ambulance Heinel
             Link to brochure:  
   The limited market of ambulance vehicles got in 1975 a new opptunity with the new
Range Rover ambulance, a totally new type of ambulance that are able to drive fast on the highways, as well as rescue injured peoples in the roadless terrain.
   This specially equipped ambulance have one or two stretchers, heavy first aid equipment, 
washing equipment, phlegm sugtion, oxygen and blood bottle, tells British Leyland Norge AS
at their demonstration in a motocross track in Brånåsdalen near Oslo.
   Thanks to four wheel drive and a powerful 154 hk engine, together with the ability to maneuver in
45 degrees slopes before turnover this ambulance have less need for roads to hit the accident site.
   The conversion of the Range Rover is done at Heinel Mekaniska Värkstad AB in Malmö/Sweden with 1 mtr body stretch, addition of two extra side doors, raised roofline and a new one-piece rear door. The company Heinel cooperates with the Norwegian ambulance converter Scan-Rescue AS
in Horten.
   British Leyland Norge AS expect that they are able to deliver 2 Range Rover ambulances each month and totally 20 vehicles pr year.
                                                                                                                                                         Range Rover Heinel ambulance demonstrated in Oslo in 1975
   The price for a fully equipped Range Rover ambulance will be 185.000 NOK incl. tax.
For a base model without any equipment the price are 140.000 NOK incl. tax.
These prices are well above regular ambulances, but the Range Rover's properties justify
the higher cost, determine the representant from British Leyland Norge AS.
(Source: Aftenposten 1975.05.27)
                                                                                                                                           The Heinel converted ambulance shows impressive turning between cones
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover 5-seater:         NOK 124.500 incl. tax. (01. Nov. 1975)

1976 Range Rover Classic - Norway
Range Rover Commando fire rescue vehicle demonstrated in Norway by British Leyland
Norway AS at Holmenkollen Ski jump arena/Oslo for potential Nordic Fire Rescue customers.
The Norwegian company Simarud AS cooperates with British Leyland Norge AS and planned to deliver 3 different types:
- Pure Fire fighter with pump capacity of 2.300 ltr water pr minute and watertank of 900 ltr.
- Combinated Foam and Powder vehicle, suited for Airfield customers
- Rescue vehicle for traffic accidents and other rescue organizations
As Pure Fire fighter vehicle expected price will be NOK 155.000 excl. tax. to Fire Departments.
Range Rover Fire Engine
Range Rover Commando, built in England by the factory Carmichael, is a high-performance 3-axle
vehicle with drive on the 4 front wheels.                                                                                                  Range Rover Commando demonstrated in Oslo in June 1976
Range Rover Commando is specifically designed to meet the most stringent requirements for fire
engines. Not that it is used at both international airports and narrow, local landing strips, it also
serves as Emergency car with fast emergence on highways.

Range Rover Commando has acceleration, cruising, speed, and terrain features that make it
possible to reach exactly the critical minutes before the fire takes over completely or before the
main force arrives. 
                                                                                                                                                      Range Rover Commando as it was shown in Norwegian brochures

1977 Range Rover Classic - Norway
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:         NOK 149.400 incl. tax. (29. Oct. 1977)
- Range Rover Van:  NOK 104.040 incl. tax. (29. Oct. 1977)

1978 Range Rover Classic - Norway
British Leyland Norge AS sold from UK to Norwegian investors, under Colt Motors AS leadership.
Average price increase of 12,7% on English cars in Norway from 1977 to 1978.
Range Rover had probably a higher increase than average, more expected against 17 % or NOK 175.000 by October 1978.
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:         NOK 155.200 incl. tax. (February 1978)

1979 Range Rover Classic - Norway
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:          NOK 214.800 incl. tax. (26. Oct. 1979)

1980 Range Rover Classic - Norway
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover:          NOK 240.000 incl. tax. (24. Oct. 1980)

1981 Range Rover Classic - Norway
Listprice in Norway:
- Range Rover Van:   NOK 140.460 incl. tax. (Sept. 1981)
- Range Rover:          NOK 230.000 incl. tax. (Sept. 1981)

1982 Range Rover Classic - Norway

1983 Range Rover Classic - Norway

1984 Range Rover Classic - Norway
Import company to Norway Trans Motor AS, Oslo
Listprice Norway:
- Range Rover Van 2-door:         NOK 179.160 incl. tax. (25. Oct. 1984)

1985 Range Rover Classic - Norway

1986 Range Rover Classic - Norway

Aftenposten - 1970.09.01
Aftenposten - 1970.10.21
Aftenposten - 1971.06.22
Aftenposten - 1971.10.12
Aftenposten - 1975.05.27