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 Range Rover Classic in Japan
1990 Land Rover History
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1990 Japan L-R RR History                                                                                                              Range Rover Vanden Plas from 1993 with V8 badges on front wings
Land Rover Ltd and Rover Ltd started regular eksport of Range Rover Classic to Japan from

April 1990. Before 1990 independent companies imported the Range Rover to Japan in very small
quantities. No companies imported the Range Rover for many years before they gave up.

After the very successful launch of Range Rover in North America from 1987, Land Rover started
to develop a strategy for the Jananese market. The Japanese manufacturers had by the end of
the 80's very well developed SUV that competed against Defender, Discovery and also being a
threat to take marketshares from the top premium Range Rover. So the task was huge.

Land Rover decided to launch their most exclusive version; Range Rover SE to the Japanese customers in the top luxury market segment. The model lauched in Japan; the Range Rover V8
was a fully equipped Range Rover SE with automatic transmission, chrome bumpers as in US
and Land Rover utilized their V8 exclusivity with chrome 'V8'-badges on the front wings and at the
rear lower tailgate.

In 1990 the Range Rover was available in Ardennes Green micatallic or Aspen Silver metallic colour.
Connolly leather upholstery in Winchester Grey with walnut wooden inserts in dash and door cards.      1991 Range Rover with chrome bumpers and V8 badges for Japan
Automatic transmission as standard.

Japan dealer price 1990/91 for Range Rover was Yen 8,250,000

                                                                                                                                                               The 'Vanden Plas' badge is placed on the rear tailgate
In 1991 the Discovery was introduced at the Japanese market in top premium versions, all with
automatic transmission as standard.

In 1993 was the 108" wheelbase Range Rover LSE introduced as Range Rover Vanden Plas.
The reason for selecting the name Vanden Plas instead of LSE, was that in Japan Vanden Plas
1100 and 1300 (Austin/Morris 1100/1300) had been imported over years and had been like a cult.
Much more known in Japan was the Vanden Plas than the more US-phrase like LSE.
Range Rover Vanden Plas proved the exclusivity that the former coachbuilder had in earlier years.

The Range Rover Vanden Plas had 'Vanden Plas'-badge on the rear lower tailgate
and V8-badges on the front wings.

The Range Rover V8 in 100" wheelbase had 'V8'-badges on the front wings and the
rear tailgate.

The Range Rover V8 had a price of Yen 5,950,000 in 1994
and the Range Rover Vanden Plas; Yen 6,950,000 in 1994
                                                                                                                                                   1994 Range Rover V8 and Vanden Plas with optional Brooklands kit


                                                    The Range Rover Vanden Plas is Range Rover LSE sold in Japan. 'V8' badges on front wings and 'Vanden Plas' badge at rear tailgate


                                                         Range Rover in 100" wheelbase was named 'Range Rover V8' when sold in Japan. 'V8' badges on front wings and rear tailgate

Honda sold Land Rover Discovery as Honda Crossroad in Japan from 1993 untill 1996.

The Honda Crossroad had 'Honda' badges in front grille and at the rear door. The 'Crossroad' decals
was mounted on front wings and at the sparewheel cover.
Also the steeringwheel had the Honda logo embossed in the centre.

Yearly sales were estimated to be 1.200 vehicles, but only 300 to 500 was sold each year.

3 door and 5 door Honda Crossroad versions were sold in Japan and the customers could only order    3.9 litres EFI V8 versions. 

Rover Japan sold their Land Rover Discovery in Japan during the periode from 1993 to 1998 when
the Honda Crossroad version were sold through Honda dealers in Japan. The Land Rover Discovery
were sold in both 3 and 5 door versions and could be ordered with either petrol or diesel engine.
Land Rover sold 3.000 to 4.000 Discoverys each year in Japan, nearly 10 times more than Honda.        Honda Crossroad was a re-badged version of Land Rover Discovery


                                                    Honda Crossroad was sold in 3 door and 5 door in Japan with their own 'Crossroad' badging through Honda's dealer network from 1993


                                               In Japan Vanden Plas was popular as this 1992 Lotas Princess show          Rover Japan sold Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover