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Range Rover conversions

   The Land Rover have long tradition to make conversions for different professional use like police, ambulance, rescue, miltary or for other professions either by Land Rover Spesial Projects Department or by different independent coachbuilder companies. 
   Just after the launch of Range Rover in 1970 the Special Project Department started to look at the possibilty for solutions for Range Rover ambulance conversions. The first ambulance solution was to use a regular Range Rover without no extra extension of the wheelbase length or change of the roof height.
   To have enough length for one single bed stretcher, the passenger seat had to be positioned backwards. Such a sitting position for the nurse was not sufficient.
   The next to come up was from the conversion company Spencer Abbott which Land Rover had long cooperation with.

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A. E. Smith & Son Ltd, Kettering, UK 

Well-known coachbuilder in UK; A. E. Smith & Son Ltd started early with Range Rover conversions

in the beginning of 70's and the company still exist today.

4 door - 36 inch wheelbase extension
A E Smith Ltd was a pioneer among the coachbuilders with a ultralong 91.4 centimeter wheelbase extension with the Range Rover. The 36 inch extra length gave space to use a converted door from the standard 2 door Range  Rover and allowed to use the sliding glass without any alteration of the original window sliding channels. The B/C post is much wider than original; both to give better sturdiness and allow easier fit for the arrangement of the 4 door conversion. The gain in such a conversion solution is that the whole glass on the front door and the rear door can be winded fully down.
The extra space between front chairs and rear seats allows installation of foldable occasional seats.

Other known A E Smith conversions:

Convertible conversion - 2 door - 110 inch wheelbase
- Beautiful manually operated hood arangement
- Extended rear wings and use of standard door length

4 door conversion - standard 100 inch wheelbase                                                                          Very harmonius ultra long 36 inch extension made from A E Smith
- Prior to Land Rover's own production of 4 door Range Rover versions, A E Smith made 4 door
  conversions of the standard 2 door.
- A E Smith was a coachbuilder vendor for the Wood & Pickett-sold 4 door conversions, which 
  finished the vehicles to their customers very special specifications.  

Hunting conversion - 136 inch wheelbase
- Convertible conversion with elevating seats and soft hood

Commercial conversions - for professional customers
- A E Smith made different commercial conversions for more professional use; like rising the roof to
  different heights and other solutions, so the Range Rover suited their needs.
  Typical customers were television companies, etc. 

Auto Kugel GmbH, Germany 

Auto Kugel GmbH in Konz, Germany did in the 80's and 90's many exciting conversions on the
Range Rover. Both bodywork changes and high performance engines and transmissions were on
Auto Kugel's program. 
Among their specialities; the 245hp Mercedes V8 5.0 liter engine with Schuler-Voith transmission, 
were a combination not seen so often.

Read more about Auto Kugel GmbH, via this link.

                                                                                                                                                       Auto Kugel, did both 3 axle and Mercedes V8 engine conversions

Carawagon International Ltd 

  1972 Range Rover Carawagon                 1972 Carawagon Royale                   1973 Carawagon badge
  1972 Range Rover Carawagon                 1972 Carawagon Royale 
From the Carawagon Range Rover brochure: 
   The Carawagon Range Rover brings entirely new dimensions to travel - it combines
the comfort of a limousine - the road holding and performance of a sports car - the
go-anywhere ability of a Land Rover with the independence of a Carawagon - converting
in seconds into a miniature but luxurious lounge with dining and sleeping facilities. 

The 'Series 100' is a luxury 2-door vehicle, seating six and sleeping two, with elevating roof,
cooking, washing and storage facilities.
   A special low profile version of the Searle elevating roof provides interior standing room.
The elevating roof is erected in seconds by a single movement which provides full standing
(walking) facility for the length of the vehicle, giving 188 cm (6' 2") maximum height over an
area 193 cm x 125 cm (6' 4" x 4'). The structure is coach-built in metal and laminated wood
and completely vandal proof. When retracted the special roof offers low wind resistance and
seals perfectly to the Range Rover enhancing the visual aspect of the vehicle.
   The centre console, a veritable magic box, contains the handbasin having electrically-
pumped water supply, fold-away cooker with grill, a 75 cm (2' 6") cantilevered table suitable
for either dining or working and three storage compartments.
   Twin single beds, completely independent of the twofront seats, full length beds are formed
using the backrests of the deeply upholstered dining area seats. When reassembled for day-
time use, the lounge area offers comfortable seating as an eating, working or discussion area.
   There is also 1.127 cu.m.(4 1/2 cu.ft.) of storage beneath the rear seats in addition to a 100
cm (3' 3") wardrobe with high facilitates easy and descreet hanging of overnight clothes.
   All-round curtains in colours to match or compliment the interior trim, provides both privacy
and insulation on cold nights.
   Swivelling lamps (2), double as table lamps or bedside reading lamps. A flourecent interior                Tasteful interior of the Range Rover Carawagon, ready for vacation
light is fitted over the rear door.
   An upholstered sparewheel cover to match the vehicle's interior trim, features a deep
elasticated pocket for loose belongings and general paraphernalia.

Carawagon extras available:
- Refrigerator (or cool box) - removeable
- Auxiliary battery with split charging facility to provide power when stationary without
  draining vehicle battery (recommended with refrigerator)
- Air conditioning
- Tent/Living extension
- Fuel-fired heating system
- Radio/tape & HiFi equipment
- Towing ball and electrics
- Extra lamps (exterior and interior)
- Transistorised (Piranha) ignition system
- Marine compass
- Portable toilet
- Alarm system
- Flyscreens
- Twin headlamp conversion                                                                                                         Range Rover Carawagon at Gaydon in 2010 under RRC Anniversary
- Carawagon Kangaroo Bar
- Paint finish (non-standard colours with coach lines)
- Sunroofs (where elevating roof is not required a variety of sunroofs is available)
                                                 Carawagon camper conversion clearly shown here with the Searle raising roof both in lowered and raised position. Characteristic profile.
                                                     Interior of the Range Rover Carawagon with comprehensive equipments like cooking/washing and sitting/sleeping arrangements.
Carawagon Range Rover Royale 
From the Carawagon Range Rover Royale brochure: 
   The Royale model has body-contoured seating in the rear compartment providing
individual positions for three passengers.
   The upholstery is in 'Vynide' with nylon cloth facings on differential density foam
   The front seats are overlaid in light density foam and upholstery in stitched 'Vynide'
with expanding paraphernalia pockets to the rear.
   The spare wheel is fitted with a matching 'Vynide' cover and tailored, deep-pile
carpets are provided in the front and rear compartments.
   A 'Vinyl' sun roof is available as an optional extra.

                                                                                                                                                      Range Rover Carawagon Royale from 1972 with increased comfort
                                                   Land Rover Serie III were also available in Carawagon Royale              Range Rover Carawagon Royale with more comfortable seating

Carbodies Ltd 

1982 Carbodies of Coventry Unitruck
        1982 Carbodies Unitruck
Carbodies Unitruck - Range Rover
From the Carbodies Unitruck brochure
For the best of both worlds!
For work or play, Unitruck really takes some beating! Few vehicles can claim to be so versatile.
Whether you are a working farmer, a weekend sailor, and intrepid mountaineer or a hunting, shooting and fishing enthusiast, Unitruck will meet your needs.

A wide range of options will make your Unitruck tailor-made to your precise requirements. Air conditioning, towing equipment, low ground pressure tyres, powerful winch and suspension options makes Unitruck equally at home driving across country or down the M1.
For civil engineering, oil exploration or forestry, Unitruck is the ideal vehicle for survey crews who have work in difficult terrains. The crew cab offers greater comfort than most vehicles on the market and dirty, wet or hazardous equipment can be safely carried in the pick-up section. Fitted with a mobile arc welding rig, Unitruck becomes a mobile workshop or breakdown vehicle.

For market gardens, garden centres and landscape gardeners, Unitruck offers verything - storage,            Carbodies Unitruck was very versatile, but only a few were built
comfort, toughness and reliability.
Unitruck for Work
Unitruck is designed with the farmer in mind. Unitruck has been modified for many jobs for which light tractors would normally be used and is designed to cope with low ground pressure operations such as spraying and braodcasting work as well as general on/off road travel and transport duties.

The roomy crew cab will hold five adults in comfort and behind this, the pick-up body section will carry a pay load of 11 cwt.
A new suspended CDA boom gives high field speed without incurring the usual pitch and yaw problems. An electro-broadcaster may be mounted at the front radiator protection bar.
It is mandatory for agro-chemicals to be carried on vehicles fitted with a chemical vapour impervious barrier the driver and the load as in Unitruck.
Unitruck's high compression V8 engine develops 125 bhp at 4,000 rpm and its excellent power to weight ratio and modified suspension gives an extremely high work rate.
Particularly relevant for farmers is its optional dual petrol/lpg fuel system.
                                                                                                                                                    Carbodies was not allowed to have a non-tax agricultural conversion
Unitruck for Play
Wheter you want Unitruck for towing your boat, caravan or horse box, or simply to carry your camping equipment, walking boots or climbing gear, you couldn't find a more versatile playmate than Unitruck.
Individually orthopaedically designed front seats and power assisted steering make Unitruck a pleasure to drive and a pleasure for passengers too. The rear seat accommodates three passengers and may be folded to further increase the rear pay load area.
The cab is equipped to a high standard as would expect in a vehicle of this quality, and the attention to design is demonstrated in the elimination of dirtwells, clear all round vision, easy access, ultra-low noise level (even when using four wheel drive) and full heating and ventilation.

                                                                                                                                                     Carbodies Unitruck was promoted against the active leisure market


Carmichael & Sons (Worcester) Ltd

 1971 Carmichael Commando 1973 Carmichael Rescue     1979 Carmichael Highlander



1971 Carmichael Commando   1973 Carmichael Rescue     1979 Carmichael Highlander

 Carmichael 6 Wheel Range Rover Conversions
 Carmichael was the first company to convert a Range Rover to a 6 wheel conversion when they did 
 it with #VIN 35500002 in 1971.
Carmichael made the 6 wheel mainly for the commercial market fire tenders and rescue vehicles for
extra carrying capacity and space for rescue equipments.
During the whole production run from 1971 to mid 90's Carmichael did approx. 400 6 wheel conversions. 

From the Carmichael brochure: 
The Carmichael Range Rover 6x4 Rapid Intervention Appliance  
Wheelbase:               9ft 9,75in (2990mm)
Gearbox:                   Four speed forward and one reverse. High and low ratio transfer box, synchro-
                                mesh is incorporated on all forward gears
Drive:                        6x4 with trailing rear axle 
Braking systems:       Dual line hydraulic front. Single line hydraulic rear. The handbrake is of the 
                                transmission variety operating on a drum at the rear of the transfer box
Suspension:              The suspension is fully independent all round with front and rear double acting 
                                telescopic shock absorbers
Differentials:              Front and rear axle differential ratios, 3.54:1. A third differential is fitted between 
                                the two axles to prevent 'wind up'. This is lockable by a switch adjacent to the
                                gear lever in the driver's cab, to give extra traction when traversing soft terrain
Type:                        V8 overhead valves, water cooled 
Number of cylinders:  Eight 
Bore:                        3.5in (88.9mm)                                                                                                       YVB 152H was early converted by Carmichael to 6x4 RIV
Stroke:                     2.8in (71.1mm) 
Cylinder capacity:      215 cu in (3,528 cc) 
Compression ratio:     8.5:1
Maximum bhp (DIN):  130 at 5,000 rpm 
Max torque (DIN):       185 lb/ft (25.6 mkg) at 2,500 rpm   
Engine speed limiter prevents excessive revving of the engine when suction water supply is exhausted 
Heat exchanger 
A heat exchanger is fitted in the forward part of the engine compartment together with a high capacity 
radiator and specially modified cooled sump to give adequate thermal dissipation during prolonged 
pumping operations 
Fuel system 
The fuel system has a capacity of 19 gallons (86 litres or 23 US gallons). The filling orifice will be 
brought to the outside of the bodywork in an accessible position and has a lockable cap 
Power take-off 
Fully approved usage points off crankshaft ar engine front and also at gearbox rear. We would ask you          Carmichael Commando fire tender at an exhibition in 1972
to note that we have not allowed for the supply of a centre power take off within our quotation 
Electrical system 
Negative earth 12 volt with a 60 amp hour battery. A 45 amp alternator is provided as a standard fitment 

Carmichael bodywork and equipment
Main premix water/foam tank
The 200 gallon glass fibre tank is shaped and mounted as low as possible in the chassis to obtain a 
low centre of gravity and a facility for removal is provided. It is a semi-rectangular shape with internal
baffle plates to prevent surge whilst the vehicle is in motion. Filling is accomplished through a modified
adaptor fitted to the suction eye of the main pump. Provision is made to pour the foam concentrate
via a special filling adaptor located on the roof of the appliance. The tank to pump pipework is of 
adequate size. The unit is constructed from the best quality fibre glass materials, complying with
British Standards. All resins used in the manufacture of this unit will not be affected by aqueous film
forming foam. Level gauge for the tank is of the tube and float variety and is situated in the rear of the

Main pump
The main pump is of the single stage centrifugal type and is capable of pumping 500 gpm at 100 psi,
2,273 lpm at 7 atm and incorporates a manual water ring primer capable of lifting water from a depth           Carmichael Commando shown with Hydrovane pump in 1975
of 26 feet. The pump is located at the front of the appliance and is driven from the engine via a short
shaft and consists of two 2.5in (64mm) female instantaneous screw down delivery valves and one 4in
(104mm) male round thread suction inlet with an internal strainer and blank cap mounted on the 
control panel

Control panel
The control panel is mounted around the pump and comprises of the following:
Pressure gauge and compound gauge
Night lighting

The primer lever is mounted on the pump with spring release
The trottle control is fitted on the right-hand side of the pump
Pump engagement lever is on the left of the pump, and is complete with tell tale light on the dash 

Hydrant valve and tank gauge are to the rear of the appliance
All controls necessary for the smooth operation of the water and foam systems will be duplicated             Carmichael Commando 6x4 chassis ready for a new bodywork
in the driver's cab, to enable the vehicle to be fully operational in the minimum possible time

Carmichael bodywork and equipment

A monitor capable of discharging 1500/2000 gpm of finished foam will be mounted on the roof of the
cab and manually controlled from the inside of the cab. The valve controlling the flow is situated on
the stackpipe to the side of the driver's seat

BCF media
A 100 kg Vehicle mounted BCF extinguisher unit will be fitted in the rear of the appliance behind the
premix foam tank. The media will be charged with nitrogen to a pressure of 175 lb/sq ft at 18C, which
will be expelled via a 100 ft hose stored on a reel and terminating in a tommy gun type discharge
nozzle at a maximum rate of 2 kg/sec. 
The total discharge time is approx. 75 seconds.
Adequate provision is made for the speedy removal of this unit

Bodywork and stowage
The Range Rover chassis with a standard driving position offers dual full sized forward hinged doors
for easy access of crew and driver. the 2-man cab and body forms part of the clean unbroken styling        Creative seating arrangement for 3 persons in a Commando RIV
line with the water tank incorporated. 

The driver's and the officer's seats are standard Rover units each having ample lateral adjustment. 
The upholstery is of the best quality expanded foam covered
in a high grade PVC covering. 

The bodywork is constructed from aluminium alloy/glass reinforced
plastic. There is one large locker on each side of the appliance immediately behind the crew 
compartment and a further locker is provided to the rear. 

All lockers will be enclosed by flat sectioned spring assisted roller shutters secured in the closed position by spring loaded shoot bolts.
Adequate locker lighting will be provided and will be controlled by a master switch on the dash
panel in the driver's cab

All exposed parts of the chassis and bodywork on the underside of the appliance are primed and
finished. The remainder of the bodywork including the interior of the cab and lockers are finished
in best quality synthetic enamels.
Lettering of the Brigade name and emblem etc (in English) is provided to the customer's require-
                                                                                                                                                              Carmichael Commando 4 door TACR at Gaydon in 2010
Standard accessories
In addition to normal road lighting equipment the following accessories are fitted as standard:
Two blue rotating beacons
One two tone horn unit
Reversing lights
Amber front, side, rear and 4-way emergency traffic indicators
Two speed windscreen wipers
Combined interior heating and windscreen defrosting
Windscreen washers
All special tools required for routine maintenance

Extra items of fire fighting equipment
Auxiliary items of fire fighting equipment can be supplied to the customer's requirements. A
quotation can be supplied on receipt of the list of required equipment

Inspection and tests
All Carmichael standard appliance types have undergone a thorough road and cross county
Every vehicle undergoes full pumping performance tests prior to acceptance by the
customers at our works in Worcester and can be inspected at any time during the course of
In addition each chassis undergoes a thorough pre-delivery service.
Operating instructions and driver's manuals are provided.
The design and engineering is fully approved by the Land Rover Limited and is a combined 
operation by Carmichael and Rover

                                                                                                                                                         Carmichael Commando TACR at RRC Anniversary Run in 2010

The Carmichael Commando Personnel Carrier  
As an extension to the Commando RIV and Fire Tender Appliances, Carmichael also offered a
coversion with the equal type of bodywork, but suited for personnel carriage. 

Different solutions were available from carrying capacity of up to 13 people inside. No other known Range Rover Classic conversions have ever been able to carry this high number of people.

The conversion below is from 1973 and was used to transport hunters out in the field for hunting
on rabbits and pheasants. The seat row behind the driver's seat have been changed for an 
arrangement for carrying guns and have also cabinet for refreshments to the hunters. 
This rare conversion is for sale in Portugal

                                                                                                                                                       Special Carmichael Commando conversion capable for 13 people 

                                                       With the bodywork from the regular Carmichael Commando RIV and provision for carrying people makes this conversion special

From the Carmichael brochure: 
The Carmichael Commando Custom Car  
This is the latest and most sumptuous addition to the Carmichael range (1978). 
Called the Commando Custom, our special versions of the famous Range Rover have all the 
virtues of the standard car, but are custom-built to ensure a really special vehicle - tailored to your 
particular needs - in terms of luxury and special equipment.

To the Range Rover 4x4 chassis we have added a third trailing axle, wide wheels with all terrain 
tyres, and a longer body for increased volume, and load carrying. 
The longer body is also available with just two axles. The single rear axle on this version is set further back so are the rear seats.

This gives us room to build in two extra doors and gives you a four door vehicle with a luxurious
amount of space for rear passengers. You probably know the Range Rover vitues already: 
the most versatile motor car in the world.
                                                                                                                                                             This Carmichael Commando was built for Wolf Race Ltd
Technically brilliant, the Range Rover combines smooth power, advanced suspension design and a 
comprehensive transmission system. So the Range Rover is fast, comfortable, quiet, safe - and is
just as happy on motorways or rough terrain - such as fields or desert conditions.

In one package the Range Rover gives you four different vehicles: 

- Robust transport for business, pleasure and social motoring - seven days a week
- On/off highway transport to get to your special leisure pursuits - wherever they may be
- High performance long-distance motoring, in complete comfort
- A cross-country, load carrying workhorse

Just to reinforce the range Rover's ability to take you and your passengers as quickly as you like
to your destination, remember these impressive details:
- 130 bhp on tap from the lusty V8 engine
- A top speed of nearly 100 mph - and more with overdrive
- You can accelerate to 60 mph is around 16 seconds                                                                         The enormous dimentions clearly seen here; ultra long & 6 wheels

The Commando has an 18 gallon fuel tank, air conditioning and power steering, the paint and 
carpet choice is up to you, and what we've already done is built in every conceivable extra, like:

- Electrically operated Sundym windows
- Air Conditioning
- Alloy wheels with extra wide tyres
- Stereo radio cassette/radio system with speakers mounted in headrests
- Chrome bumpers
- Full interior soundproofing
and a host of other extras that you would expect to find on a vehicle of this quality.

And of course every vehicle has to complete our thorough pre-delivery test programme. Cross
country tests, service and inspection.

                                                                                                                                                         Commando could also be delivered with 4 wheels and 4 doors

From the Carmichael brochure: 
The Carmichael Highlander Custom Car 
The Carmichael HIGHLANDER is the top of the range model and incorporates every possible luxury
fitment, each vehicle being individually prepared by craftsmen working to the highest standards. 
The chassis preparation, with the addition of the third axle, has full Rover warranty and approval and is designed such that spare parts are fully available from normal Rover stockist. 

The chassis extension is well proven, as Carmichael staff have now built several hundred three axle Range Rovers over the last five years for both commercial and private use. The vehicles also incorporate fully tested  modifications to brakes, chassis and suspension resulting in safety and dependability

The body lines will follow those of the basic Range Rover 4x4 car but are longer and a raised roof 
section allows the fitment of an extra row of seats with comfortable access with the unique high line
All seats are luxury trimmed and incorporate built-in head rests, access being by the normal Range         Carmichael Highlander with 6 wheels and seating for 6 persons
Rover doors or through four doors on the optional four door model. The second and third row seats
incorporate arm rests and are fully shaped for maximum comfort. 

An area remains behind  the rear
seat available for the stowage of luggage/goods which together with the rest of the vehicle is fully 
trimmed and carpeted. 

Not only is the total volume of the vehicle usefully increased but the extra 
weight carrying capacity over the standard Range Rover is enormous even with the extra personnel
carrying ability

Air Conditioning
A high output air conditioning system is fitted to the vehicle. The air is circulated by a three speed
fan through adjustable louvres on the dash facia panel

All exposed parts of the chassis are undersealed and bodywork on the underside of the vehicle is fully
finish painted. The remainder of the bodywork is individually finished to customer requirements, the
interior trim and choice of carpet is also left entirely to customer's discretion

Standard accessories
- Wolfrace 7" x 15" diameter alloy wheels with B.F. Goodrich all terrain tyres                                            Carmichael Highlander launced at auto exhibition in mid-70's 
- Electrically operated front windows
- Chromium plated bumper bars
- Vinyl covered roof
- Stereo cassette/radio system with four speakers
- Extra speakers in head rests
- Electric aerial
- Special heavy duty radiator
- Rear window wiper
- Sundym glass
- Power assisted steering
- Towing ball and bracket with chrome plated cover

Optional extras
- Overdrive
- Front mounted winch
- Rear seat belts
- Air horns
- Spot and fog lights
- Chest refrigerator
- Auto burglar alarm
- Four doors
                                                                                                                                                    Carmichael Clansman is a less equipped version of the Highlander
These options represent a small selection only and any other extras will be considered (1979)


Chameleon Car Co (UK) Ltd

     1982 Chameleon Car Co             1982 Range Rover Chameleon
1982 Range Rover Chameleon          1982 Range Rover Chameleon
From the Chameleon brochure: 
   Chameleon Range Rovers
Chameleon policy is to tailor the Range Rover to the exact requirements of the client, using only 
the best craftsmen and the finest materials. No matter what the requirement, Chameleons unique
fund of experience makes it possible. Just let us know what is needed, we will happily do the rest 
to give the owner the best all purpose vehicle in the world.
- 4 or 6 Wheel Drive 
- 120" or 135" Extensions 
- Full Length Sun Roof 
- Video and TV 
- Bar 
- Hydraulic Rising Seats 
- Choice of Fine Velours and Leathers 
- Fully Convertible or Landaulet 
- Special Alloy Wheels 
- Nudge Bars Front and Rear 
- Full Hunting and Desert Equipment
- 'High Top' Body Modification 
- Superb Chameleon Paintwork 
- Occational Folding Seats 
- Special Walnut Dashboard 
- Sports Steering Wheel 


Chris Humberstone Design, London, UK

Source: Autocar 15. July 1978.
'Ever since the Range Rover was launched eight years ago, people have been telling Rover what changes should be made to the car.
We even had a go, in an Autoproject feature some years ago, with a two-wheel drive version. Despite all this, the original Spen King/David Bache design continues virtually unaltered, and looks like doing so for several years to come. There is, however, a demand for four-door versions, especially from the lucrative Middle East and Swiss markets.

Two firms have been carrying out this work - FLM Panelcraft and Chris Humberstone Design. Humberstone are now offering a complete package for the four-door Range Rover, for a conversion price of under £3.000.
The major engineering consists of removing the B-post, and splitting it, to form a new B/C post to take the rear doors. The front doors are shortened by 10in., and are fitted with new door handles which do not have the rear catches found on two-door cars. Included in the package are special wheel arches, full carpet throughout the interior, soundproofing, a restyled front with four headlamps and horizontal radiator grille, chromium plated bumpers and rear lamp protectors.'

Comments to the picture at right:                                                                                                                 '78 Chris Humberstone Design 4 door conversion for wealty clients
'A Humberstone four-door Range Rover, showing the improved access to the rear and the rear lamp
guards. Part of the conversion package has yet to be fitted to this car.'

Con-Moda GmbH, Köln, Germany

    1985 Con-Moda Cabriolet
            1985 CM-RR
Con-Moda Range Rover Cabriolet
From the CM-Range Rover Convertible brochure:
CM - Range Rover Cabriolet - Whether in jeans or evening dress -
always dressed appropriately is one in the Range Rover Cabriolet.
"Topless" - Convertible (CM) is the logical complement to this exclusive rough leg.

The CM-Convertible have remained all the properties and benefits of the Range Rovers.
By pressing a button the hood opens electronically.

Whether 2 doors or 4 doors, the elaborate roof design with inner lining ensures high stability, impermeability and sound insulation.

With individual design in colors and equipment we can guarantee to design your special CM-Cabrio

The original window frames and panes give our top construction and stability
- Perfect fit of the top edge
- Large window area for great visibility
- Keeping the characteristic Range Rover shape
- Spare wheel with cover                                                                                                                         Con-Moda Range Rover Cabriolet from 1985 in Germany
   CM-Range Rover Convertible keep the characteristic Range Rover Classic shape, when closed           By keeping window frames, more solid solution when closed hood

Duncan Hamilton Ltd, Bagshot, Surrey, UK

Hamilton Range Rover Turbo conversion (Sept. 1975)

From Autocar - 6 Sept. 1975:
Adrian Hamilton at Duncan Hamilton Ltd, Surrey, is (in 1975) marketing a Range Rover turbocharger conversion tells; 'there are always people who want more and more performance'.
The conversion; involving the fitting of an Air Research Ltd turbocharger, blowing at a maximum of 6 psi over atmosphere, puts the power output of the Rover V8 up from 130 bhp (DIN) at 5,000 rpm to a claimed 205 bhp at the same rpm.
The driveline and the engine handle this sort of output without problems. The turbocharger does not build up full boost until the engine is turning at around 3,000 rpm, so there are no sudden shocks on the transmission, and the clutch is in fact handling exactly the same load as normal when it is released.
The Rover V8 is an exceptionally strong and reliable unit, capable of being opened out to over 4 litres, and of being heavily tuned without modification to the standard crankshaft, or bearings.

British Leyland commented that they thought the drive lines and gearboxes would be up to the extra load. They would be unhappy about any increase in engine revs. They were not sure if the brakes would
be adequate for the increased load, and there was a speed limit of 100 mph on the tyres which must 
not be exceeded under any circumstances.                                                                                          Hamilton Range Rover turbo installation is neat under the bonnet

Installation poses problems in Range Rover, it being necessary to bring the exhaust pipe from the left 
hand cylinder bank down, under the sump and back up the other side to drive the turbo unit. 
The Hamilton Turbo-Range Rover is no tyre-smoking ball of fire, but a smooth and deceptively fast

The conversion is not cheap, at £575, but the consumer gets in return a smoother feeling vehicle than
standard, and moreover, a Range Rover that is very quick. The impression is of a smooth engine with
steady delivery of power right through the rev. range. It also enables the car to be fitted with power steering and air conditioning with no effect on the performance over a standard car.

Hamiltons are tending to specialize in converting the Range Rover, offering in addition to the turbo 
charger, a sliding sun roof and vinyl roof for £195, electric windows for £175, twin headlamps for £65,
and door pockets for £55.                                                                                                           Vinyl roof, electric windows and sliding sun roof on this Hamilton conv.

Elektiar Ltd

1983 Range Rover Elektiar
    1983 Elektiar - 6-door
   The Elektiar Ltd company were based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with a London office in New Bond
Street and conversions was actually built by Glenfrome, an other Range Rover conversion company.
   Introduced in 1983 with extended wheelbase of totally 136in (3.454mm) and addition of a third door on each side.
   The Elektiar had three seat benches and in the back twin inward-facing occasional seats,so this conversion could carry 12 people. 

On the other hand, the occational seats and the rear seat bench could be removed and the then the Elektiar became a 5 seater with enormous carrying capacity.
   The facia a totally rebuilt arrangement with burr walnut, leather and extended amount of incorporated 
Jaguar instruments. Central locking, out side mounted spare wheel and heavy duty suspension were                        Elektiar with seats for carrying 12 passengers
standard features. 

The upholstery could be of the finest Connolly leather or a combination of leather
and Dralon inserts. Actually two air conditioning unit were fitted; one at the front and the other at the
   The market for the Elektiar 6 door conversion was mainly the wealthy Middle East customers. 


                                                                                                                                                      Nice conversion with 6 doors and the spare wheel mounted outside
                                                   Walnut facia with leather, Jaguar instrumentation and Dralon seats                Here with Connolly leather seats and brown interior
                                                In Middle East's hot climate air conditioning front and rear are needed      Here is the removeable 4-seat arrangement at rear clearly shown

Emil Frey ambulance - Swiss conversion

Carosseriewerk Emil Frey - Range Rover ambulance
This beautiful converted Range Rover ambulance by Carosseriewerk Emil Frey in Safenwil, Switzerland
mainly used in operations in difficult terrain and in adverse weather conditions in the mountains of Switzerland. Especially for winter driving were the other emergency vehicles could not be used. 
Still today this Range Rover ambulance is in active service, ie Zürich.
The Emil Frey converted Range Rover ambulances were produced from approximately 1984 and through 1993/94 and were mainly used in Switzerland.
The ambulance had standard front doors and used a body extension between front and rear door.
Rear side doors were also extended in length for easer access to the patient, but used the normal
shut line at the rear wheel arches.
The body was also lengthened behind the rear wheels.
Total ambulance length: 528 cm (standard Range Rover: 447 cm), Width: 181 cm
Total height, incl. light beacons: 230 cm (standard Range Rover: 180 cm)
Emty weight: 2400 kg and 300 kg load capacity.
Seating for 4 and 1 stretcher.
The spare wheel was stoved in a special carrier under the rear end of the floor/fuel tank.
Roof and the rear side doors were also heightened for better space.
This Range Rover had one single piece top hinged rear door.

FLM Panelcraft Ltd, Battersea, London, UK

 FLM Panelcraft 4 door
  1977 FLM Panelcraft         Read the latest updates about: FLM Panelcraft Ltd                               FLM Panelcraft were first to offer a 4 door Range Rover conversion
Probably FLM Panelcraft was the first company to offer a 4 door conversion available in 1974
In 1972 Rover in Solihull had the first ever 4 door Range Rover prototype developed, but as the British Leyland was in completely lack of sufficient finance resources and the production of the original 2 door Range Rover could not cover the highly increased demand, any further development were abandoned.
However, a demand for 4 door conversion of the Range Rover were increasing, especially from the wealthy oil states of the Middle East. Conversion company FLM Panelcraft developed and offered a 
4 door conversion as early as 1974. This conversion became approved by Land-Rover and FLM Panelcraft were recommended in the Range Rover materials for 4 door conversions in the 70's.
A year later Wood & Pickett Ltd also developed a 4 door conversion. Both companies used a equivalent solution for the rear doors; narrow the length of the front doors, shorten the front door and 
at rear a cut out in relation to the profile of the wheel arches. Use of the same door pull arrangement       This Spanish FLM Panelcraft conversion were sold earlier in 2011
as on the front doors, but narrowed. Maybe the most obvious on these early conversions;
these early conversions; the use of sliding windows and not winding window. 
Soon after the FLM Panelcraft 4 door conversion were available with ease of access to the rear seat,
it was a raising demand for more legroom for the rear passengers. FLM Panelcaft made use of 10"
frame extension converted by Spencer Abbott Ltd, the same company that supplied 10" extended
Range Rover variants for the anbulance converters like Stringer Wadham, Herbert Lomas, Pilcher-Greene. This longer wheelbase gave sufficient space for the rear passengers, and allowed FLM Panelcraft to develop longer rear doors. These longer rear doors had a solution with windable window so the whole window could be winded fully down.
At the rear of the rear door was a quarter light window that could be opened for fresh air ventilation and
at the front end of the rear door a fixed window piece to give enough space for the windable glass.
Outside the release opening handle had the same solution as the original 100" 4 door conversion. Inside FLM Panelcraft made use of chopped door armrest and door handles from the original 2 door
Range Rover. Also inside vinyl panels looked very similar to the original 2 door inserts.
FLM Panelcraft 4 door conversion could be delivered with Webasto full size sunroof, air condition, double frontlight, winches, spotlights, special paintwork, hunting seats and other equipments. 
For more details; study the pictures at right and below.                                                                     FLM Panelcraft 4 door conversion used in movie Matar al Nani, 1988
                FLM Panelcraft Ltd 110" extended wheelbase (Spencer Abbott) 4 door conversion with winding window and vent quarterlights at rear door edge. More detals here 
FLM Panelcraft Fully Open Personell Conversion
A special FLM Panelcraft conversion is the fully open personell carrier with foldable windscreen and                                                          
wood frame around the upper body edge. This conversion FLM Panelcraft had available in both 2 door 
or 4 door versions. Details can be seen below,
The Royal Guard in the United Arab Emirates had these fully open Range Rover conversions in their
                                                               4 door fully open FLM Panelcraft conversion seen above.          Fully open FLM Panelcraft conversion used in the arab desert
FLM Panelcraft Ltd started early as a coachbuilder and over the years FLM became famous for
their estate conversion of the Rover P6 called 'Estoura'. Less than 200 P6 estates were built.
FLM converted Range Rover's to the customers taste and order soon after the Range Rover were
launched and produced many conversions the next years untill FLM ceased to exist in the beginning
of the 80's with a 50 Range Rover conversions a year as normal amount.

The wealthy Middle East market found a lot of customers for conversions from FLM.
In 1974 FLM Panelcraft were the first company to offer a 4 door conversion of the Range Rover.

This 4 door conversion became approved by Rover with the regular Range Rover guarantees.
FLM Panelcraft Ltd could deliver many options on their Range Rover conversions:
- 4 doors
- 110" and 118" wheelbases 4 door
- 2 and 4 door convertibles
- Special interior solutions with handcrafted leather and walnut facia's
- Air condition installation
- Automatic option
- Elevating hunting seat through full length foldable sunroof                                                                      FLM Panelcraft Ltd started the Range Rover conversion era
- Extended rear overhang with 8" or 12" extension
- Installation of hided winches at front and/or rear
- Wide rim alloy wheels and tyres, with wheelarch flares
- Electrically operated windows, door locks
- Additional light solutions, special paintworks to customers desire
- Extra fuel tanks and water containers, refrigerators, refreshment cabinets etc etc
- In the last years of FLM's existence 136" wheelbase 6 door conversions and
  118" wheelbase 4 door with 5.7 ltr Chevrolet engine conversion were available.

FLM Panelcraft 6 Wheel 4 Door Extended Conversion
Extended 118" wheelbase
6 wheels conversion, with 6x6 wheel drive
4 door conversion
Rear door extended to 2 door length, but with typical FLM window solution
Extended rear overhang
Full length foldable sunroof
Special leopard interior with seating in 3 rows
Air conditioning installed
Michelin sand tyres on reinforced LR steel wheels
Produced late 70's
FLM Panelcraft did not many 6 wheel conversions
                                                                                                                                                           Ultra long FLM Panelcraft 6 wheel 4 door big size conversion

Garage Boursault, Paris, France

1980 Boursault Convertible        
1980 Boursault Convertible
From the Garage Boursault Range Rover convertible brochure:
The Garage Boursault is exclusive dealer for Wood and Pickett, which allows you to trim
your vehicle to your specifications.
Specialist car styling and it performs all transformations and development, all to your
The Range Rover is an outstanding vehicle in its own production.
You can specify your own Range Rover Convertible with the hood completely powered and fully
leather-wrapped white interior. 
The garage Boursault offers to possess a vehicle as you wish, completely redesigned
according to your wishes.
Unique vehicles, the haute couture of the automobile.

                                                                                                                                                      Garage Boursault, Paris, dealer of Wood and Pickett conversions
                        To your own specifications you could order your Range Rover conversion from the high society automobile dealer Garage Boursault, Paris in France

Glenfrome of England

     Glenfrome Ashton              Glenfrome Clifton           Glenfrome Ceremonial         Glenfrome Westbury          Glenfrome Portway            Glenfrome Facet
1984 Glenfrome Ashton      1984 Glenfrome Clifton        Glenfrome Ceremonial     1984 Glenfrome Westbury  1984 Glenfrome Portway    1984 Glenfrome Facet 
    Glenfrome Profile         Symbol Glenfrome Profile       Glenfrome of England
 1984 Glenfrome Profile      1985 Glenfrome Profile     1985 Glenfrome Collection 
Glenfrome Ashton - convertible
From the Glenfrome Ashton brochure:
In the world of luxury automobiles, Glenfrome of England stands as a symbol of the very best of
modern auto engineering combined with superb design and magnificent finish, using only the
finest materials available.

Unique amongst their extensive range of very individual vehicles based upon the world renowned
Range Rover, is the Glenfrome Ashton Convertible.
The Ashton is a luxury 4/5 seater which features a power operated hood to provide the most
luxurious off road open air travel available anywhere today.

As with all Glenfrome vehicles, the Ashton is equipped to suit the most discerning motorist and
can be fitted with an extensive range of options some of which are seen below.
Ashton was possible to order both in standard wheelbase and in 10" stretched version
- Quality coach paint finish
- Duo tones or with coachlines
- Colour keyed bumpers, grilles, wheels etc
- Choice of front end styles
- Chrome bumpers
- Flared wheel arches                                                                                                                       Glenfrome Ashton convertible in standard 100" wheelbase version
- Wide alloy wheels with All Terrain tyres
- Lift up boot lid
- Electrically operated windows
- Central locking
- Electrically adjusting door mirrors
- Interior retrim in choice of quality materials
- Reshaping of seats for greater comfort
- Restyling of dashboard in leather and burr walnut
- Colour keyed deep pile carpets and lamb wool over-rugs
- Tandem air conditioning
- High-fidelity radio and tape player

                                                                                                                                                      Glenfrome Ashton interior with reworked fascia and leather interior
                                                        Shown with hood up, boot lid open and visible deep pile carpets              Beautiful profile of the Glenfrome Ashton convertible
                                                                                                                                                   Glenfrome Ashton convertible with special grille and quad front lights
Glenfrome Facet - Sports Coupé
From the Glenfrome Facet brochure (1984): 
Glenfrome of England are renowned the world over for the superior craftmanship which goes into
each of their spectacular specialist vehicles.
And none is more spectacular than the ultra futuristic Facet. Based on the Range Rover, probably
the best standard production four wheel drive vehicle in the world, the Facet has a wedge shaped
body shell which singles it out as an all terrain vehicle for true individualists.
Occupants sit in air-conditioned luxury and are protected by a tubular roll cage, and massive crash
bars back and front.

With removal of the lift out roof panel, which stores conveniently in the front compartment beneath
the hydro-electrically lifted bonnet, and the operation of the electrically operated rear window, the
Facet brings real open air motoring to the luxury sports coupé.
The Facet's superb off-road characteristics and tough go-anywhere construction are complemented
by the superb standard of finish which has become the Glenfrome trade mark.
A list of other Glenfrome options for Facet: 
                                                                                                                                                         Glenfrome Facet with the futuristic and characteristic shape
- Duo tone or with coachlines
- Colour keyed bumpers
- A choice of wide alloy wheels with All Terrain tyres
- Electrically operated windows
- Central locking
- Electrically adjusting door mirrors
- Interior retrim in choice of quality materials
- Reshaping of seats for greater comfort
- Restyling of dashboard in leather and burr walnut
- Colour keyed carpets and lambs wool over-rugs
- High-fidelity radio and tape player
- High capacity electric winch discreetly fitted within the frontal area
Designed by Dennis Adams 
                                                                                                                                                         Glenfrome Facet is the most reworked conversion ever made
                                                                                                                                                Designed by Dennis Adams; both Facet & Profile were uncompromised
                                           The roof panel conveniently stoved in a cassette under the bonnet             Upgraded interior with superb comfort, A/C and open air driving
                                              Glenfrome Facet was the ultimate go-anywhere conversion                     Typical Glenfrome fascia and black and white interior upholstery
Glenfrome Profile
From the Glenfrome Profile brochure(1984):
Profile's 2 door, wedge-shaped, glass reinforced polyester body is fitted to a substantial
steel chassis and the power comes from a high performance V8 engine. A full 4-seater,
the car's occupants sit in air conditioned luxury, protected by a tubular steel roll cage.
For two stages of fresh air motoring, however, the car features an electrically operated
fabric folding sun roof and a laundelet style folding hood.
Standard equipment incudes electrically adjusting front seats, power windows, central
door locking and electrically operated door mirrors. Profile also ingeniously conceals
an 8,000 lb capacity remotely controlled winch at the front.
The rear mounted spare wheel swings sideways to provide easy access to the 12 cu.
ft. capacity boot.

                                                                                                                                                      The massive front of Glenfrome Profile, the open variant of Facet
                                                           The profile of Glenfrome Profile shown with the sunroof folded back and the laundelet folding hood down, and at right closed
                                                  A special Glenfrome facia solution incorporating 1985MY binnacle   Comfortable rear seat with totally reworked from the original solution
Glenfrome Ceremonial Review conversion
From the Glenfrome Ceremonial Review brochure (1984):
Renowned for their expertise and capabilities in building the world's most lucurious cars, Glenfrome
of England also build highly specialised 'one-off' vehicles such as the Glenfrome Review.
Based on the Range Rover, the model shown creates a mobile dais for the reviewing of military
exercises, parades or state occasions.
Special people and special occasions require very special vehicles and Glenfrome will be proud
to use their expertise as designers and highly skilled craftsmen, to build a vehicle to suit your
particular requirement, whatever the occasion.
This special 'one-off' Glenfrome comversion was originally a 4 door converted to a state review
conversion with a ramp and stairs to a dais for ceremonial occasions for the Sultan of Brunei.
All painted gold metallic outside and red interior.
Link to a picture of the Glenfrome Ceremonial Review vehicle used by the Sultan of Brunei. 
                                                                                                                                                         Glenfrome Ceremonial Review was built for the Sultan of Brunei
                                                            The Glenfrome Ceremonial Review shown from rear with red interior. At state review by Sultan of Brunei can be seen here. 
Glenfrome Clifton - 24" extension
From the Glenfrome Clifton brochure (1984):
It is the objective of Glenfrome of England to build the world's most spectacular and individual vehicles for the world's most discerning and individual owners.

To achieve this end, Glenfrome employ the most dedicated and skilled craftsmen, the finest designers and draftsmen, and utilise only the finest materials available - from rich conolly hide to mink and other fine furs. Based upon the world renowned Range Rover four wheel drive vehicle, the Clifton is a superb example of the classic Glenfrome luxury vehicle.

The Clifton has a 24 inch extension to afford additional comfort to rear passengers and allow for installation of an extensive range of amenties ranging from TV and video to soft drinks refrigerator and individual air conditioning.
A list of other Glenfrome options for Clifton: 
- 24" / 61 cm longer wheelbase
- Quality coach paint finish
- Duo tone or with coachlines
- Colour keyed bumpers, grilles, wheels etc                                                                                            Glenfrome Clifton with 24" longer wheelbase and extra doors
- Choice of front end styles
- Matching vinyl roof covering
- Folding fabric sunroof
- Flared wheel arches
- Electric steel or glass tilt and slide sunroof
- Optional with double moonroofs
- Wide alloy wheels with All Terrain tyres
- Electrically operated windows
- Central locking on five doors
- Electrically adjusting door mirrors
- Interior retrim in choice of quality materials
- Reshaping of seats for greater comfort
- Restyling of dashboard in leather and burr walnut
- Colour keyed carpets and lambs wool over-rugs
- Tandem air conditioning
- Soft drinks cool-box
- Wide choice of in-car entertainment
        Video play-back, television
        High fidelity radio and tape player
- Fridge freezer to rear compartment
- Additional seats to rear compartment
- Swing-away wheel carrier for spare wheel
                                                     Typical reworked Glenfrome fascia with leather and burl walnut         Entertainment equipment for rear seat passengers, from mid-80's
                                    Early version of the Glenfrome Clifton with round front lights                     Luxurious interior on the Glenfrome Clifton with a wide range of options
Glenfrome Falcon - hunting and military vehicles
Glenfrome Falcon 2-door and 4-door are open-top hunting vehicles for falcon hunting
- Fold down windscreen
- Roll-over hoop
- Side facing rear seats
- On 4-door with rear bench and inward seats at the rear
- Full canvas roof
- Long range fuel tanks
- Fresh water tanks
- Armoury mounting for military patrol use
- Optional as review version with rear seats raised by 12"

                                                                                                                                                            Glenfrome Falcon 4-door with hood and windows mounted 
                                                    Glenfrome Falcon 2-door with armoury mount for military use         Glenfrome Falcon with hood and windows down, ready for hunting 
Glenfrome Filton - 9" extension
Based on the 4-door Range Rover with 9" extension of the wheelbase, for better comfort. 
- 9" / 29 cm longer wheelbase
- Power windows, locks and mirrors
- Far better legroom for rear passengers than standard Range Rover
- Wide range of interior choices
- Optional Glenfrome reworked fascia
- Optional Glenfrome front end with double front lights
- Wheelarch flares and wider all-terrain tyres
- Optional radio telephone

                                                                                                                                                       Glenfrome Filton with 9" longer wheelbase and special front end
Glenfrome Hawk - personnel carrier
Truck style cab and inward facing benches at the rear for personnel transport
- Standard 2-door wheelbase
- Truck cab
- Inward facing rear benches
- No canvas hood
- Side hinged rear door with fold down rear steps
- Air conditioning
- Roll cage
- Long range fuel tanks
- Fresh water tanks
- Flared wheel arches and all-terraing tyres
- Bull bar
- Additional lightning and roof mounted spare wheel

                                                                                                                                                                     Glenfrome Hawk truck and personnel carrier
Glenfrome Portway - 36" extension and 6 doors
From the Glenfrome Portway brochure (1984):
Designed as a luxury vehicle for up to twelve persons, the Glenfrome Portway 6-door Range Rover
is the largest of the range of Glenfrome four wheel drive automobiles and features all of those
characteristics which have made Glenfrome of England a watchword in the world of ultra luxury
No expence is spared to ensure that each Portway that leaves the workshops is a superb example
of the automobile builders art.
The most skilled craftsmen use only the very best materials ranging from Canadian Burr Walnut to
rich Conolly hide leather to enable Glenfrome to offer you a vehicle of outstanding quality and individualism to enhance your lifestyle.
A range of options is available for the Portway and many features can be tailored to your precise

                                                                                                                                                       The ultimate personnel carrier, Glenfrome Portway with 6 doors

A list of other Glenfrome options for Portway:
- 36" / 91,4 cm extended wheelbase with a total length of 212" / 537 cm
- 6 doors
- Quality coach paint finish
- Duo tone or with coachlines
- Colour keyed bumpers, grilles, wheels etc
- Matching vinyl roof covering
- Folding fabric sunroof
- Electric steel or glass tilt and slide sunroof
- Choice of front end styles
- Flared wheel arches
- Wide alloy wheels with All Terrain tyres
- Electrically operated windows
- Central locking on seven doors                                                                                                        Luxurious Glenfrome Portway with the typical 'Glenfrome' front end
- Electrically adjusting door mirrors
- Interior retrim in choice of quality materials
- Reshape of seats for greater comfort
- Restyling of dashboard in leather and burr walnut
- Colour keyed carpets and lambs wool over-rugs
- Tandem air conditioning
- High fidelity radio and tape player
- Fridge freezer to rear compartment
- Extra seat bench and occational seats at the rear for up to 12 seats 
- Swing-away wheel carrier for spare wheel
- Long range fuel tank and fresh water tank
- Also sold as Elektiar by Elektiar in Saudi Arabia and London

                                                                                                                                                       Typical Glenfrome dashboard in Burr Wallnut and Conolly leather
                                     Rather standard level of the interior, but could be ordered with many options               Glenfrome Portway with 136" wheelbase and 6 doors
Glenfrome Six - 6 wheeled conversions
Glenfrome Six could be ordered as 6x4 or 6x6 with any rebodied desired shapes
- 36" wheelbase extension from front to rear axles
- 6x4 or 6x6 versions available
- 2 or 4 door available
- Any desireable shapes available; pick-up, raised roof, hunting version
- Extra bench available for up to 8 passengers

                                                                                                                                                              Glenfrome Six with a wide varities of options available
                                                                                                                                                                  Glenfrome Six in pickup conversion form, from 1981
Glenfrome Westbury - 33" extension
From the Glenfrome Westbury brochure (1984):
For over ten years, Glenfrome of England have been hand-building some of the World's most luxurious and individual motor cars for the World's most discerning and individual owners. Using only the finest materials available, Glenfrome's master-craftsmen create a standard of excellence which has made Glenfrome drivers the envy of the motoring world.
Each vehicle is a unique example of the most modern automotive engineering and electronics, combined with the very best of traditional coach and carriage building skills.
The Glenfrome Westbury Range Rover exemplifies the skill and care necessary to achieve such a high standard.
Based upon the renowned Range Rover four wheel drive, the Westbury boasts an additional 33 inches of length to afford greater rear passenger comfort and allow for the installation of two occasional folding seats.
A comprehensive range of styling and equipment options is offered. Restyled front ends, 12 coat
coach work finishes, ultra luxury interiors using the finest Conolly Hide and exquisite Canadian Burr        Ultra long Glenfrome Westbury the special Glenfrome front end
Walnut, TV and Video consoles and ice boxes are just some of those options shown in the

A list of other Glenfrome options for Westbury: 
- 33" / 84 cm longer wheelbase with a total vehicle length of 209" / 531 cm
- Extra stretched rear door lengths on models based on 4 door vehicle
- Quality coach paint finish
- Duo tone or with coachlines
- Colour keyed bumpers, grilles, wheels etc
- Matching vinyl roof covering
- Folding fabric sunroof                                                                                                                         Glenfrome Westbury with longer rear doors than front doors
- Electric steel or glass tilt and slide sunroof
- Choice of front end styles
- Flared wheel arches
- Wide alloy wheels with All Terrain tyres
- Electrically operated windows
- Central locking on five doors
- Electrically adjusting door mirrors
- Occasional folding seats
- Interior retrim in choice of quality materials
- Reshaping of seats for greater comfort
- Restyling of dashboard in leather and burr walnut
- Colour keyed carpets and lambs wool over-rugs
- Tandem air conditioning
- Soft drinks cool-box
- Wide choice of in-car entertainment
        - Video play-back, television
        - High fidelity radio and tape player
- Fridge freezer to rear compartment
- Additional seats to rear compartment
- Swing-away wheel carrier for spare wheel

                                                                                                                                                     Occasional seats and entertainment center with A/C and soft drinks
                                                                The interior furnishing could be delivered with many options       Early version of the Glenfrome Westbury with 2-door handles

Gloster Saro Ltd - Gloucester, England

 7/75 Gloster Saro RIV
Gloster Saro - Rapid Intervention Fire/Rescue Vehicle
Four-crew cab on a Range Rover 6 x 4 chassis 
From the Gloster Saro brochure:
This is a high performance fire/rescue truck for airfield emergency use. The vehicle is capable of
speeds approaching 90 mph with high acceleration and accomodates a 4 man crew.
The fire fighting equipment consists of two easily accessible and controllable hand lines with jet/spray nozzles supplied from a 200 gallon lightwater tank, by a flooded suction Godiva fire pump.
The chassis used in the standard Range Rover. It is extended and fitted with a third axle to give a 
6 x 4 configuration with GVW approaching 4 tons.
The engine is the standard 3.5 litre V8 petrol engine producing 156 max gross BHP.
The transfer box is of two speeds reduction type. Front and rear axle drive are permanently engaged
via a lockable third differential.
Suspension is by coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, with Boge hydromat self levelling units        Gloster Saro four door RIV from 1975 ready for duty on airfields
at rear axles.
The electrical system is 12 volt negative earth with 60 AH battery and 45 amp alternator.  
Crew Cab
Accommondation is provided for the driver and 3 crew members in a four door cab with full weather
protection and ample headroom.

Separate rear seats are provided, with back rests and lap/diagonal seat belts.
A stowage shelf is fitted between front seats and behind and above rear seats for helmet and gloves

The new raised roof and structure is manufactured from aluminium sheet and extrusions. This is
double skinned with insulation.
Capacity - 200 Gallons of lightwater mix.
The tank is made of GRP in a sandwich type construction comprising an interlining of closely jointed
polyurethane foam between GRP skins. It is designed to produce a tank compatible with lightwater 
and which is robust and self insulated.                                                                                                Front and rear doors with sliding windows and shutter blind at rear
The tank floor is designed to slope at a small angle from each direction to a sump at its forward end.

Pump and Pipework
The pump used is the Godiva type UFP Mk. 6 aluminium alloy pump.
In view of the flooded suction condition, no primer is fitted.

The pump is capable of delivering 200 GPM at 150 psi at 2700 rpm approximately.
The twin pump outlets are each connected by 2 in diameter aluminium alloy pipes passing under the tank to the hose positions at the rear, on either side of the vehicle. 
These pipes terminate in 1.5 in aluminium ball valves, connected to 2.5 in instantaneous female connectors, adjoining the hose stowages. 

At the rear nearside of the vehicle a 2.5 in male inst. connector is provided for flushing and test operation. This is controlled by a 2.5 in aluminium ball valve and connected via a 2.5 in aluminium pipe to the pump suction pipe.

Hoses and Equipment
Hoses stowages are located on either side of the vehicle above the tank. They take the form of open edges horizontal trays, on which are folded 120 ft of 1.5 in layflat hose.

Rear Bodywork
The rear structure houses the tank, hose stowages and jet/spray nozzles stowages. The part of the 
roof over the tank is removeable for access to the tank inspection cover. A grab rail is fitted at the             200 gallons of lightwater stored in GRP tank with double pump
rear, above the roller shutter.

Aluminium Roller Shutter Door
Opens to provide access to the equipment storage locker at the rear of the bodywork.

Controls and Control Panel
The two hose valves are operated from the sides, aft of the branch stowages. At the pump position,
a small instrument panel is fitted, equipped with:
a. Tachometer - pump speed
b. Pump pressure gauge
A hand trottle control is also installed at the panel. The trottle is equipped with a friction lock.

General Equipment
A light, robust bumper with a crash grid is mounted with overrider - type gussets to the front chassis       Schematic view of the Gloster Saro vehicle. Centre PTO for pump

Electrical Equipment
a. Standard front highway lighting is retained, together with standard driver's panel and switches
b. Standard heater/demister system is retained
c. Rear lamp clusters are fitted
d. Adequate cab lighting is provided
e. 2 lights are fitted in the rear locker, operated by the roller shutter
f.  A lamp is fitted on each side at the nozzle stowages
g. A Francis F9, 9 in searchlight is mounted on the cab roof, together with a 150 ft cable reel. 
    The searchlight is demountable and a tripod is stowed in the rear locker
h. Francis Mk II air horns are fitted with dashboard control
j.  Butler 15889/P map reading lamp at front passenger position
k. Blue beacon lamp mounted centrally on raised tube stem
l.  A battery charging point is fitted and wired to a plug in the crew cab

Tools                                                                                                                                                         Gloster Saro's ready for military airfield duty in UK 
Stowage room is provided in the rear compartment for vehicle jack, starting handle and specialist tools

Space is provided on the rear cab shelf for radio equipment, and vehicle wiring is screened and

Trained engineers based at Head office are ready to be on site if necessary within 48 hours. We retain
most standard spares in stock and can air freight to any part of the world should it be required.

Vehicle dimensions
Length: 216 in (5,48 m)
Width: 70 in (1,78 m)
Overall height: 96 in (2,44 m)

Vehicle weight:
Estmated weights;
Unladen:                        7000 lb
200 gallons lightwater:    2000 lb
Laden wight:                  9000 lb
                                                                                                                                                          This unrestored Gloster Saro was pictured at Gaydon in 2010
Our meticulous production techniques ensure you get the ultimate in quality. From drawing board to 
highway or airport, every Gloster Saro vehicle is subjected to the highest standards of assembly and 
Each stage in the fabrication and assembly of a vehicle is undertaken by a specialist team of trained 
craftsmen, thus assuring their personal interest in the quality of the finished vehicle.
The few specialised components that we buy out are selected only after long and stringent testing.

Heinel Specialbilar AB, Malmö, Sweden - ambulance conversion

                                                                                                                 Picture of the Range Rover Heinel ambulance from 70's
1973 Range Rover Heinel Ambulance 
Range Rover Heinel ambulance conversion
   The Range Rover Heinel ambulance was made by the coach manufactorer Heinel Karosserifabrik in Malmö, Sweden.
   The Heinel ambulance was ultralong and had a stretch of 1 extra meter/39.4 inches between the axels. Longer than any other known Range Rover ambulance conversion.

   Addition of extra doors on the sides, one single piece rear door arrangement and raised roofline.
   The Heinel ambulanse was developed for use in the remote areas of the Norwegian mountains.
This special Range Rover Heinel ambulance conversion stayed in service for many years and became legendary in Norway due to their outstanding capability to force snowdrifts and winter roads in the North of Norway where most of the Range Rover Heinel ambulances had their duty.
   The first Range Rover Heinel ambulance was converted in 1974 and the conversions stayed available for some years. Total production are approximately 20-30 Range Rover ambulances, mainly sold in Norway.
   The Land-Rover Special Project Department had one Range Rover Heinel ambulance for evaluation at Solihull in the mid-seventies. The conversion performed well and British Leyland                                   Press photo by Rover in 1975. Photo taken in Brånåsdalen, Norway
issued the Press Photo seen at right.

From the Range Rover 'Heinel' Ambulanse brochure: 
'When it comes to save lives, only the best is good enough: 
     -  Range Rover Ambulance' 

British Leyland rescue vehicles - saves lives and properties

Range Rover is a positive innovation on the rescue- and ambulance market and is approved after
the latest regulations for ambulance vehicles, issued by Norwegian Transportation Department of 
14. November 1970.

The main advantage is the permanent 4-wheel drive. This makes the Range Rover to a superior 
ambulance on country roads often over long and remote distances, as a stable and fast rescue
vehicle even under severe conditions, thanks to reduction transfer gearbox and differential lock            Ultra long Heinel ambulance with outstanding driving characteristics
a Range Rover Ambulance can manage to reach considerably more remote accident sites than
any other conventional ambulance.
With its excellent handling characteristics and high level of comfort, the Range Rover as an
ambulance have the right qualifications to meet the stringent requirements set to rescue vehicles 

Range Rover complete ambulance is provided with the following equipments:

Recaro front seats
Safety belts front and rear
Additional rear view mirrors
Roller blinds 

Stretcher lead with the main stretcher
Spare stretcher with rails
Washing arrangement 
Facilities for sputum suction
Facilities for oxygen 
Mounting for blood bottle
Separate medical equipment including mobile suction and oxygen

Blue lights Bosch/Pintch Bamag
Compressor siren
Electronic siren at extra expence
Signal facility patient/driver                                                                                                               Two stretcher version, where attendant's seat must fold down in use
Extra additional heating with thermostat
Roof mounted ventilation with illumination
Fluorescent lamps
Arrangement for antenna
1000 meter high beams
Fog lights
Roof mounted working lights
120 ah battery with main switch
20 acr alternator 

Rescue equipment:
Prevention equipment
Fire extinguisher 
Safety helmets 
Separate working light with extra cable
Rescue line

The ambulance is assembled at Specialbilar AB, Malmö, Sweden, 
on a 1 meter extended Range Rover chassis made at Heinel Verkstads AB, Malmö, Sweden
Also provided as apartment ambulance

Rear suspension with extra help springs & uprated shock absorbers to cope with the additional weight

Approved by British Leyland Ltd, UK by February 23rd, 1973

                                                                                                                                                        Spacious attendant room with 2 foldable seats and nurse seat


                                        100 cm extension is here clearly shown in this Heinel under restoration    Cabinet w/ hand wash and suction. Control panel, electric ventilation

Herbert Lomas Ltd - ambulance conversion

of Wilmslow, Congleton, Chesire, UK
Herbert Lomas (Ambulances) ltd Brochure 
Range Rover Herbert Lomas ambulance conversion
A long history with Bedford and Land-Rover ambulance conversions among others from approx. the early 1910 throughout the 60's and 70's.
Herbert Lomas used the conversion company Spencer Abbott as a supplier of 10 inches stretched wheelbase Range Rovers. Spencer Abbott was approved by Land Rover to do the
frame extension. 

They delivered the stretched wheelbase Range Rover with engine, gearbox and the complete suspension, together with the front end, windscreen, doors and B-pillars to Herbert
Herbert Lomas then produced and mounted the fiberglass ambulance body with raised roof line, check the characteristic Lomas shape, just visible behind the front door upper frame end. Both single and double rear door ambulances where produced.
During the 70's Herbert Lomas also developed a 135" wheelbase ambulance. This version sold less 
than the standard 110" Range Rover ambulance                                                                                       Herbert Lomas ambulance used in Czechoslovakia in 1976
The launch of Range Rover ambulance from Herbert Lomas was from the middle of 1972 and  the
company ended the Range Rover ambulance production in the 80's, were Herbert Lomas also was
closed down.
Most of the Herbert Lomas' Range Rover ambulance customers were located abroad, but some
were sold in UK.
                                                                The 135" wheelbase four door Herber Lomas conversion   One of 4 Herbert Lomas RR ambulances built in 1972 for Somerset

J E Motors Ltd / JE Engineering Ltd

         Range Rover Dakar
J E Motors - Range Rover Dakar
From J E Motor Ltd press release (20th May 1988):
  A Coventry company, J E Motors, is now selling a high performance conversion for
Range Rovers and is already facing increasing demand from customers. 

The conversion involves enlarging the engine, improvements to the brakes, suspension and exhaust
system, and uprated wheels and tyres.
  The company built the engines for the factory team of Range Rovers entered in the
Paris-Dakar Rally for the last two years and is already preparing for the 1989 event.
The name 'Dakar' has now been given to its conversion of the standard Range Rover.
  J E Motors is run by two Coventry businessmen: John Eales and Ron Hall. When
asked why the Dakar conversion is so much in demand, they explain that more Range
Rovers are purchased as roomy saloon cars than for their abilities over rough terrain.
Many drivers, therefore, are looking for extra performance on roads.
  The Dakar conversion raises the top speed from 102mph/164kmh to more than
120mph/193kmh. Acceleration from 0 to 60mph is 8.1 seconds in contrast to the
12.3 seconds of the standard version. The real benefit is the huge increase in torque                           Ron Hall & John Eales, J E Motors Ltd at their 'Dakar' conversions
which halves the time taken in the 50mph th 70mph and the 70mph to 90mph speed
ranges. The engine block is bored to 93.5mm and a new 77mm crankshaft, pistons and
bearings, are fitted to give a capacity of 4,200cc.

The power unit is completely re-balanced and a new camshaft, double valve springs,
big-valve cylinder heads and other parts, make up the mechanical changes. The
electronic fuel injection system is modified to enable the full power of the engine to
be realised.
  A new set of ventilated front brakes are fitted with Mintex M171 pads to eliminate
fade at high speeds. New springs and front and rear anti-roll bars are fitted to reduce
body roll. The conversion is completed with a big-bore manifold and exhaust system
and 235 x 70 VR15 tyres are fitted on 15" alloy wheels.
  This conversion, which costs £11,000, is backed by a 12,000 mile or twelve months
parts warranty. Range Rover agents everywhere can service Dakar converted vehicles.
Further information:      Ron Hall (1988)                                                                                               Discreet elegance of the powerful J E Motors 'Dakar' conversion
Press enquiries:           Charles Wade (1988)
                                  Geoff Walkden (1988)
Date issued:                20th May 1988
   J E Motors has been since 1975 a Range Rover tuning specialist on Rover V8 engines.
J E developed their own version of 3.9 litre Rover V8 with focus on enormous bottom-end
engine torque which suited the Range Rover Classic perfect.
   In 1982 J E Motors developed their engines further to 4.2 and 4.5 litre and sold these
fabulous engines to conversion companies well suited for their wealthy Middle East
customers requirements.
   J E Motors was also involved in Land Rover's Paris-Dakar projects in 1987 and 1988 by
building the engines used in the legendaric desert rally.
   In 1988 J E Motors developed their Range Rover Dakar version with uprated 4.2 litre
Rover engine with 250 hp and 280 lb/ft, which gave an acceleration 0 to 60 mpg in less
than 10 seconds. Uprated brakes and suspension package, as well as a rigid exhaust
system gave a very finetuned Range Rover.
Land Rover Ltd purchased design right to 4.2L engine for Range Rover from JE in 1988
J E Motors Ltd renamed to JE Engineering Ltd in 1991
The company JE Engineering Ltd still work with Land Rover conversions.


Janspeed Engineering Ltd, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

          Range Rover Turbo
 Janspeed Turbo - Range Rover
From Janspeed Turbo brochure (1980):
Range Rover Janspeed Turbo
The British Leyland Range Rover has now been with us for some considerable time, and over the years
much has been done to improve its looks and general appeal. However, little has been done to improve
the power output of the lazy V8 Rover engine. The standard car performs perfectly adequately under
normal driving conditions but try towing uphill or driving in a head wind and you will discover that you
require a lot more power than the normally aspirated 126 b.h.p. engine produces.
It is in this field that Janspeed excel, not only producing a highly successful turbocharger conversion
but also having a full range of conventional tuning equipment available.

In keeping with modern technology Janspeed have now uprated and redesigned their old draw through
turbocharger conversion for the Range Rover series. The new second generation blow through turbo-
charger system does away with the standard Stromberg carburettors and utilises instead a modified 
down-draught Weber carburettor mounted on a reworked standard inletmanifold. Both the single and
twin turbo variants are retained, though there is no appreciable difference in performance, both
conversions producing in excess of 200 b.h.p. which is enough to propel Leyland's all terrain vehicle
from standstill to 60 m.p.h. in 12 seconds with a top speed of over 100 m.p.h.                                             Range Rover twin turbocharger installation by Janspeed
With the introduction of the new system, turbo lag has now been completely eliminated and hence
the installation can be recommended for use on the very high geared automatic versions.

On the single turbo installation the nearside (RHD) standard exhaust manifold is retained and a link 
pipe is used to duct the exhaust gasses under the engine and into the new higrade cast iron turbo
manifold. The turbo manifold not only carries the Roto Master T4 turbocharger but also houses the
wastegate which senses boost pressure and allows exhaust gasses to bypass the turbine when necessary, in this way preventing an over boost situation by slowing the rotor. The wastegate is not
the only engine safeguard there is also a sophisticated engine management system which retards the ignition under the boost condition, hence preventing detonation, has an over-rev and over-boost cut out
facility and has transistored ignition built in.

The turbocharger unit draws fresh air through a highly efficient air filter compresses it and passes it through a shorter crossover pipe and in turn into a cast alluminium plenum chamber over the carburettor. It is partly the presence of this adequate plenum chamber that gives the installation its
quick trottle response. 
There is also a pressure modulating valve fitted over the carburettor so that when the carburettor butterflies are closed the pressure build up is not great enough to slow the compressor wheel, hence the compressor will always have enough inertia to supply pressure at even the smallest trottle openings.
                                                                                                                                                       Discreet installation of 200 bhp Janspeed turbocharger conversion
All the standard components of the engine, transmission and cooling system are adequate to cope
with the extra power produced, though an oil cooler is fitted to maintain the correct sump temperature.

For those Range Rover owners not requiring the power increase of the turbocharger installation Janspeed
also manufacture a range of conventional tuning equipment to suit all needs from a quick road car to a 
long distance competition car. A stage I conversion for the Range Rover will produce about 25% increase
in power with the bonus of a small fuel saving. The conversion kit consists of a pair of stage I cylinder 
heads (gas flowed, polished and ported but retained standard size valves) an exhaust system and a 
pair of extractor manifolds, 2 new needles for the standard Stromberg carburettors and a pair of highly
efficient air cleaners. The cost of a fitted stage I kit is £ 1,148.00 plus VAT. (1980) 

JNR Motors Group Ltd, Birmingham, UK 

JNR Motors "Reveller" 6 Wheel Range Rover Conversion

6 wheel conversions based on 2 door and 4 door standard Range Rovers
Recovery 6 wheel towing pickup on the program

Lahav Inc, US / Steering Wheel, Fort Lauderdale, US 

     1980 Lahav Convertible
          Range Rover
Lahav Range Rover Convertible
Updated information and more materials can be studied here: Lahav Agencies Ltd 

Lahav Range Rover Convertible
From the Lahav Agencies Inc. brochure.
We have lifted the 'lid' off the most versatile, successful and brilliantly engineered 4-wheel drive vehicle ever built.
Retaining all its off road capabilities, the Convertible Range Rover adds a new dimension to motoring both on and off the beaten track.

Its all new V8 Rover engine taken straight from the Rover 3500 SD1 with its high compression engine gives 125 (DIN bhp) at 4000 rpm, and will take you from 0 - 60 mph in 14.2 seconds; and with a top speed of 101 mph it's no slouch.

A body, built mostly of aluminium, does not rust. Power assisted steering, syndym glass, inertia belts, air conditioning are all standard. Automatic transmission is available as an option.
Feel the air rushing past on your way to the hot spots of the world; watch people stand and amire this fabulous vehicle.
Wherever you are, at the touch of a switch the stars are yours to wonder at and with this star of the world's 4 x 4 vehicles, you will experience something unique and enthralling.
                                                                                                                                                         Lahav Range Rover Convertible offered in Florida, US in 1980
Steering Wheel, Fort Lauderdale, London
Lahav Import & Export Agencies, London, UK
Lahav Agencies Inc, 1616 E Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Chameleon's Car Co (UK) Ltd's MD was Mike Lahav, so most obvious Lahav Agencies Inc, Florida, US, were one of the companies that offered Chameleon's conversions.
If you have additional information, please send a mail to vidaer@gmail.com

Lichfield TVR

1993 Range Rover Lichfield Advert
      1993 Lichfield TVR advert
From the advertisement text: 
   A personal programme of bespoke enhancements creates
the LICHFIELD Range Rover - a unique and personally specified
combination of power, driveability and elegance.
   Its breeding is reflected in a tailored choice of smooth, refined
and potent TVR POWER engines, sophisticated suspension
enhancements and fine, soft Scottish leather on made-to-
measure RECARO seats.
   The LICHFIELD, a symbol of its owner's commitment to
power, quality and style, hallmarks its refinements in choices
of advanced audio and communication technology and the
deep pleasures of an interior subtly trimmed in personally
selected real-wood veneers, fine leathers and choice fabrics.
   The LICHFIELD - bringing power to the individual.


1980 Range Rover Monteverdi
          Link to brochure:  
Follow this link for detailed information about: Range Rover Monteverdi

Overfinch Ltd

    1994 Range Rover Overfinch      1994 Overfinch Prices        1991 Range Rover Overfinch Adv       1993 Range Rover Overfinch Adv
    1994 Range Rover Overfinch      1994 Overfinch Prices           1991 Overfinch advertisement              1993 Oct. Overfinch advert
From the 1994 Overfinch marketing material: 
   'Overfinch offer an extensive range of improvements which have been refined and expanded since we began the Range Rover enhancement programme back in 1975.
   Universally acknowledged as THE Range Rover and Discovery specialists, Overfinch remain unique in being the only company to work exclusively on improving Land Rover products - a fact of enormous significance.
   With anrivalled pedigree and product range the company offers you everything from the elegance of a solid crome interior door handle set to the ultimate 5.7 litre Overfinch Range Rover or Discovery, or anything in between - the choice is yours. Brand new vehicles account for just under half our production and often cover a high milage, since the resultant multi-role vehicle may the replace two conventional cars.
   Equally suitable are 1 to 6 year old vehicles where the owner is perfect happy with the existing 'host' car but wants to avoid the heavy depreciation that is inescapable when changing vehicles. Instead, by tapping into our 20 years of dedicated experience it can be made into what the owner would have really liked in the first place! In so doing the vehicle is thoroughly re-engineered and gets literally a new lease
of life.'
1994 Overfinch 5.0 & 5.7 litre Models 
Overfinch 500 i          from £4,995 =>£6,995 (Oct.1994 - ex VAT)
Refined, low stressed and economical, but very powerful. Exceptional value.
GM Engine 5.0 Litre V8 i Petrol High Efficiency - Fuel Injection:
- 5.0 ltr V8 Compression:9.3:1, Bore: 95.0 mm, Stroke: 88.4 mm
    5013 cc V8, Max power: 282 bhp at 4950 rpm. Max torque: 310 lbs ft at 2500 rpm
- Pistons - low friction, cast aluminium
- Cylinder block - light weight, thin wall casting technology
- Maintenance free hydraulic valve play compensation
- Oil cooling system
- Dynamic balance optimisation
- Ignition system - electronic plus Bosch high energy coil
- Fuel Injection - twin venturi EFi system with computer control
- Exhaust manifolds - high flow 2.5" bore mates to existing exhaust section.
  Very quiet, no outward sign of new engine.
- 12,000 mile main service interval
- Plug leads - silicone heavy duty (blue)
- Camshaft - Overfinch torquemaster
- Fuel requirement - unleaded (min octane 95 RON)
- Fuel consumption (touring): 16-18
Overfinch 570 Ci          from £11,830 =>£13,830 (Oct.1994 - ex VAT) 
Classic 5.7 litre (Corvette) capacity version with effortless cruising ability and truly vivid acceleration. 
GM Engine 5.7 Litre V8 i Petrol Sports - Fuel Injection:
- 5.7 ltr V8 Compression:9.5:1, Bore: 101.6 mm, Stroke: 88.4 mm
    5734 cc V8, Max power: 284 bhp at 4920 rpm. Max torque: 345 lbs ft at 2900-3700 rpm
- Pistons - low friction, cast aluminium
- Cylinder block - light weight, thin wall casting technology
- Maintenance free hydraulic valve play compensation
- Oil cooling system
- Dynamic balance optimisation
- Ignition system - electronic plus Bosch high energy coil
- Fuel Injection - twin venturi EFi system with computer control
- Exhaust manifolds - high flow 2.5" bore
- Stainless steel sports exhaust system. Unique Overfinch free-flow design.
  Twin polished tail pipes.
- 12,000 mile main service interval
- Main Bearings - heavy duty with four bolt main caps
- Plug leads - silicone heavy duty (blue)
- Rocker covers - finned aluminum
- Camshaft - Overfinch torquemaster
- Fuel requirement - unleaded (min octane 95 RON)
- Fuel consumption (touring): 15-17
Overfinch 570 Ti          from £15,415 =>£17,415 (Oct.1994 - ex VAT)
Most potent engine available. Special internal components produce exceptional performance and refinement.
GM Engine 5.7 Litre V8 i Petrol High Efficiency - Fuel Injection:
- 5.7 ltr V8 Compression:10.0:1, Bore: 101.6 mm, Stroke: 88.4 mm
    5734 cc V8, Max power: 328 bhp at 5000 rpm. Max torque: 350 lbs ft at 3100-3900 rpm
- Pistons - low friction, cast aluminium
- Cylinder block - light weight, thin wall casting technology
- Maintenance free hydraulic valve play compensation
- Oil cooling system
- Dynamic balance optimisation
- Ignition system - electronic plus Bosch high energy coil
- Fuel Injection - twin venturi EFi system with computer control
- Exhaust manifolds - high flow 2.5" bore
- Stainless steel sports exhaust system. Unique Overfinch free-flow design.
  Twin polished tail pipes.
- 12,000 mile main service interval
- Main Bearings - heavy duty with four bolt main caps
- Plug leads - silicone racing spec (red)
- Spark plugs - NGK 'V' groove super spark
- Cylinder heads - aluminium, gas flowed with angled spark plugs
- Rocker covers - cast magnesium
- Oil pump - high volume
- Camshaft - Overfinch powermaster high output
- Fuel requirement - super unleaded (min octane 97 RON)
- Fuel consumption (touring): 15-17


Penman Ltd - Hotspur Armoured Products

  1993 Hotspur Armoured
 Range Rover & Land Rover
1993 Range Rover Hotspur

Panther Westwinds Ltd

 1978 Range Rover Panther
     4 door - Conversions
1978 Range Rover Panther
From the Panther brochure text:  
Panther 4 door conversion
   In recognition of growing worldwide demand, our Special Product Division have made arrangements to convert the world famous Range Rover to 4 door specification, and the unit has been given proprietary approval by British Leyland.
   Whilst the basic 4 door conversion now gives this remarkable and proven 4 x 4 vehicle total versatility, we can also make whatever other detailed modifications to new or used Range Rovers which may be individually required.
   Dash or roof-mounted air conditioning, an electric sun-roof, luxury interior trim, special paint finish, stereo installation and hunting specification are examples of the work which can be done be the same highly skilled craftsmen who hand build the illustrated Panther automobiles.
   We also undertake special conversions for military and police applications, including the following:
   Additional rear facing seat, field radio communications equipment, bonnet-mounted spare wheel,
interior grab rails and running boards, writing desk, filing cabinet, secretarial equipment, drinking
water system with hand basin and electrically powered water supply with outlet, twin 3 cubic foot capacity refrigerators, sleeping berths, dining equipment, cooking equipment with six gas burners, utensils and unbreakable crockery, storage compartment, wardrobe and elevating roof.
   Our products have been universally acclaimed as being the best finish and having the highest quality obtainable at any price.
   These automobiles from our production range, which are all air conditioned, are examples of Panther's superb craftmanship. They are hand coachbuilt in aluminium to whatever specifications our clients may require, with the interiors appointed in only the finest quality leathers, suedes and carpeting.


Panther 6 wheel conversion 
Panther did Range Rover conversions untill 1987 
Their 6 wheel conversions had fully open wheel arches, not seen on other similar 6 wheels converters.
Available also with widened vehicle body

Pilcher-Greene Ltd - ambulance conversion

  1973 Range Rover Pilcher-Greene
1973 RR Pilcher-Greene Ambulance
Range Rover Pilcher-Greene ambulance conversion
From the Pilcher-Greene brochure: 
A versatile, high speed casualty ambulance 
The power of the Range Rover combined with the sleek coach-built ambulance body provide a new kind of high-speed casualty vehicle. The roadholding and cross country mobility produced by the four-wheel drive, special suspension system and rugged chassis needs seeing to be belived. 

Add to this refined patient and driver comfort and the result is a new and unrivalled class of ambulance. Equipment can be supplied and modifications carried out to clients' requirements.
type SA body 
Constructed in aluminium alloy sections with 18 SWG aluminium sheet exterior 
type CS body 
Constructed in aluminium alloy sections with fiberglass panelling 
                                                                                                                                           Pilcher-Greene ambulance with 110" wheelbase and SA body in aluminium
standard interiors
Interiors may be modified to suit clients' requirement. 

Pullman Ltd, London, UK

       1978 Pullman 6 wheel 4 door
1978 Pullman Range Rover Conversion

More updated info can be read here: Pullman Ltd, London, UK 

In addition to Chameleon Car Co Ltd the Pullman Ltd of London offered extreme conversions
like this 6 wheel 4 door Range Rover.

Any desired option could be tailored to the clients taste, like:
- Extra wheelbase length of additional 36 inches
- 6 wheels, either 6x4 or 6x6 wheel drive 
- Third axel with extra body length at the rear for really increased additional loadspace
- 3 full size seat rows
- Full length Webasto foldable sunroof 
- Double set of air conditioning
- Any desired engine combination
- Automatic transmission
- Any other thinkable option

                                                                                                                                                       Maybe the longest ever Range Rover; the Pullman 6 wheel 4 door


Rapport - The Rapport International Ltd

  1979 Rapport Excelsior       1979 Rapport Quadraporte          1979 Rapport Range               1981 Rapport Range                     1981 Rapport Ritz
 1979 Rapport Excelsior         1979 Rapport Quadraporte   1979 Quadraporte & Excelsior       1981 Rapport Range                      1981 Rapport Ritz
      1981 Rapport Starlight                     1981 Rapport Huntsman      
      1981 Rapport Starlight                     1981 Rapport Huntsman      
              1979 Rapport Options Brochure                 1979 Rapport International      
 1979 Rapport Options 01  1979 Rapport Options 02  1979 Rapport International Group
   Rapport Ltd is the story of three BA students that started the company Rapport in 1978 with 
special luxury conversions of the superb but under-developed Range Rover to the wealthy market
in the Middle East.
- Ian A Leaf                 - BA(HONS) - Chairman 
- Jonathan C D Brydon - BA(HONS) - Sales & Marketing 
- Warner G N Manning - BA(HONS) - Finance & Operations 
- Andrew D Shanks     - ACA MOMS - Engineering & Development 
   As Mr Brydon says:
"The cars were expensive to fund and build, but we did it and it was massive fun and not something that could be achieved easily today.

Ian Leaf led a team of very young people (non above 26), who achieved remarkable success in                   Rapport Quadraporte in 6 wheeler with long range fuel tanks
manufacturing and selling these cars to the expanding Middle Eastern market.
Christopher Humberstone Design, not a great businessman, but a 21st century designer
inspired the workforce with his style and ideas.
I was sales director for Rapport International for two years during a very active period in 1978-1980.
It was a very exciting time for a young person to be involved in the motor industry." 
   Rapport Ltd had the address Rapport House, Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EJ, UK and developed a wide range of different creations for the wealthy customers like many of the world's royal families, governments and their agencies throughout East and West Africa and Europe or the Arab markets. 
   Rapport had several factories operating exclusively for them and other subcontractors delivered all different items for the Range Rover conversions, like the often tastful interiors, powerful engines and the many different body shapes and front ends.
Rapport models: 
- Rapport Quadraporte             4-door conversion
- Rapport Excelsior                 ultra luxury stretched 4-door limousine
- Rapport Starlight                   2-door cabriolet 
- Rapport Hunter                     stretched 4-door hunting wagon with open landaulet
- Rapport Huntsman                open version known from James Bond movie                                         Rapport Excelsior a real off-road limousine with ultra long rear doors
Rapport available engines and transmissions:
- 4.4 litre Leyland Rover V8 engine (originally only available in the Australian Leyland P76) 
- 4.4 litre HiPerformance Rover V8 engine
- Turbo equipped V8 3.5 litre Range Rover engine, with Allard turbocharger 
- 3.5 litre V8 engine, standard Range Rover
- Formula Ferguson FF automatic transmission 
- Borg Warner BW automatic transmission 
- Manual 5 speed FF transmission 
- Sports Pack Suspension 
- 6-wheel or 4-wheel conversions
Rapport available front ends 
- Standard Range Rover front 
- "Droop Snoot" front from Ford Granada 
- Wedge front with headlamps and repeaters from Volvo 264 with spoiler 
- Excelsior front with revised Rolls Royce grille and crome dual headlamps
                                                                                                                                                        Plush interior in the Rapport Excelsior to really suit a royal familiy
Rapport exterior features 
- Coachpaint any desired colour or effects; metalflake, metallic or standard
- Sunroof, electric, one or two depending  on choice   
- Sunroof, full length, manual
- Vinyl covered roof 
- Wide tires and alloy wheels 
- Flared wheel arches
Rapport interior features 
- Full luxurious interior in leather or warm Dralon retrim, included Wilton carpets 
- Entertainment system Radio/Tape in HiFi with remote control or standard level 
- Redesigned walnut dashboard in aircraft style with new instruments and functions
- Air conditioning system, different solutions; on roof, in dash or under dash
- Air conditioning system, front and/or rear
- Electric windows, front and rear 
- Seats, electric, occational rear - Seats, electric, manual anatomic 
- Central door locking 
- Central armrest and glovebox, leather between front seats
                                                                                                                                                      Rapport Quadraporte "Droop Snoot" version with Ford Granada front 
Rapport additional features 
- Long range fuel tanks with high positioned filler cap
- Refrigerator with split charge system
From a French Auto Magazine in 1980 of the launch of the Rapport Starlight: 
"The outdoor report
   Specialist in conversions of all kinds of English society, Rapport International Ltd is exhibited
at the Geneva Salon in March(1980) and have developed a convertible on a Range Rover.
   The convertible, to be frankly, is characterized by various accessories and a very special
grille borrowed from the Ford Granada. This kind of a vehicle cannot remain unnoticed to the
outdoor or off-road enthusiasts.
   It offers four seats under a canopy of quality and a variety of optional equipments. For those  
interested in power, a 4.4 liter V8 engine with a turbocharger will be offered.                                       Rapport Starlight cabriolet with "Droop Snoot" front and hood closed 
Added to this only the fantasy of the client may limit the creation; an automatic transmission,
and electronics antilock braking system, is available. 

   And for the "sophisticated", they can claim Connelly leather, like Rolls Royce and Jaguar.
   There's something for all tastes, so why not, after all it’s just simply to have at its disposal a
solid bank account also sure for tomorrow, without worries.
   Moreover, the English coachbuilder have improved its comprehensive catalogue in the
Range Rover series transformations to also give us a 6-wheel conversion with four-wheel drive
or six-wheel drive, enough to satisfy the most demanding client.
   There are also another on the same basis, the Quadraporte, whose frame is lengthened
by 90 cm.

  Rapport Ltd goes even further by offering its transformations for models as different as the
Mercedes, Jaguar, Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, VW and even the Alfa Romeo and Mini."
                                                                                                                                                 Rapport Starlight open air cabriolet with characteristic low profile front

   Rapport also launched the Triumph Acclaim based Ritz model, that can view view in the
brochure above, via the link.
   The ultra modern Rapport Forté a four seat sports car with a fully retractable hard top launched    
in 1982.
   Chris Humberstone stated that, "once it was refined it worked very well and gave a real feeling   
of saloon car integrity". A sophisicated electro-hydraulic system was employed to stow the 
aluminium and steel roof within the boot space. As if that weren't enough, the roof panel also 
featured its own electrically-operated "moonroof".

   Rapport ran into financial difficulties in the early 1980's due to too many models and variant.      
A declining market and that the Rapport Ltd company expanded too fast and too heavily with all 
the challenges of keeping costs under control.  
    Rapport Ltd closed down, but their operations with Quadraporte and Starlight were transferred
to another company within the same group; Symbol Ltd.                                                                         Rapport Starlight cabriolet with more classic Range Rover front

 - A special "Thanks!" to Mr. Johnny Brydon for his contributions with information of Rapport Ltd.

                                                          Rapport International Ltd culminated with the models Ritz and the ultra modern Forté in early 80's and became Symbol Ltd

                                                   Very tasteful interior in leather and polished burl walnut wood luxury    Early version of "digital" instrument panel in a Rapport conversion
                                                        Rapport Range Rover 2 door conversion with Volvo 264 front            1979 Rapport Quadraporte Turbo with special front and flares

Range Rover - police conversion

           1972 Range Rover                    1975 Rover and Triumph
           Police Conversions                       Police Conversions 
              1972 838/5.72                          1975 RT 901/10.74
Range Rover police conversion
                                                     Range Rover police conversion ready for duty in Bahrain in 1975          The first Range Rover police conversion shown early in 1971 
                                                      Range Rover was very popular as police conversion during its whole production life, shown here with pictures from 1972 and 1993


Schuler Presses Ltd, UK

1980 Schuler Super Ranger
           Link to brochure:      

Schuler FF transmission conversions
(from Schuler Presses info letter Jan. 1981):
The Schuler organisation is perhaps best known in the Motor industry for its high technology metal-
forming presses. Over the firm's 140 year (in 1980) history a policy of rigorous design, development
and quality control has been the cornerstone of its continued success.

These qualities are fully evident in the Schuler transmissions. Having produced an advanced and
sophisticated design, we embarked on a development programme that included some of the toughest
rallying events in the world. Success came quickly and the Schuler equipped cars continue to 
dominate the off-road competition scene. To back up the high milage testing at home and abroad
the Automatic FF conversion has been submitted for full engineering and test evaluation by Land 
Rover Limited. It is now their approvedautomatic fitment and therefor does not invalidate the new
vehicle warranty.

Production units have been available since 1979 and quality control is assured by using the most
efficient and up to date machinery in purpose designed transmission plant. Every unit is put through
a 20 minute test cycle on a specially designed test rig that includes noise level evaluation over the
full spectrum of operation.

When finally installed in the vehicle there is a further half hour road test session backed up by a 
34 point check list and written report before release to the customer. We believe that attention to 
detail is the to superior service.

In essence the Schuler FF transmission conversion has two special elements. Firstly, there is the
choice of either automatic or 5-speed manual gearshifts. Secondly, and equally important is the
entirely new transfer gearbox which by means of its advanced design transforms the driving charac-
teristics of the Range Rover. The standard vehicle transmission is returned as a complete saleable
item following conversion.

For those seeking a smooth, refined vehicle the automatic is ideal and has proved most effective
for towing and cross country use. The ability to feed in power smoothly is of great benefit when
starting on slippery surfaces and full manual override is available when required. 

A Chrysler A727 Torqueflite automatic is used (as in current Aston Martin and Bristol models). It
has an unparalleled reputation for smoothness and reliability.

For manual gearbox enthusiasts an uprated Leyland 77 mm 5-speed is used. Its combination of
fast, slick change and ideally spaced gear ratios make it a delight to use. The high 5th gear allows
impressive fuel savings.

With the special Schuler transfer gearbox, high and low ranges remain but the conventional diff lock
is replaced by a viscous limited slip centre differential which automatically apportions the tractive
effort according to surface conditions. It is smooth enough to avoid breaking traction in marginal
conditions yet strong enough to allow the car to be driven with either propshaft removed in an emer-
gency. Unlike a conventional diff lock it neither degrades steering control nor allows wind-up and
shock loads over rough ground. Under braking it works so as to prevent uneven wheel lock-up 
allowing a simple yet effective anti-lock braking system to be fitted as an option.

Higher overall gearing is standard allowing reduced engine revs at cruising speeds with resultant
savings in noise, engine wear and fuel. A unique 37/63% torque split front to rear gives better 
traction when towing and accelerating whilst improving handling and vehicle control on corners to a
remarkable degree. Most important of all, transmission noise and backlash are eliminated at a stroke.

In combination, the automatic or 5-speed with the Schuler transfer box completely transforms the 
vehicle. Many of our customers have told us that they now rate their Range Rover so highly they
simply won't drive anything else. Praise indeed!

Schuler FF transmission conversion summary of benefits:

Higher Overall Gearing - up to 17% with automatic, up to 40% with 5-speed. Less noise, less wear,
less fuel.

Economy - 5% better with automatic. 15% better with manual, due to reduced power losses in transfer 
box, advantageous overall gearing and reduced weight.

Handling - 37% front/63% rear power bias from special centre diff improves both response and stability
to give an unrivalled level of safety and control.

Traction - Automatic limited slip differential prevents wheelspin while viscous action cushions shock 
loads to protect driveline from damage.

Reduced Noise - Silent transmission and reduced engine revs drastically reduce interior noise levels.

Backlash - Special Morse-Chain drive system is free of snatch due to tolerance build up.

Braking - Viscous centre differential prevents instability due to eneven wheel lock up. Optional Anti 
Skid system gives freedom from control loss due to locked wheels. Optimum deceleration is available 
and the driver is free to steer the vehicle to safety.

Reliability - From the outset, Schuler FF transmissions were stessed for engines of considerably more
than 3.5 litres. Generous margins of safety are allied to the reliability reaped from our 4 year develop-
ment programme to give a product that will give many years of superior and uniquely enjoyable service.
A 12 month unlimited milage warranty is provided on all conversions.

Range Rover Conversion Pricelist 12/80

Transmission and Braking Modifications


All transmissions feature the Ferguson split-torque system, with limited slip centre differential and
high and low ranges of gears.

New vehicles only:

Chrysler Torqueflight A727 automatic transmission with Schuler FF Transfer Box,      £ 1,999.00 
excluding fitting, exchange - delivery milage only.

Fitting the above to standard r.h. drive vehicles                                                           £ 380.00

All vehicles:

Chrysler Torqueflight A727 automatic transmission with Schuler FF Transfer Box,       £ 2,395.00
excluding fitting

Fitting the above to standard r.h. drive vehicles                                                           £ 380.00

The above prices apply to standard engines only, modified or altered engines at
extra cost.


History of Range Rover with Schuler Ltd and Overfinch:
1975 - Under the umbrella of Schuler Ltd, the UK arm of the German international automotive supplier
 - Schuler Presses GmbH, the performance Range Rover is born. Development commences to
improve Range Rover performance using 4 Dellorto carburettors and other external modifications.
1976 - Experiments with 4.4 litre Leyland P76 V8, the Australian version of Rover V8 with heavy duty
block from the Australian saloon P76, in a Range Rover.
1978 - Prototype testing of new Schuler/Ferguson Formula transfer gearbox and Anti-Skid Brake System in the Welsh Rally.
1979 - Pioneering development of the 5 speed manual and 3 speed automatic transmissions with
Land Rover's involvement and co-operation.
1980 - Release of Schuler 350 SE. Similar power and torque to latter day 3.5 EFI, but used the 
existing Stromberg carburettors. Land Rover  Ltd commissioned Schuler to produce 25 Range Rovers
with Schuler/FF chain drive transfer case and Chrysler Torqueflite automatic for sale through dealers
to test market acceptance of automatic Range Rover.
This led to it becoming a factory approved option retro-fitted by Schuler Ltd.
1981 - Paris-Dakar Rally won a Range Rover entered by Land Rover France equipped with the
Schuler/FF gearbox and using components developed in conjunction with Schuler won this famously
gruelling event in face of strong competition.

Schuler built a Jaguar V12 engined LWB Range Rover development mule, introducing the concept of
the performance Range Rover. High speed testing chassis gives unique insight into the vehicle
behavior. First appearance of Vented Brake option and second generation transfer gearbox for engines
up to 350 HP.

Australian developed Range Rover Schuler FFRR 5000, built from CKD local assembled Range Rover, imported Schuler Ferguson Formula parts and usage of V8 5.0 ltr Brock HDT or V8 4.4 ltr
Rover engines.
                                                                                                                                                            5 speed with Rover SD1 gearbox and Ferguson transfer unit
1982 - STRANGE ROVER, project. In conjunction with a rally spcialist, the world's first mid-engined
4WD rally car was created, by using Schuler/FF transmission. Successful durability proving under
extreme conditions.
Introduction of first Chevrolet engined production vehicles. The 570 T (Torque) with GM400 automatic
gearbox combined performance, refinement and longevity.
1983 - Further research and development to refine and evolve the GM Chevrolet 5.7 litre engines.
1984 - Introduction of Touring fuel tank and Air Strut suspension option.
1985 - Schuler hand over control of the Range Rover division to their UK Managing Director, who
changed the name to Overfinch.

Official acclaim of 570 T model by Motoring Press.
1986 - Introduction of Overfinch 570 S (Sport) with GM700 4 speed automatic transmission and
lock-up torque convertor.

Armoured Range Rover project - Ministry of Defence comissioned Overfinch to carry out specialist
conversions to 5 armoured examples to improve handling and stability levels on these heavy vehicles.
1987 - More comprehensive package of enhancements on the 570 S to include braking system
and long range fuel tank.                                                                                                                   Ferguson Viscous Control unit with 2/3 rear, 1/3 front distribution
1988 - Launch of Overfinch 500 E and 500 S. Cost effective 5.0 litre models achieved by retaining
standard gearbox. Land Rover (570 E); a 110 Pick-upwere fitted with torque optimised 5.7 litre
engine, GM700 gearbox, Overfinch FF transfer gearbox and Overfinch suspension, outstanding
1989 - Launch of Overfinch 570 S2. Power increased, new ride and handling suspension system
plus further refinements.
1990 - Fuel injected Overfinch 500 I and 570 TPI models introduced. Advanced electronic injection
system offered improved economy, performance and driveability.
New Precision Steering conversion (PSC) enhanced chassis dynamics.
1991 - New Quick-Ratio Steering option revolutionized the Range Rover driving characteristics, with
standards of responsiveness and high speed security.
New Overfinch 570 TI (Torque Injection) announced. High value performance conversion achieved
by interfacing 5.7 litre power with uprated version of original ZF automatic transmission.
1993 - The limited edition 10th Anniversary 500 I and 570 TI models celebrated 10 years of GM
engined Range Rover production.
New Ride and Handling suspension package announced for air sprung Classic Range Rovers.
New high value 570 CI model launched superseeding the previous 5.0 litre models.
1994 - Exclusive Overfinch Recaro Sports Seat option - after over 2 years development, properly
integrated Recaro seats, incorporating  unique Overfinch design requirements.
High Performance Diesel (HPD) engine uprate release for all TDI powered vehicles.
Exclusive Overfinch Nevada 8x16 two piece alloy wheels launched.
1995 - New Sport Design range for all Discovery and Classic Range Rover offered a choise of
4 high value enhancement packages.

S.M.C. Engineering (Bristol) Ltd

    S.M.C. Sahara Six
1973 S.M.C. Sahara Six
SMC Sahara Six
From the brochure of S.M.C. Sahara Six
Offering the comfort and the refinement of the proven 'Range Rover' in an entirely new role. The integration of an extended, Pick Up, body and six wheels makes the Sahara Six a leader in luxury off the road vehicles.
Basic specification
Normal 'Range Rover' controls and instruments in the 2-seater cab area, fully trimmed to a high standard. Tools and spare wheel stowed behind the seats, inside the cab, for security.

Power assisted steering, inertia reel seat belts, cloth seats and tinted glass are included in the standard specification. Access to Pick Up area is via the normal tail-gate.
A bed length of 90" / 229 cm and width of 62" / 157.5 cm, totals up to an impressive 38.78 sq. ft. of
load area.
The smooth ride is maintained by the normal usage, on the additional axle, of coil springs and hydraulic    S.M.C. Sahara Six - pick up version of 6 wheeled Range Rover
dampers. Location of the axle is by means of radius arms and wishbone assembly. With the addition
of this extra axle the payload is now 3024 lbs (1371 kg) with the allowance made for the two persons
in the cab.
Available, ex-works in a range of colours, and trim options.
Left hand drive and export models also available
S.M.C. - Manufacturers of Sandringham 6, a six wheel drive vehicle based on the Land Rover with
2000 kg payload.

Spencer Abbott & Co Ltd, Birmingham, UK

  1972 Spencer Abbott           1971 Spencer Abbott
  1972 Spencer Abbott           1971 Spencer Abbott
Range Rover Spencer Abbott ambulance conversion
   The company Spencer Abbott Ltd had cooperated over many years in conjuction with Land-Rover and their Special Projects Department, and had a long experience in conversion building.
   A solution of a 110 inches, stretch wheelbase with the characteristic window and roof arrangements, so typical to the Spencer Abbott version. An ambulance prototype YXC999K where developed and taken to a medical exhibition in Switzerland in 1971.

  The Range Rover Spencer Abbott ambulance stayed in the Land-Rover's conversion catalogue for several years, but where never popular. Not many Range Rover Spencer Abbott ambulances where built.
   Even though the ambulances where never popular, the production of the extension conversions of the 10 extra inches or more, and the reinforcing of the Range Rover frame ready for other conversion companies, was given to Spencer Abbott, so they performed well.
From Spencer Abbott brochure of December 1972:
Spencer Abbott Ambulance 
                                                                                                                                                      1972 Range Rover Spencer Abbott YXC 999K ready for exhibition
Four wheel drive for added traction and stability on wet or slippery surfaces 
A ride-levelling rear suspension gives limousine standards of comfort under all conditions   
A 3.5 litre V8 engine provides ample reserves of power to cope with all situations
Exceptionally strong chassis frame and running gear for reliability and long life .... 
.... combine to provide one of the most suitable vehicles yet devised for the ambulance services 

An OHV all-aluminium high performance V8. Bore 3.5 in (88.9 mm). Stroke 2.8 in (71.12 mm)
Cubic capacity 215 cubic inches (3,528 cc) 8.5:1 compression ratio
BHP (DIN) 130 at 5,000 rpm. Torque 25.6 MKg (186 lb.ft) at 2,500 rpm

Cooling system
Pressurised type - 15 psi (1.05 kg.cm2) with pump, fan, thermostat and pressurised expansion tank.
Capacity 20 pints (11 litres)

Fuel system
A 19 gallon (22.5 US gallons), (86 litres) tank is located at the rear between the chassis frame 
members. The A.C. pump is mechanically operated and supplies fuel to two Zenith-Stromberg CD2
carburetters                                                                                                                                        Drawing from the initial plans of a Spencer Abbott ambulance 

Clutch is of the diaphragm spring, single dry plate type - 10.5 in (26.7 cm) diameter.
The main gearbox has four forward and one reverse speeds, manually operated with synchromesh on 
all forward gears. The transfer gearbox is of the two speed reduction type in the main gearbox output.
Front and rear drive are permanently engaged via a third differential which can be locked by a vacuum 
control switch, mounted on the gearbox

Overall ratios (Final drive)
                        High Transfer         Low Transfer
Top                          4.16                    11.76
Third                         6.25                    17.69
Second                   10.17                    28.78
First                        16.91                    47.83
Reverse                   15.23                    43.07

Burman circulating ball, worm and nut type incorporating an A.C. safety coloumn with security 
locking device. Turning circle 41 ft (12.5 m) 3.5 turns to lock

Front suspension
Coil springs. Axles located by radius arms and Panhard rod. Control is by long-stroke hydraulic              Official press photo of the Spencer Abbott ambulance issued '72
telescopic dampers

Rear suspension
Coil springs. Axle located by radius arms, support rods and central wishbone assembly, 
incorporating a 'Boge Hydromat' self-energising ride-level unit. Control is by long-stroke hydraulic
telescopic dampers

Lockheed disc brakes are fitted front and rear and are servo-assisted for easy pedal operation.
A dual line piping system ensures emergency to individually piped calipers on front discs. The
hand-brake is of the internal expanding drum type, operating on the transfer box rear output shaft

Wheels and tyres
Pressed-steel 'Rostyle' enamelled wheels, five stud fixing - size 6.00 JK x 16.
Tyres: Michelin radials XM+S x 16 (tubed) or Firestone Town & Country radials 205x16 (Tubed)

  Front Axle
 lb      (Kg)  
 Rear Axle
 lb      (Kg)
 lb      (Kg)
 *Unladen plus 19 gallons fuel
 Gross weight
 2000 (909)
 2200 (1000)
   200 (91)
 2470 (1122)
 3320 (1510)
   850 (388)
 4470 (2031)   
 5520 (2510)
 1050 (479) 
*This weight will vary according to type of interior specified.                                                                                                                  Spencer Abbott conversion for Sir Alfred McAlpine in 1974
Weights shown include a stretcher trolley and rear seating

Body interior (front)
Individual front seats have integral lap and diagonal safety harnesses and are fitted with a 
mechanism which allows the backrest to tip and automatically slide the seat assembly
forward for ease of access to the rear. Driver's seat is provided with conventional fore and
aft adjustment. Passenger seat is fixed in forward position.
Doors have combined armrest/door pull with twin interior operating handles, for front and
rear passengers. Each door has a sliding catch security lock. Interior appointments
include: Interior roof light, operated either by opening of front doors or by an independent
switch; ashtray on transmission tunnel; twin collapsible sun visors; safety spring-out
interior rear view mirrors; electric clock with front hand-set; integral parcel tray/passenger
grab handle; spacious glove box; provision for radio 

Overall dimensions and data
Wheelbase 110 ins (2.79 m); Track 58.5 ins (1.48 m); Ground clearance (under axles)
7.5 ins (0.19 m) - under vehicle 12.5 ins (0.32 m); Turning circle 41 ft (12.5 m)
Overall length 186 ins (4.72 m); Overall width 70 ins (1.78 m); Overall height (Beacon)
86 ins (2.18 m) - Roof 78 ins (1.98 m)

Standard equipment
Dual tone air horns                                                                                                                            This vehicle could carry 8 persons, bonnet mounted spare wheel
Illuminated 'Ambulance' sign
Flashing beacon
Davos White paintwork
Red reflective side strips 2" deep
Red reflective 'Ambulance' letters
Reversing lamps (2)
Hazard warning lamps
Electric extractor fans (2)
Heating & ventilation system
Floodlights in rear door (2)
Fluorescent lights in rear compartment (2)
Electric power points (2)
Roof light in front compartment
Rocker switch panel on fascia
Interior trim in Palomino PVC
Floor covering in grey vinyl

Chassis optional extras at extra cost
45 amp alternator single charge
45 amp alternator with split charge and extra battery
60 amp alternator with split charge and extra battery
Power assisted steering
Capstan winch
Drum winch

Optional extras at extra cost
Siren and alarm bell
Fog/long range driving lamps
Bonnet mounted spare wheel carrier
Additional flashing beacon
Fire extinguisher
Piped oxygen with two outlets
Hot water hand wash basin - 2 gallons
Petrol burning heater with optional pre-set timer and thermostat                                                          Special rear door to work as a step or foldable to facilitate stretcher
Air conditioning
Rear window wipers and washers
Roller blind to rear of driver's seat
Extension cable & reel for floodlamp
Universal spotlight on screen pillar
Sundym tinted glass to front compartment
Laminated windscreen 

Medical specification to customers requirements

                                                                                                                                                      Seating for 3 occupants and 1 stretcher. One piece rear door seen 

Symbol Ltd

     1982 Range Rover Symbol Starlight              1982 Range Rover Symbol Quadraporte              1985 Symbol Profile
                1982 Symbol Starlight                                 1982 Symbol Quadraporte                     1985 Glenfrome Profile
   Rapport International Ltd ran into financial troubles in 1981, then Symbol Ltd were formed and the
models from the Rapport periode; the Quadraporte, Starlight and Falcon were sold under the new
company. During 1984 the Symbol Ltd ran into new finance troubles and were transfered further to
(Symbol) British Motors Ltd.
   British Motors Ltd marketed from 1984-88 the Rapport/Symbol model range, Mercedes conversions known from Chameleon like the Mercedes Benz 1000 SEL, as well as Range Rover models from Glenfrome.
   In 1987 British Motors Ltd entered the wealthy US market in addition to Middle East. The success
is not known and British Motors Ltd looks to ceased to its existence at the end of the eighties, together with its Range Rover conversion models.  

                                                                                                                                                      1982 Symbol Starlight Convertible with extension and special front
From the presentation in 1987:
1987 Range Rover Symbol Profile
Symbol Profile is manufactured by Glenfrome and Profile is the targa version of the Glenfrome Facet. Offered for the first time in the U.S.
This luxury handbuilt all-terrain vehicle represents the last word in off-road excellence combined
withhighway versatility. Finished with special-effect metallic-white paint and trimmed with an
all-white leather interior.
This unique vehicle has almost every conceivable option as standard.
$88,000 including shipment to your nearest port (1987).
Symbol British Motor Ltd, Park Lane, London, UK

                                                                                                                                                       Glenfrome Profile sold through Symbol British Motor Ltd in 1987

Townley Cross-Country Vehicles Ltd, London, UK

Townley Desert Ranger - Range Rover Conversions

Townley Cross Country Vehicles Ltd was owned by the Zanelli family, driven by three brothers, is 
mayby the coachbuilder company that delivered the outmost converted Range Rover conversions. 

Their clients were the very rich Arabs during the 80's and Townley delivered high quality converted
vehicles specifically tailored to the customers unlimited specifications.

Townley Desert Ranger were the ultimate royal transportation coachbuilt vehile.
Several different variants Desert Ranger's were delivere to royals and sultans in the Middle East.

- Wheelbase extension from 18" to extreme 54" 
- 4 or 6 wheel conversions, 4x4, 6x4 or 6x6
- 6" to 12" body widening were common
- 3, 4, 6 door coachbuildings
- Most often the original 3.5 ltr Rover V8 were changed to American 5.7 ltr Chevrolet engine
- Raised roofline option                                                                                                                      Townley Desert Ranger with widened bodywork for royal arab client
- Multi air conditioning installation
- Full body length foldable sunroof options
- Special front end solutions
- Interior to any desire from the clients
- Etched window with monogram available
- Any thinkable options were available:
- Long range fuel tanks
- Water containers
- Refrigerators
- Video, TV, Hi-Fi radio/cassette systems
- Refreshment cabinet
- Telephone
- Outside the same variance of options were availble, 
  just check details on pictures

                                                                                                                                                         6 wheel Desert Ranger with lot of space and a throne at the rear


                                  Ultra long and ultra wide Townley Desert Ranger, special in every details               Another royal Desert Ranger with widened bodywork clearly seen

Townley - Range Rover conversions - Main conversion program 1981/82

Townley - 4 door with 10" chassis extension                                           £ 6,450.00

Re-styling of car to 4 door specification including electrically operated windows to all 4 doors.

Flared wing extensions, moulded and fixed to existing bodywork and full length running board,
including an extension of the chassis and bodywork by 10" to privide additional leg room and
comfort for the passengers

Townley - 4 door with 20" chassis extension                                           £ 6,950.00

Re-styling of the car to the same specification as for the 4 door conversion with 10" extension,
but including the extension of the chassis and body by approx. 20"

Townley - 4 door with 36" chassis extension                                           £ 7,500.00

Re-styling of the car to the same specification as for the 4 door conversion with 10" chassis
extension, but including the extension of the chassis and body by approx. 36"                                            Townley 4 door with 10" wheelbase extension and 6 wheels

Townley - 2 door with 36" chassis extension and 6 wheels                     £ 9,000.00

Re-styling of the car to 6 wheel specification by the addition of two extra wheels on a third
axle, including flared wing extensions, running boards and electrically operated windows and
the extesion of the body to the rear by approx 36"

Townley - 4 door with 10" chassis extension and 6 wheels                   £ 14,000.00

Similar to the '2 door with 36" chassis extesion and 6 wheels', but with 10" chassis
extension and 4 door installation.

Additional charge for 6 wheel drive (only necessary for special application)      £ 3,600.00                            Townley 6 wheel 4 door conversion, with special doorhandles

Townley - Convertible - 2 door - power operated                                    £ 7,550.00

The re-styling includes the fitting of a fully automaticpower operated hood complete with
inner cloth headlining in colours to choice, a central roll-over bar which may also be used
for ceremonial purposes, power operated front windows and rear quarters, flared wing
extensions and full length running boards to provide easier access to and from the vehicle

Townley - Convertible - 4 door - power operated                                  £ 10,450.00

As for 2 door Convertible, but with 4 doors

Townley - Basic conversion                                                                    £ 3,500.00

100" wheelbase 2 door hunting vehicle with fold-down windscreen and full vinyl tilt
                                                                                                                                                         1985 Townley Convertible with power hood and quad headlamps
In addition to bodywork conversion the clients had to choose among a long option list:

Front end styling:

'Sheer Rover' - H-front                                                                              £ 915.00

Re-syling of front and to 'Sheer Rover' 'H' specification. This conversion includes the 
fitment of a push bar mounted below the front bumper, and the changing of the
headlamps to quartz halogen units, including a new horizontal slatted style grille

Twin headlamp conversion for 'H' front                                                           £ 295.00

'Sheer Rover' - H/L-front                                                                         £ 1,665.00

Re-styling of the front end to 'Sheer Rover' 'H/L' specification. This re-styling includes a 
lift-up centre gate in the front of the grilleto allow the use of a winch and twin quartz
headlamp units recessed in new housings                                                                                                   Townley 4 door convertible conversion with power hood

Rectangular headlamps and new style grille                                           £ 825.00

Re-styling of the front end including the fitting of rectangular quartz headlamps and
a new style front grille.

'Sheer Rover' S-front                                                                                £ 775.00

Re-styling front end to 'Sheer Rover' 'S' specification incorporating rectangular quartz
halogen headlamps complete with housing and grille in black impact-resistant 
thermoplastic rubber. Re-styling includes aerodynamically styled front spoiler
incorporating provision for the fitting of rectangular quartz halogen driving lamps
or fog lamps

Sunshine roofs

Fabric sunshine roof, extra long, including wind deflector                                £ 595.00
with vinyl surround 

Electrically operated sunshine roof with vinyl finished panel                             £ 855.00
and vinyl surround

Electrically operated Moon-type sunshine roof with see-through                       £ 995.00
panel, with vinyl surround

Additional charge for supplying and fitting matching vinyl to                               £ 95.00
rear quarter panels when roof is finished in other than black
Vinyl roof in colour to clients choice, including rear quarters                            £ 275.00
where sunshine roof is not required

Vinyl roof only, in black                                                                                £ 180.00

Interior options

Re-trimming of the standard facia complete, including heater housing              £ 680.00
panel and steering coloumn cowl, finished in leather or suede, 
including the fitting of a seperate radio housing mounted centrally on
top of dashboard

Same re-trim option, but without radio pod                                                     £ 590.00

'Margrave' superluxury facia panel, complete with matching speedo-              £ 1,675.00
meter, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, ammeter and clock and
incorporating provision for radio fitting and also lockable box.
Finished in best Connolly leather or drylon

Or finished in polished walnut with leather surrounds                                    £ 1,825.00

Polished walnut door cappings and rear quarter cappings                                £ 125.00
Re-trimming of the existing interior throughout using selected                       £ 1,795.00
Connolly hides and/or draylon-type fabric including the re-trimming
of the front seats, the rear seat squab and cushion, the door panels
and rear quarters

Deep pile carpet throughout                                                                          £ 795.00

Deluxe groundproofing of interior                                                                    £ 190.00

Complete re-trim of the headlining, sun visors and side pillars down                  £ 350.00
to waist level in wool cloth or draylon

Occasional fold-down rear seat fitted to rear compartment opposite
spare wheel, finished in
A. Palomino                                                                                               £ 130.00
B. Leather/draylon                                                                                      £ 265.00

Centre armrest box with lift-up hinged lid for storage space suitable                  £ 95.00
for tapes, maps etc, mounted between front seats, finished in 
standard Range Rover palomino vinyl (2 door)

Other options:

Air-conditioning with high output refrigeration mounted indash                        £ 825.00 

Heavy duty radiator with 75% increase in coolant capacity and                      £ 495.00
60% increase effective coolant area
Automatic transmission                                                                           £ 3,200.00

Extra fuel tank 9.6 gallons                                                                          £ 395.00

All prices exclude Value Added Tax

Conversions for export:

Due to the variation of regulations from Country to Country it is the responsebility of the
clients to ensure that the conversion work satisfies local regulations

February 1982

Vantagefield of London

  1993 Vantagefield of London - Advertisement      1984 Vantagefield Regency
  1993 Vantagefield of London - Advertisement      1984 Vantagefield Regency
   Established in 1982 with conversions of Range Rover and other vehicles for the wealthy Middle East
and the Far East market.
   Whatever the client had of specifications, Vantagefield made them. Not two Vantagefield
conversions are exactly identical, but Vantagefield made some basismodels to work out from.
   Vantagefield of London still make conversions today. One of the reasons that Vantagefield still exist
is that they never owned their own bodyshops, but had vendors for the different conversions.
   During hard economic periodes they magaged to survive and today Vantagefield is a solid and well
respected vehicle conversion manufacturer.
Vantagefield Chamois
- 100 inches (2.540 mm) wheelbase
- Convertible conversion
- 2-door and 4-door models 
- Fully lined power-operated hood
- Individually styled interior
- Optional alloy wheels and all terrain tyres
- Optional rear mounted spare wheel
- Special paint
- 4.2 litre engine options
- Optional 10 inches boot extension
- Normal cost of convertible conversion £7.000 (1987)
                                                                                                                                                                                     Vantagefield Chamois (1993)

                                             Vantagefield Chamois 4 door (1983) with 10" optional boot extension                                        Vantagefield Chamois (1985)
Vantagefield Sceptre
- 100 inches (2.540 mm) wheelbase
- Full saloon conversion
- Individually styled interior with centre console
- Special grille and front bumper
- Rear mounted spare wheel
- Special coachpaint
- 4.2 litre engine options

                                                                                                                                                                                    Vantagefield Sceptre (1993)
Vantagefield Regency
- 100 inches (2.540 mm) wheelbase
- Full luxury interior
- Burr walnut two piece dash
- One piece tailgate
- 4.2 litre engine options
- Special paint with colour keyed plastics

                                                                                                                                                                Vantagefield Regency (1987) - with one piece tailgate
Vantagefield Hornet
- 100 inches (2.540 mm) wheelbase
- Alloy wheels and all terrain tyres
- Hunting spot lights
- Electro-hydraulic raised hunting seats
- Full length sunroof
- Individual rear a/c
- Luxury interior with burr walnut and leather trimmed console
- 4.2 litre stage 1 or 2 engine options 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Vantagefield Hornet (1985)
Vantagefield Trekker
- 100 inches (2.540 mm) wheelbase
- Truck cab conversion
- Alloy wheels with all terrain tyres
- Special heavy duty equipment to order
- Inward or outward facing rear seats
- Long range water tank

                                                                                                                                                                                 Vantagefield Trekker (1986)
Vantagefield Starlight
- 109 inches (2.769 mm) wheelbase 
- Convertible conversion 
- The extra length is seen on the rear doors 
- 4-door models 
- Power-operated hood 

                                                                                                                                                                                   Vantagefield Starlight (1993)
Vantagefield Rapier - 9" stretched
- 109 inches (2.769 mm) wheelbase 
- The extra length is seen on the rear quarter light windows on the rear doors 
- 4-door models 
- Seen here with the elevating hunting seats conversion 

                                                                                                                                                                             Vantagefield Rapier - 9" stretch (1993)
Vantagefield Rapier - 18" stretched
- 118 inches (2.997 mm) wheelbase 
- Individually styled luxury interior with
  optional TV/Video/Bar console
- Alloy wheels with all terrain tyres
- Special grille
- 4.2 litre engine options

                                                                                                                                                                            Vantagefield Rapier - 18" stretch (1987)
Vantagefield Westminister
- 118 inches (2.997 mm) wheelbase 
- 4-door estate conversion 
Vantagefield Traveller:
- 124 inches (3.150 mm) wheelbase 
- Ten seater estate conversion

                                                                                                                                                                               Vantagefield Westminister (1993)
Vantagefield Gazelle
- 135 inches (3.429 mm) wheelbase 
- 6-door conversions 

                                                                                                                                                                                Vantagefield Gazelle (1993)


                                                                                                                                                                                   Vantagefield Gazelle (1986)
Vantagefield Hunter
- 35 inch body length extension
- 6x4 or 6x6 drive configuration conversions
- 6 inch raised roof
- Special coachpaint
- Electric sunroof
- 'Hunter' - Stepped-roof estate conversions
- 'Falcons' - Open Landaulet conversions

                                                                                                                                                                                   Vantagefield Hunter (1993)


                                                                                                                                                                                   Vantagefield Hunter (1987)
Vantagefield - Fascia
- Beautifully conversion of fascias with high quality of hand craft 
- Exclusive use of exotic woods and high quality leathers 

                                                                                                                                                                                    Vantagefield - Fascia
Vantagefield - Interior
- Vantagefield have been their own leather supplier with best quality
- to the clients requirement Vantagefield is able to deliver 

                                                                                                                                                                                     Vantagefield - Interior

Wadham Stringer Ltd - ambulance conversion

  1977 Wadham Stringer
1977 RR Wadham Stringer  
Range Rover Wadham Stringer ambulance conversion
    The ambulance specialist Wadham Stringer Ltd of Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK was the first company to convert a Range Rover to the classic ambulance type, as they in 1971 used the preproduction YVB 158H (chassisnumber 35500010A) as a base for the coach building.
   First the frame was stretched with extra 10 inches and fitted with a two stretchers capability body. With wider body, long rear overhang and lifted roof line, the Range Rover ambulance where now with sufficient space to be used as an ambulance. The first conversion was finished in September 1971.
   The Wadham Stringer conversion got a Land-Rover approval and the production stayed from 1971 to the mid-1980's. Wadham Stringer Range Rover ambulances where sold both on the civilian market as well to the military customers.




Wood & Pickett Ltd

      Wood & Pickett
        Sheer Rover
     Wood & Pickett 
- From the Wood and Pickett brochure of 1983: 
A tradition of superb craftmanship dating back to 1947, the finest leathers and veneers, undoubted design flair and a very special range of cars built to suit individual requirements of the most discerning customer.
These are the qualities which have created an international reputation.
These are the qualities which make Wood and Pickett unique.
- Special cars for special people.
As a powerful four wheel drive vehicle, with a superb cross country performance, smart styling and 
comfort, the Range Rover represented an ideal car on which Wood and Pickett could exercise their 
renowned skills. 
Dedicated to maintaining an impeccably high standard, the team of highly skilled 
designers and craftsmen at Wood and Pickett have produced an astonishingly wide series of Range 
Rover adaptions. 
There are versions with longer wheelbases; a multi role design aimed specifically at the needs and           Wood & Pickett conversion from early 70's with A/C on the roof
special conditions of the Middle East and easily adapted for police or military use; a convertible
model with power operated seats for prestige and ceremonial purposes; models especially suited 
to hunting and even a version with six wheels. 
Each model required considerable development work and this, together with the Wood and Pickett 
marketing philosophy has resulted in the most extensive range of interior and exterior options 
available for any vehicle in the world today. 
Customers can select from a variety of luxurious interiors each of which incorporates the leatherwork
and woodwork for which Wood and Pickett are famous. The combination of a special interior package
together with one of the many external styling alternatives results in what can truly be called a unique
We have named these very special Range Rovers - the Sheer Rover series.
Remember; to all the prices below you must first add the cost of
the initial new, standard Range Rover 2- or 4-door to a price of:  £ 15,000.00 - £ 19,000.00 (1985)
All prices below (from 11/1985) are exclusive Value Added Tax 
                                                                                                                                                          Typical Wood & Pickett Sheer Rover version with special front
Widening of bodywork by 8" (20cm), additional cost:                                £ 14,573.00  (Nov 1985)
- Available on all extended chassis, except soft tops 
Wood & Pickett Aintree Multi-Role Sheer Rover                                          £ 9,695.00  (Nov 1985)   
Aintree standard features:
- Fold flat windscreen
- Removeable roof panel
- Rear vinyl tilt cover
- Removeable rear frame
- Storage boxes under rear bench seats
- Reinforced driver / passenger cab
- Front bumper capping
- Flared wheel arches
- Grab handles to side panels
- Contrasting centre paintwork
+ Many other options are also available on request
                                                                                                                                                                    Wood & Pickett Aintree Multi-Role Sheer Rover
                                              Aintree could be used for hunting, reviewing, personnel transport              Shown is the foldable front windscreen and the hood is removed
Wood & Pickett Ascot Sheer Rover                                                               £ 9,235.00  (Nov 1985)
Based on the 4-door manual or automatic Range Rover 
Ascot standard features:
- 18" / 45,7 cm extended wheelbase
- 4" / 10 cm raised roof line
- Many optional exterior and interior features:
    - Long range petrol tank
    - Water tanks
    - Maximum load capacity
                                                                                                                                                                            Wood & Pickett Ascot Sheer Rover
Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover - 2 door                    £ 9,975.00  (Nov 1985)
Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover - 4 door                  £ 10,825.00  (Nov 1985)
Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover - 118" 4 door          £ 14,295.00  (Nov 1985)
Restyling of body available in two or four door models
Goodwood standard features:
- Full power operated hood finished in mohair
- 10" / 25,4 cm body extension to rear of vehicle
- Power operated windows and quarter window
- Wheel arches and running boards, lockable boot, box style coachlines
- Roll-over bar with braided grab handles and interior light
                                                                                                                                                           Wood & Pickett Goodwood 2-door Convertible Sheer Rover
                                                             Beautiful interior of the 2-door W&P Goodwood Convertible          Wood & Pickett Goodwood 4-door Convertible Sheer Rover
Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover                                             £ 19,545.00  (Nov 1985)
- Optional extra: 6 wheel drive                                                                  £  3,435.00  (Nov 1985)
- Optional extra: 8" (20cm) bodywork widening                                        £ 14,573.00  (Nov 1985)
Based on the 4-door Range Rover and previously on the 2-door model 
Cheltenham 6 standard features:
- 18" / 45,7 cm wheelbase extension for additional leg room and comfort to rear compartment
- Addition of 2 extra wheels on a trailing axle
- Flared wheel arches
- Running boards
- Extension of the rear bodywork
- Extra load capacity
- The roof panel and rear quarters are all finished in colour of choices
- The full range of special interior and exterior options are available to special order
                                                                                                                                                                      Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover
                                                               One of the luxurious Wood & Pickett interior options              Earlier version of the Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover
Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon Sheer Rover                                         £ 4,889.00  (Nov 1985)
This vehicle provides the ultimate flexibility for the Falcon enthusiast.
Newbury Falcon incorporates the following design:
- Easily removeable vinyl top and hood sticks
- Padded outer roof frame
- Two fixed hunting seats as extra to rear of standard bench seat
- Fixed hunting seat to rear of driver/passenger seat
- Both extra seats incorporate armrests, safety belts and falcon perches
- Both seats may be removed when not required so that the car can be adapted for normal use
- Specification also includes additional petrol capacity of 34 litres for extended range
- Options include: 5.7 litre Chevrolet engine with additional price on application
                          Bonnet catches and bonnet louvres
                                                                                                                                                                   Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon Sheer Rover
                                                                                                 Falcon perches shown at the rear             Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon with the 5.7 litres engine 
Wood & Pickett Newmarket Hunter Sheer Rover                                         £ 7,295.00  (Nov 1985)
An ideal all round vehicle
Newmarket Hunter featuring following standard:
- Front cab with built in roll-over bars and also lift-out glass roof
- Partition with sliding glass division and storage of spare wheel behind front seats
- Two full length bench seats in place of original seats in rear
- Side opening rear tailgate and fold down rear access step
- Raised roof line behind cab to provide additional headroom
- Removeable tilt cover and hood sticks
- Flared wheelarches in body colour and running boards
- Front pillar mounted spot lamps
- Repositioned fuel filler cap
- Long range petrol tank and separate water tank                                                                                                Wood & Pickett Newmarket Hunter Sheer Rover
- Alloy wheels and choice of All Terrain or Sand tyres
- Plus other options to special order
                                                                                   Raised canvas for better headroom                 Rear step, side mounted door, tank filler cap on Newmarket Hunter
Wood & Pickett Warwick Sheer Rover  -  9" extension                                 £ 4,299.00  (Nov 1985)
Restyling of 4 door Range Rover to include 9 inches longer wheelbase and bodywork  to provide additional leg room and extra comfort to rear compartment
Warwick main features:
- 9" / 22.8 cm wheelbase extension
- 4 door conversion with box style coachlining
- Vinyl roof and rear quarters in colour to match bodywork
- Options as television, video and coctail cabinet
- Wheelarch flares and running boards
- Wide options of:
    - Front ends
    - Interior trim
    - Exterior options
                                                                                                                                                        Wood & Pickett Warwick shown with Sheer Rover 'S' front end
Wood & Pickett Epsom Sheer Rover  -   18" extension                                  £ 6,785.00  (Nov 1985)
Restyling of 4 door Range Rover to include 18" extended wheelbase and bodywork to provide 
additional leg room  and even greater comfort to rear compartment
Epsom main features:
- 18" / 45.7 cm wheelbase extension for extra long leg room
- Vinyl roof and rear quarters in colour to choice
- Great space for television, video and coctail cabinet
- Even possible to have a third bench for more passenger capacity
- Shown with Sheer Rover 'H' front end:                                                                 £ 725.00  (Nov 1985)
    - Sheer Rover 'H' front was introduced in 1976
    - Fully horizontal slatted style grille
    - Manufactured in aluminium and finished in black or in colours to match exterior                                       Wood & Pickett Epsom with slatted Sheer Rover 'H' grille
- Wide range of options both interior, exterior and front ends

Wood & Pickett - 4 door conversion with 36" extension

Early extended Wood & Pickett 4 door Range Rover conversion
136" extended wheelbase
4 door conversion with use of shortened doors from 2 door Range Rover
Similar doorlocks and doorpulls as 2 door 
3 rows of seats for 8 passengers, plus 4 occational seats at rear
Vinyl roof with option of full length foldable sunroof
Optional with special W&P interior and facia
Optional air conditioning installation

                                                                                                                                                           Super long 36" extended 4 door Wood & Pickett conversion
Wood & Pickett Windsor Sheer Rover  -  36" extension                               £ 9,015.00  (Nov 1985)
The longest wheelbase conversion made by Wood & Pickett for more royal customers
Windsor main features:
- 36" / 91.5 cm wheelbase extension, with a total length of 212" / 537 cm
- Could be used on both 2- or 4-door models
- Mock Rolls-Royce grille
- Dummy hood irons
- Extra bench at the rear to provide eight seater capacity
- Very similar to Rapport Excelsior 
- A large variety of exterior and interior options
                                                                                                                                                     Wood & Pickett Windsor with 36" extended wheelbase and 8 seats
Wood & Pickett - 4 door Landaulet extended wheelbase
Special W&P conversion from late 70's 
Extended wheelbase for better proporsions and more legroom for rear passengers
4 door conversion with door pulls based on 2 door type version
Open landaulet with manually foldable/removeable hood
Turbo converted Rover V8 engine with at least 200 bhp
'Margrave' luxury W&P facia covered in dralon fabric
In-dash air conditioning installed
Recaro electric adjustable hi-comfort sports seats at front
Blaupunkt Berlin super grade hi-fi music equipment
Burl walnut W&P door cappings, similar as the Range Rover In Vogue were delivered with
Wide wheel/tyre solution with wheel-arches and running-boards
Bull-/Camelbar at front end                                                                                                                  Wood & Pickett Open Landaulet 4 door Range Rover conversion                         


                                        Even with the hood closed this W&P conversion have nice proporsions            'Margrave' luxury W&P facia with A/C, normally seen with walnut

Wood & Pickett - Sheer Line 6 door                                                             £ 8,750.00  (Nov 1985)

Restyling of 4 door Range Rover to include extension of wheelbase to 132".
Extension of main bodywork and all components to provide 6 door feature including
additional bench seat behind existing front seats, thereby providing capacity for 8 adults.
Specification includes:
- Box style coachline
- Wheelarch extensions painted in colour to match bodywork
- Running boards to provide easier access to the rear

                                                                                                                                                       Wood & Pickett Sheer Line 6 door limousine at Brummen in 2007 

In addition to bodywork conversions with standard packages mentioned above, the clients
could choose from the option list below to personalize his very special W&P Range Rover:
- All prices are from Nov. 1985 and exclusive VAT

Exterior options:

- Complete respray of vehicle throughout to coachbuilders finish in any colour to 
  customer's choice in conjunction with conversion                                                           £ 1,905.00

- Additional charge for two-tove finish                                                                                 £ 407.00
- Lower half respray                                                                                                          £ 530.00

- Coachbuilders fineline in colour to choice
  Single line each side                                                                                                        £ 81.00
  Two lines each side or box design                                                                                   £ 141.00

- Special additional lining, personalised initials or crest added to special order               On Quotation

- Flared wing extensions, secured to body and painted to match existing body colour
  2 door                                                                                                                           £ 255.00
  4 door                                                                                                                           £ 338.00

- Flared wing extensions, secured and moulded to bodywork. This item applies only when
  cars is being completely resprayed or has lower half respray
  2 door                                                                                                                           £ 417.00
  4 door                                                                                                                           £ 496.00

- Special Wood & Pickett full length running boards secured to both sides of car with
  matt aluminium finish
  2 door                                                                                                                           £ 304.00
  4 door                                                                                                                           £ 304.00

- Restyling of the front end by the addition of extra lamps to form twin headlamp unit             £ 407.00

- Restyling of front end to 'Sheer Line' "H" specification                                                    £ 725.00
  including a new horizontal slatted style grille

- Additional charge to 'Sheer Line' "H", if push bar required to be moulded below
  front bumper                                                                                                                    £ 92.00

- Twin headlamp conversion behind "H" grille                                                                      £ 407.00

- Restyling of front end to 'Sheer Line' "H/L" specification                                               £ 2,045.00
  This restyling includes a lift-up centre gate in the front of the grille to allow the
  use of a winch and twin quartz headlamp units recessed in new housings.

- Restyled front end to 'Sheer Line' "S" specification                                                         £ 890.00
  incorporating rectangular quartz halogen headlamps complete with housing and
  grille in black impact-resistant thermoplastic rubber. 
  Restyling includes earodynamically styled front spoiler incorporating provision for
  the fitting of rectangular quartz halogen driving or fog lamps.

- To restyling front end to 'Sheer Line' "O" specification                                                     £ 463.00
  including incorporating rectangular headlamp units and new "O" style grille.
  Specification includes the finishing of the grille in gloss black or in any colour
  to customer's choice to contrast or tone with the original body colour.

- 'Range Rover' taping of lower panels in Black, Gold or Silver
  4 door cars                                                                                                                    £ 128.00

Interior options:

- Retrimming of the standard facia complete, including heater housing panel                   £ 795.00
  and steering coloumn cowl, finished in leather or suede, including the fitting of a
  separate radio housing mounted centrally on top of dashboard.

- 'Margrave' superluxury facia panel, complete with matching speedometer,                      £ 1,951.00 
  tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, ammeter
  and clock and incorporating provision for radio fitting and also lockable glove box.
  Finished in either best quality Connolly leather, draylon or polished walnut with
  leather surround.

- 'Sheer Line' luxury facia finished in polished burr walnut incorporating original               £ 1,564.00
  instrumentation and 52 mm tachometer and vacuum gauge, complete with cubby
  box, provision for housing radio/cassette player with surround finished in leather/
  dralon to match interior

- Polished burr walnut door and rear quarter cappings
  2 door                                                                                                                            £ 124.00
  4 door                                                                                                                            £ 251.00
- Retrimming of the existing interior throughout using leather and/or dralon type fabric.          £ 2,404.00
  Including the retrimming of the front seats, the rear seat squab and cushion, 
  the door panels, side panels, rear quarters and headrestraints.
  Additional cost when fitted on Vogue EFI models                                                                £ 350.00

- Retrimming as above, but using:
  Recaro LS seat trimmed to match. Extra cost per pair                                                       £ 932.00
  Recaro Orthopaedic or 'C' type electric seats                                                               £ 1,822.00
  including inflatable lumbar support pads, seat heating and electrically
  operated reclining backrest trimmed to match. Extra cost per pair

- For two door models only, additional charge for inertia reel safety belt anchored                     £ 100.00
  to reinforced 'B' post, when fitting Recaro seating. Per pair.

- Recaro stereophonic headrestraints with built-in speakers trimmed to match. Pair.                 £ 278.00

Carpeting options:

- Carpeting the passenger area of the car in deep pile nylon or Wilton-type carpet.                   £ 588.00

- Carpeting the luggage area including the spare wheel cover and tool flap in deep                    £ 549.00
  pile nylon or Wilton-type carpet 

- Carpeting of luggage area in B.L. standard matching carpet                                                  £ 232.00

- Deluxe soundproofing of interior including under bonnet                                                        £ 183.00

- Fitted rubber overmats bound in leather for all footwells and luggage area                               £ 169.00

Interior Accessories:

- Complete retrim of the headlining, sun visors and side pillars down to waist                           £ 468.00
  level in wool cloth or dralon, vanity mirror to passenger sun visor

- Tonneau cover for luggage area, foldaway when not in use, finished in vinyl                            £ 123.00
  to match interior

- Occasional fold-down rear seat fitted to rear compartment opposite spare wheel
  finished in either
  Palomino                                                                                                                         £ 146.00
  Leather/Draylon                                                                                                                £ 347.00

- Door map pockets with provision for incorporating ashtray and speakers when
  required, finished in colour to match standard Palomino trim.
  2 door cars, pair                                                                                                                 £ 93.00
  4 door cars, 4 pieces                                                                                                        £ 101.00

- Door map pockets finished in leather/carpet to match interior including fitting
  ashtray and cutting-in speakers.
  2 door cars, pair                                                                                                               £ 259.00
  4 door cars, 4 pieces                                                                                                        £ 363.00

- Ashtrays to both rear side panels for rear seat passengers                                                    £ 93.00

- Centre armrest box with padded lid with large capacity for storage of tapes, maps etc.             £ 98.00
  Mounted between front seats and finished in standard Range Rover palomino vinyl.
  Extra charge for finish in Leather/Draylon                                                                            £ 166.00
  Extra charge for lock                                                                                                          £ 50.00
  Extra charge for ashtray to rear face                                                                                    £ 45.00

- Supply and fit low profile cubby box with lock
  In Palomino                                                                                                                        £ 86.00
  Extra charge for finish in Leather/Draylon                                                                             £ 230.00

- Electric hunting seat to front passenger side                                                                      £ 1,951.00

- Electric hunting seat for rear passenger bench                                                                   £ 2,249.00

- Rear seat centre folding armrest in standard colour                                                               £ 198.00
  Additional cost when retrim called for                                                                                     £ 75.00

- Rear seat headrestraints in Recaro Tan, Mesh or Solid
  Two                                                                                                                                   £ 196.00
  Three                                                                                                                                 £ 279.00

- Air purifier unit                                                                                                                      £ 90.00

- 4 spoke 15" steering wheel finished in Black leather or polished wood                                       £ 90.00

- 3 spoke 14" or 15" steering wheel finished in Black leather or in colour to match interior             £ 90.00

- Retrim of existing steering wheel in leather                                                                             £ 95.00

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