A. E. Smith & Son Ltd - UK

A. E. Smith & Son Ltd, Kettering, UK 

Well-known coachbuilder in UK; A. E. Smith & Son Ltd started early with Range Rover conversions 

in the beginning of 70's and the company still exist today.

4 door - 36 inch wheelbase extension
A E Smith Ltd was a pioneer among the coachbuilders with a ultralong 91.4 centimeter wheelbase extension with the Range Rover. The 36 inch extra length gave space to use a converted door from the standard 2 door Range  Rover and allowed to use the sliding glass without any alteration of the original window sliding channels. The B/C post is much wider than original; both to give better sturdiness and allow easier fit for the arrangement of the 4 door conversion. The gain in such a conversion solution is that the whole glass on the front door and the rear door can be winded fully down.
The extra space between front chairs and rear seats allows installation of foldable occasional seats.

Other known A E Smith conversions:

Convertible conversion - 2 door - 110 inch wheelbase
- Beautiful manually operated hood arangement
- Extended rear wings and use of standard door length

4 door conversion - standard 100 inch wheelbase                                                                          Very harmonius ultra long 36 inch extension made from A E Smith
- Prior to Land Rover's own production of 4 door Range Rover versions, A E Smith made 4 door
  conversions of the standard 2 door.
- A E Smith was a coachbuilder vendor for the Wood & Pickett-sold 4 door conversions, which 
  finished the vehicles to their customers very special specifications.  

Hunting conversion - 136 inch wheelbase
- Convertible conversion with elevating seats and soft hood

Commercial conversions - for professional customers
- A E Smith made different commercial conversions for more professional use; like rising the roof to
  different heights and other solutions, so the Range Rover suited their needs.
  Typical customers were television companies, etc.