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            1987 Auto Kugel GmbH                         Auto Kugel GmbH logo from 1987                                    Ultra long 3 axle and high performance 245hp conversions

Auto Kugel GmbH in Konz, near Trier, in Germany did conversions on the Range Rover in the 80's
and 90's. A long list bodywork conversions; like wheelbase extensions, 3 axles and convertibles
were offered to their customers.

In addition; a comprehensive option list made Auto Kugel GmbH able to deliver tailor-made conversions
of the Range Rover to their clients requirements and size of wallet. One speciality was to deliver a
potent 245hp Mercedes V8 5.0 ltr, often combined with Schuler transmission and transfer solution.

The long 3 axle extended Range Rover conversion was TÜV-approved in Germany. 

Most of the customers were from Europe and the Middle East. One example is an order from Saudi Arabia of 3 convertibles in a set. The order was planned and delivered via Auto Kugel. The conversion 
of the Range Rover to convertible was delivered from the german converter Con-Moda. Finishing with right engine, transmission and interior was done by Auto Kugel.
A special; Thank you!, to Peter Kugel for sharing information from his company Auto Kugel GmbH
                                                                                                                                                       From Auto Kugel in Germany you could in the 80's and 90's, buy
From Auto Kugel GmbH's brochure:                                                                                                                                                   high performance and top spec Range Rover conversions
This catalog provides an overview of our capabilities, to make the luxurious Range Rover more noble,
beautiful and powerful. Whether you own a Range Rover or you order a new car from us, our well
developed products is structured so that each accessory independently can be installed.

A special section of this catalog includes accessories that you can install on the Range Rover, by yourself or your garage, without special tools.

The full convertible feeling for your Range Rover: 1.66 m x 1.20 m outdoor experience!
We are the exclusive importer for SUNSEEKER folding sliding roofs for the continent.
The electric sunroof is in a matter of seconds by pressing a button or fully closed position, hardly a convertible offers this convenience!
The padded inner lining of SUNSEEKER folding sunroof is covered with the same fabric as the original roof lining of the Range Rover.

Of course, the remaining original roof of the Range Rover is further enhanced. The front of the roof incorporated small spoiler reliably prevent driver and passenger any wind draft. In the fully open state, the Sunseekers folding sunroof easily tolerate higher maximum speed, closed it is free of                      Tasteful wulnut dashboard with VDO's & telephone computer in '87
inherent noise and wash-proof. TÜV approval and 12 months full warranty are natural for us! Also 
subsequently, the roof is easy to install in any Range Rover - regardless of model year.

Electric WEBASTO steel sunroof with mechanism of clever design, as a complete second roof panel made ​​of fiberglass reinforced polyester in vinyl structure, the roof is easily in care, scratch and impact resistant. The roof inner lining is not different from the original reference.


RR 01
Dashboard, VDO instruments 100 mm and 60 mm diameter, (tachometer, speedometer, trip counter, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, fuel gauge), in Connolly leather and furnished with wood in walnut natural. Available with cut-out for the telephone display.
RR 02
as before, walnut reddish related to all parts of the dashboard and with Connolly leather.
RR 03
All parts of the instrument panel with Connolly leather.
                                                                                                                                                         Sheer-front from W&P, Sunseeker folding sun roof & 3 axles
RR 04
Radio surrounding (from '86 model), gear lever / sleeve and center console with Connolly leather.

RR 05
Sun visors with Connolly leather.

RR 06
As above, with right sun visor lighted makeup mirror system (Mercedes).

RR 07
Connolly leather head lining and related parts (without sunroof).

RR 08
As above, in connection with sliding sun roof.

RR 09
Stiles (A, B, and C posts) covered with Connolly leather.
                                                                                                                                                       190 cm length behind rear seat in this ultra long Kugel conversion
RR 10
Rear deck, spare tire cover and D-pillar trim with Connolly leather and a matching carpet.

RR 11
Seating featured in Connolly leather (optional piping in contrasting color).

RR 12
Heated front seats.

RR 13
Electric seat-adjustment of front seats (from Mercedes S-Class).

RR 14                                                                                                                                                 With 23 cm extra wheelbase; a royal space in the rear seats
As above, with memory function.

RR 15
Connolly leather door panels (optional piping in contrasting color).

RR 16
All plastic parts (seat facings consoles, steering column trim, air vents, etc.) painted to match the Connolly leather.

RR 17
Moto Lita leather steering wheel, black.

RR 18
Moto Lita Connolly leather light gray.

RR 19                                                                                                                                               Kugel Range Rover convertible with white Connolly leather interior
Moto Lita Connolly leather to match interior.

RR 20
Door wood capping walnut, nature.

RR 21
Door wood capping walnut, reddish.

RR 22
Radio compartment, gear lever and switch panel customized new aluminum veneer with natural root walnut, glove box lid massive wood walnut natural root.

RR 23
As above, painted reddish.

RR 24                                                                                                                                               With a more simple canvas top, you could drive 'open air' RR88
Customized new center console, padded with integrated Fischer cassette box, covered in 
Connolly leather, box lid as armrest.

RR 25
As above, box lid with built in mobile phone (B-and C-Net).

RR 26
Air conditioning vents customized new. Combination walnut / Connolly leather

RR 27
Carpet made ​​of high quality velour, color of your choice, on demand with contrasting borders.

RR 28
Luggage compartment lining according to RR27.

RR 29                                                                                                                                               Auto Kugel offered 3 versions of Range Rover convertibles; full
Webasto or Eberspächer coolant-water heater with digital start-clock
                                                     length electric hood, 3/4 length manual (above) and canvas top
RR 30
Telephone installation including antenna and client account at a post-area in Trier, Germany

RR 31
C-network telephone system

RR 32
Customized, new center console with integrated TV color-monitor, in Connolly leather trim.
Front loading video recorder on the storage in the front passenger leg room (vehicles without air conditioning).

RR 33
As above, Video Recorder in the right side panel of the luggage compartment, to be served from the back seat.

RR 34                                                                                                                                              4 lights 'Kugel' front, wheel arches, wide wheels and special colour
Center console cool box upholstered in Connolly leather with walnut inlay. Also included is a cassette
holder for 6 cassettes.

RR 35
Rear side windows (2) covered with tinted film (ABG)

RR 36
Electric tailgate lock (connected to the central door)

RR 37
Electrical steel slide / tilt sunroof (Webasto)

RR 38
Electric glass slide / tilt sunroof with sunshade (Webasto)

RR 39
SUNSEEKER electrically folding sunroof 166 x 120 cm
RR 40
Webasto glass tilt roof
RR 41
110 ltr extra fuel tank
                                                                                                                                                       Here we have a Range Rover completely repainted in Mercedes 
RR 42                                                                                                                                              blue-black metallic color. The interior including the roof lining was 
Extra fuel tank, tailor made                                                                                                                finished in white Connolly leather. The Webasto sunroof is made 
                                                                                                                                                       with glass cover (of course with sun visor). 
RR 43                                                                                                                                             The center console has been made ​​new, including telephone and 
25 I extra fuel tank (mounted in the right rear fender, filled with original fuel filler neck)                            a Fischer cassette. Black velour carpet.

RR 44
Twin headlamp grille including the headlight switch in the spoiler against fog

RR 45
Automatic transmission oil cooler (required for automatic vehicles in connection with twin headlight grill)

RR 46
Sheer Front

RR 47
Set of wide tires 235/75 R 15 to 7 x 15 CW alloy wheels, 4-fold

RR 48
As above, 5-fold

RR 49
Wide tire kit 275/60 ​​R 15 to 9 x 15 CW rims, color-keyed and primed wing widenings, 4-fold.

RR 50
As above, 5-fold                                                                                                                                  Grey Vogue Connolly leather, red walnut 'Kugel' interior, with AC

RR 51
Wide Tire Kit 9,50 R 15 to 7 x 15 CW rims, body-color painted and bolted fender flares, 4-fold.

RR 52
As above, 5-fold

RR 53
Wide Tire Kit 275/60 ​​R15 at 7 x 15 CW alloy wheels, body-color painted and bolted wing widenings, 

RR 54
As above, 5-fold

RR 55
Wide Tire Kit 9,50 R16 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted on original wheels, 4-fold

RR 56
As above, 5-fold

RR 57
Primed fender flares, vehicle partially painted in conjunction with RR 50 and RR 53

RR 58
Vehicle completely repainted inside and out, color (we dismantle all the doors, hood, front windshield      Above is seen a 110 ltr additional fuel tank (RR41) installed on the
wind plate, tailgate), including a thorough cavity sealing.                                                                      truck bed. Overall the fuel tank i 13 cm high and the fuel filling is
                                                                                                                                                       arranged in the upper D-post. Both the standard and the additional
RR 59                                                                                                                                              fuel tank is filled simultaneously. The tank have sufficient baffles,
RS-black bull bar                                                                                                                              so any noise or slosh is avoided. 
                                                                                                                                                       Auto Kugel also offered a tailored fuel tank (RR42) with increase
RR 60                                                                                                                                              of capacity of 10 ltr pr 1 cm height.
RS-polished stainless steel bull bar                                                                                                    A 25 ltr additional tank(RR43) could be installed in right wheel well

RR 61
Sports suspension
4 new springs, front 4 cm deeper, 30% higher spring rate (from Eibach are manufactured specifically 
for Auto Kugel), 4 SPAX gas pressure dampers (adjustable from the outside harder or softer), 
stabilizer at rear.

RR 62
Sport suspension as above, but with 6 SPAX gas-pressure shocks of which 4 are on the rear axle 
(absolutely no up-swing tilt of the vehicle in fast S-shaped curves). Very good comfort. 
According to our customers the best suspension that are available for the Range Rover.

                                                                                                                                                       Sport suspension with up to 6 SPAX adjustable shock absorbers

RR 63
Racing brake discs diameter 302 mm, internally ventilated

RR 64
VDO cruise control

RR 65
Cargo space protection guard

RR 66
Roof rack, in black or chrome (like Mercedes station wagon)

RR 67
Roller blind for rear compartment

RR 68
Electric antenna

RR 69
Roof antenna (such as Golf GTI/16)

RR 70
Westfalia trailer hitch ball (2,500 kg towing capacity, with the option of approval 2800 kg)

RR 71
Quick change system for optional use of ball hitch and Rockinger jaw coupling including                                Racing brakes (RR63) with 302 mm vented brake discs
both couplings.

RR 72
Extending the wheelbase by 23 cm in the rear doors.
Royal space in the rear.

RR 73
3-axle vehicle extended version 90 cm, 3. axle as a trailing axle without drive. The 90 cm come 
fully to the back of vehicle(190 cm total without down-folded rear seats). 
Indoor facilities based on the series Vogue equipment. Vinyl roof cover as standard.

RR 74
As above, but with mechanically switchable drive for 3rd axle.
                                                                                                                                                        The 23 cm wheelbase extension (RR72) gave much more space
RR 75                                                                                                                                               for the rear passengers
DEVIL-CANAM high-performance exhaust system. This plant, which generates about 10% more 
performance through careful tuning and 70 mm tube diameter will successfully work excellent.
Used in the Paris-Dakar Rally (2nd place overall '87)

RR 76
400 HE engine, based on the stock engine, new larger liners and pistons results in a total 
capacity of 4000 cm3. 
By moderately raised compression ratio (9.5:1) and a camshaft with revised valve timing and 
larger valve, the power increases on this carburettor engine to about 170 hp. 
The torque is 31% higher at 2000 rpm, at 3000 rpm 37% higher than the standard engine.
Top speed is around 175 kmh (5-speed)
0-100 kmh = 12 sec
0-145 kmh = 33 sec
12 month warranty with unlimited mileage.

RR 77
As above, but with tuned Fuel Injection, approx 190 hp  
Top speed is around 180 kmh (5-speed)
0-100 kmh = 10.5 seconds 
0-145 kmh = 27.0 seconds 
12 month warranty with no mileage limitation

RR 78
430 HE engine, based on series engine block.
Larger piston diameter and a forged molybdenum steel crankshaft with longer stroke have resulted          Rover V8 in 400 HE and 430 HE versions, up to 256 horsepowers
in a displacement capacity of 4,290 cc.
Power: 237 hp DIN at 5250 rpm.
Torque 278 Nm at 3.750 rpm,
Top speed close to 200 kmh.
0-100 km 9.5 sec. (5-Gang)
12 month warranty with unlimited mileage.

RR 79
430 HE engine as, camshaft with 'sharper' timing, slightly less torque in the lower speed range, 
for more power ,up and out '!
Power 256 hp at 5,500 rpm
Torque 285 Nm at 4000 rpm,
Top speed above 200 kmh
0-100 km 9.0 sec. (5-speed)
12 month warranty with unlimited mileage.

                                                                                                                                                          The power curves compared to the standard Range Rover V8
RR 80
570T engine
The T stands for 'Torque', what is behind this name. The compact, relatively light GM V8 5.7 Itr 
(only 70 kg heavier than the 3.5-liter Range Rover engine) is known for its powerful torque. 
We use the model that was installed in the '82 Corvette with 210 DIN hp. 
Together with the proven GM 400 Automatic (also installed in the Rolls Royce and Ferrari 400) 
and the specially made for this combination Voith two-speed transmission gear with Ferguson 
viscous slip differential and a torque distribution of 37/63% front / rear axle delivers this power 
package an excellent results with 100% reliability and a minimum of maintenance.
Consumption: 22-25 l 100/km 
Top speed 195 kmh
0-100 kmh = 11.0 sec
0-145 kmh = 24.8 sec

Conversion details to 570 T:
45% larger radiator, 162 fan, oil cooler with thermostat, 780 cfm Holley carburettor 4-port with 
Permatorque intake manifold, electric choke, high-performance exhaust system (70 mm diameter),         570T supplied from Schuler/Overfinch is a tuned V8 5.7 ltr 210hp
15% stiffer front springs.                                                                                                                    Chevrolet Corvette engine, in combination with GM 400 automatic
12 month warranty with no mileage limitation.                                                                                      and Schuler-Voith viscous 37/63% front/rear power supply, for
                                                                                                                                                       the ultimate driveability of a Range Rover Classic (RR80)
RR 81
Mercedes 5.0 V8, 245 hp
New motor, including DB-4-speed automatic, Voith two-speed transmission gear with Ferguson 
viscous slip differential and a torque distribution of 37/63% to front / rear axle.
Top speed 200 kmh
0-100 kmh under 10 seconds
12 month warranty with unlimited mileage.

Conversion details: frame improvement, header exhaust manifolds, high-performance exhaust system
(70 mm diameter), oil cooler, sport suspension.

RR 82                                                                                                                                              'The Non Plus Ultra' combination of Mercedes V8 5.0 ltr, 245hp 
Front winch Ramsey REP 8000 R (mounted between the front frame heads, hidden behind the bumper)   with DB-4 automatic gearbox and Schuler-Voith 37/67% viscous
capacity 3,200 kg, with galvanized roller fairlead                                                                                  Ferguson 2 speed limited slip transfer case. (RR81)
                                                                                                                                                       An extremely powerful and rare powerplant seen in Range Rover
RR 83                                                                                                                                              conversions during the 70's, 80's and 90's. Impressive!
Electric winch mounted on the trailer hitch, pulling 1,800 kg, winch length 14 cm (suitable for pulling 
of load on a trailer)

RR 84
Alloy running boards

RR 85
Convertible conversion
Fully convertible, door window without frame, electrically operated. Hood either mechanical or electrical 

RR 86
Air conditioning, post installation

RR 87
Undercoating and Waxoyl cavity sealing

RR 88                                                                                                                                                Several convertible conversions were offered from Auto Kugel
Canvas top, simple and inexpensive way to drive a 2-door Range Rover open.