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Range Rover 'Vorausrüstwagen' - Advanced Rescue Vehicles - Germany

     Range Rover - Vorausrüstwagen
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From the Brinck brochure:
Range Rover - proven in countless adventures

Range Rover has proven its efficiency in more than during adventurous challenges. Most recently at   the Camel's Trohpy '83 - 1000 miles deepest Africa and '84 - 1000 miles in wild America.

You will understand why: Who can withstand roadless terrain with difficult obstacles and overcome
the adventure jungle trails, then the local conditions are not a problem.

The Range Rover with its 93 kW/126 hp 3.5-liter V8 engine with all-wheel drive is a guarantee.

It's just fun to drive the Range Rover - not because of the seriousness in your daily work, but to provide first, quick help.

But even when it's good to know that you can rely on a vehicle that will take you anywhere, to enable first aid fast.

Its concept according to the Range Rover is equipped with the devices:

Option 1: A technical rescue kit that is mounted on a sliding, easily removable and telescopic loading
platform.                                                                                                                                            A Rettungswagen from Stadt Tüttlingen at RRC 40 Anniversary

Option 2: With the exception of unimpeded development, heavy equipment that are in optimal 
working height mounted on the loading platform at hand.
Option 3: With a power take-off on permanently installed generators with 5kVA. Its remote control box is provided with sockets for easy common AC (2x) and phase (1x). In addition, a rack for the telescopic pole is installed.

Option 4: For the first fire fighting operation with a powerful HALON, LIGHTWATER or POWDER-extinguishing system, which is housed within easy reach in the rear of the Range Rover.

Option 5: With the help HURST performance kit, spreader SP 45 or SP 30, Cutter S150 including accessories according to DIN 14751 Part 1 +2.

Option 6: with sufficient light in the dark in order to work and help you. This helps a STEM-LITE telescopic pole for STD applicances, command and advance equipment vehicle, armored personnel carriers, equipped with halogen lamps 220V/2.000 wattage. , Create an all-beam up to 60 m in diameter. The mounting height is 4.60 m. Optionally, a rotating beacon becoming incorporated.                                                                                                                          



Range Rover advanced rescue vehicle - a real partner for first aid fast.

Engine: 8 cylinder light-alloy V-8
Displacement: 3,470 cc
Power: 93kW/126 hp at 4,000 r / min
Max torque: 268 Nm (26.3 kgm) at 2400 r / min
AC alternator: 65 A
Fuel tank capacity: 81.5 litre

Transmission: Permanent four-wheel drive, differential intermediate gear, mechanically locked
                     5-speed manual transmission (fully synchronized).

Dimensions and weights:
Length:                   4,470 mm
Width:                    1,780 mm
Height:                   1,800 mm
Wheelbase:             2,540 mm
rear opening height:    890 mm
width:                     1,300 mm
Turning circle:         11,27 m

Box frame with 5 crossbars
Front axle: solid axle with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, 2 trailing arm, 1 Panhard rod
Rear axle: solid axle with coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers, 2 trailing arms, 1-arm, 
                Boge-level regulators
Dual-circuit power brake system, front disc brake and rear 
Tires: Michelin 205 R 16 M & S
Aluminum body panels