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1982 Carbodies of Coventry Unitruck
        1982 Carbodies Unitruck
Carbodies Unitruck - Range Rover
From the Carbodies Unitruck brochure
For the best of both worlds!
For work or play, Unitruck really takes some beating! Few vehicles can claim to be so versatile.
Whether you are a working farmer, a weekend sailor, and intrepid mountaineer or a hunting, shooting and fishing enthusiast, Unitruck will meet your needs.
A wide range of options will make your Unitruck tailor-made to your precise requirements. Air conditioning, towing equipment, low ground pressure tyres, powerful winch and suspension options makes Unitruck equally at home driving across country or down the M1.
For civil engineering, oil exploration or forestry, Unitruck is the ideal vehicle for survey crews who have work in difficult terrains. The crew cab offers greater comfort than most vehicles on the market and dirty, wet or hazardous equipment can be safely carried in the pick-up section. Fitted with a mobile arc welding rig, Unitruck becomes a mobile workshop or breakdown vehicle.
For market gardens, garden centres and landscape gardeners, Unitruck offers verything - storage,            Carbodies Unitruck was very versatile, but only a few were built
comfort, toughness and reliability.
Unitruck for Work
Unitruck is designed with the farmer in mind. Unitruck has been modified for many jobs for which light tractors would normally be used and is designed to cope with low ground pressure operations such as spraying and braodcasting work as well as general on/off road travel and transport duties.
The roomy crew cab will hold five adults in comfort and behind this, the pick-up body section will carry a pay load of 11 cwt.
A new suspended CDA boom gives high field speed without incurring the usual pitch and yaw problems. An electro-broadcaster may be mounted at the front radiator protection bar.
It is mandatory for agro-chemicals to be carried on vehicles fitted with a chemical vapour impervious barrier the driver and the load as in Unitruck.
Unitruck's high compression V8 engine develops 125 bhp at 4,000 rpm and its excellent power to weight ratio and modified suspension gives an extremely high work rate.
Particularly relevant for farmers is its optional dual petrol/lpg fuel system.
                                                                                                                                                    Carbodies was not allowed to have a non-tax agricultural conversion
Unitruck for Play
Wheter you want Unitruck for towing your boat, caravan or horse box, or simply to carry your camping equipment, walking boots or climbing gear, you couldn't find a more versatile playmate than Unitruck.
Individually orthopaedically designed front seats and power assisted steering make Unitruck a pleasure to drive and a pleasure for passengers too. The rear seat accommodates three passengers and may be folded to further increase the rear pay load area.
The cab is equipped to a high standard as would expect in a vehicle of this quality, and the attention to design is demonstrated in the elimination of dirtwells, clear all round vision, easy access, ultra-low noise level (even when using four wheel drive) and full heating and ventilation.
                                                                                                                                                     Carbodies Unitruck was promoted against the active leisure market