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 1971 Carmichael Commando 1973 Carmichael Rescue    1979 Carmichael Commando  1979 Carmichael Highlander


1971 Carmichael Commando   1973 Carmichael Rescue    1979 Carmichael Commando   1979 Carmichael Highlander

 Carmichael 6 Wheel Range Rover Conversions
 Carmichael was the first company to convert a Range Rover to a 6 wheel conversion when they did 
 it with #VIN 35500002 in 1971.
Carmichael made the 6 wheel mainly for the commercial market fire tenders and rescue vehicles for
extra carrying capacity and space for rescue equipments.
During the whole production run from 1971 to mid 90's Carmichael did approx. 400 6 wheel conversions. 

From the Carmichael brochure: 
The Carmichael Range Rover 6x4 Rapid Intervention Appliance  
Wheelbase:               9ft 9,75in (2990mm)
Gearbox:                   Four speed forward and one reverse. High and low ratio transfer box, synchro-
                                mesh is incorporated on all forward gears
Drive:                        6x4 with trailing rear axle 
Braking systems:       Dual line hydraulic front. Single line hydraulic rear. The handbrake is of the 
                                transmission variety operating on a drum at the rear of the transfer box
Suspension:              The suspension is fully independent all round with front and rear double acting 
                                telescopic shock absorbers
Differentials:              Front and rear axle differential ratios, 3.54:1. A third differential is fitted between 
                                the two axles to prevent 'wind up'. This is lockable by a switch adjacent to the
                                gear lever in the driver's cab, to give extra traction when traversing soft terrain
Type:                        V8 overhead valves, water cooled 
Number of cylinders:  Eight 
Bore:                        3.5in (88.9mm)                                                                                                       YVB 152H was early converted by Carmichael to 6x4 RIV
Stroke:                     2.8in (71.1mm) 
Cylinder capacity:      215 cu in (3,528 cc) 
Compression ratio:     8.5:1
Maximum bhp (DIN):  130 at 5,000 rpm 
Max torque (DIN):       185 lb/ft (25.6 mkg) at 2,500 rpm   
Engine speed limiter prevents excessive revving of the engine when suction water supply is exhausted 
Heat exchanger 
A heat exchanger is fitted in the forward part of the engine compartment together with a high capacity 
radiator and specially modified cooled sump to give adequate thermal dissipation during prolonged 
pumping operations 
Fuel system 
The fuel system has a capacity of 19 gallons (86 litres or 23 US gallons). The filling orifice will be 
brought to the outside of the bodywork in an accessible position and has a lockable cap 
Power take-off 
Fully approved usage points off crankshaft ar engine front and also at gearbox rear. We would ask you          Carmichael Commando fire tender at an exhibition in 1972
to note that we have not allowed for the supply of a centre power take off within our quotation 
Electrical system 
Negative earth 12 volt with a 60 amp hour battery. A 45 amp alternator is provided as a standard fitment 

Carmichael bodywork and equipment
Main premix water/foam tank
The 200 gallon glass fibre tank is shaped and mounted as low as possible in the chassis to obtain a 
low centre of gravity and a facility for removal is provided. It is a semi-rectangular shape with internal
baffle plates to prevent surge whilst the vehicle is in motion. Filling is accomplished through a modified
adaptor fitted to the suction eye of the main pump. Provision is made to pour the foam concentrate
via a special filling adaptor located on the roof of the appliance. The tank to pump pipework is of 
adequate size. The unit is constructed from the best quality fibre glass materials, complying with
British Standards. All resins used in the manufacture of this unit will not be affected by aqueous film
forming foam. Level gauge for the tank is of the tube and float variety and is situated in the rear of the

Main pump
The main pump is of the single stage centrifugal type and is capable of pumping 500 gpm at 100 psi,
2,273 lpm at 7 atm and incorporates a manual water ring primer capable of lifting water from a depth           Carmichael Commando shown with Hydrovane pump in 1975
of 26 feet. The pump is located at the front of the appliance and is driven from the engine via a short
shaft and consists of two 2.5in (64mm) female instantaneous screw down delivery valves and one 4in
(104mm) male round thread suction inlet with an internal strainer and blank cap mounted on the 
control panel

Control panel
The control panel is mounted around the pump and comprises of the following:
Pressure gauge and compound gauge
Night lighting
The primer lever is mounted on the pump with spring release
The trottle control is fitted on the right-hand side of the pump
Pump engagement lever is on the left of the pump, and is complete with tell tale light on the dash 
Hydrant valve and tank gauge are to the rear of the appliance
All controls necessary for the smooth operation of the water and foam systems will be duplicated             Carmichael Commando 6x4 chassis ready for a new bodywork
in the driver's cab, to enable the vehicle to be fully operational in the minimum possible time

Carmichael bodywork and equipment

A monitor capable of discharging 1500/2000 gpm of finished foam will be mounted on the roof of the
cab and manually controlled from the inside of the cab. The valve controlling the flow is situated on
the stackpipe to the side of the driver's seat

BCF media
A 100 kg Vehicle mounted BCF extinguisher unit will be fitted in the rear of the appliance behind the
premix foam tank. The media will be charged with nitrogen to a pressure of 175 lb/sq ft at 18C, which
will be expelled via a 100 ft hose stored on a reel and terminating in a tommy gun type discharge
nozzle at a maximum rate of 2 kg/sec. The total discharge time is approx. 75 seconds.
Adequate provision is made for the speedy removal of this unit

Bodywork and stowage
The Range Rover chassis with a standard driving position offers dual full sized forward hinged doors
for easy access of crew and driver. the 2-man cab and body forms part of the clean unbroken styling        Creative seating arrangement for 3 persons in a Commando RIV
line with the water tank incorporated. The driver's and the officer's seats are standard Rover units 
each having ample lateral adjustment. The upholstery is of the best quality expanded foam covered
in a high grade PVC covering. The bodywork is constructed from aluminium alloy/glass reinforced
plastic. There is one large locker on each side of the appliance immediately behind the crew 
compartment and a further locker is provided to the rear. All lockers will be enclosed by flat 
sectioned spring assisted roller shutters secured in the closed position by spring loaded shoot
Adequate locker lighting will be provided and will be controlled by a master switch on the dash
panel in the driver's cab

All exposed parts of the chassis and bodywork on the underside of the appliance are primed and
finished. The remainder of the bodywork including the interior of the cab and lockers are finished
in best quality synthetic enamels.
Lettering of the Brigade name and emblem etc (in English) is provided to the customer's require-
                                                                                                                                                              Carmichael Commando 4 door TACR at Gaydon in 2010
Standard accessories
In addition to normal road lighting equipment the following accessories are fitted as standard:
Two blue rotating beacons
One two tone horn unit
Reversing lights
Amber front, side, rear and 4-way emergency traffic indicators
Two speed windscreen wipers
Combined interior heating and windscreen defrosting
Windscreen washers
All special tools required for routine maintenance

Extra items of fire fighting equipment
Auxiliary items of fire fighting equipment can be supplied to the customer's requirements. A
quotation can be supplied on receipt of the list of required equipment

Inspection and tests
All Carmichael standard appliance types have undergone a thorough road and cross county
trials. Every vehicle undergoes full pumping performance tests prior to acceptance by the
customers at our works in Worcester and can be inspected at any time during the course of
construction. In addition each chassis undergoes a thorough pre-delivery service.
Operating instructions and driver's manuals are provided.
The design and engineering is fully approved by the Land Rover Limited and is a combined 
operation by Carmichael and Rover

                                                                                                                                                         Carmichael Commando TACR at RRC Anniversary Run in 2010

The Carmichael Commando Personnel Carrier  
As an extension to the Commando RIV and Fire Tender Appliances, Carmichael also offered a
coversion with the equal type of bodywork, but suited for personnel carriage. Different solutions
were available from carrying capacity of up to 13 people inside. No other known Range Rover
Classic conversions have ever been able to carry this high number of people.

The conversion below is from 1973 and was used to transport hunters out in the field for hunting
on rabbits and pheasants. The seat row behind the driver's seat have been changed for an 
arrangement for carrying guns and have also cabinet for refreshments to the hunters. 
This rare conversion is for sale in Portugal

                                                                                                                                                       Special Carmichael Commando conversion capable for 13 people 

                                                       With the bodywork from the regular Carmichael Commando RIV and provision for carrying people makes this conversion special

From the Carmichael brochure: 
The Carmichael Commando Custom Car  
This is the latest and most sumptuous addition to the Carmichael range (1978). 
Called the Commando Custom, our special versions of the famous Range Rover have all the 
virtues of the standard car, but are custom-built to ensure a really special vehicle - tailored to your 
particular needs - in terms of luxury and special equipment.

To the Range Rover 4x4 chassis we have added a third trailing axle, wide wheels with all terrain 
tyres, and a longer body for increased volume, and load carrying. The longer body is also available
with just two axles. The single rear axle on this version is set further back so are the rear seats.
This gives us room to build in two extra doors and gives you a four door vehicle with a luxurious
amount of space for rear passengers. You probably know the Range Rover vitues already: 
the most versatile motor car in the world.
                                                                                                                                                             This Carmichael Commando was built for Wolf Race Ltd
Technically brilliant, the Range Rover combines smooth power, advanced suspension design and a 
comprehensive transmission system. So the Range Rover is fast, comfortable, quiet, safe - and is
just as happy on motorways or rough terrain - such as fields or desert conditions.

In one package the Range Rover gives you four different vehicles: 
- Robust transport for business, pleasure and social motoring - seven days a week
- On/off highway transport to get to your special leisure pursuits - wherever they may be
- High performance long-distance motoring, in complete comfort
- A cross-country, load carrying workhorse

Just to reinforce the range Rover's ability to take you and your passengers as quickly as you like
to your destination, remember these impressive details:
- 130 bhp on tap from the lusty V8 engine
- A top speed of nearly 100 mph - and more with overdrive
- You can accelerate to 60 mph is around 16 seconds                                                                         The enormous dimentions clearly seen here; ultra long & 6 wheels

The Commando has an 18 gallon fuel tank, air conditioning and power steering, the paint and 
carpet choice is up to you, and what we've already done is built in every conceivable extra, like:
- Electrically operated Sundym windows
- Air Conditioning
- Alloy wheels with extra wide tyres
- Stereo radio cassette/radio system with speakers mounted in headrests
- Chrome bumpers
- Full interior soundproofing
and a host of other extras that you would expect to find on a vehicle of this quality.

And of course every vehicle has to complete our thorough pre-delivery test programme. Cross
country tests, service and inspection.
                                                                                                                                                         Commando could also be delivered with 4 wheels and 4 doors
Standard Vehicles Includes:
- Chrome bumpers
- Air Conditioning
- External vinyl roof covering
- Two front seat headrests
- Wheel spats
- Deep pile carpeting
- Interior light to rear of car
- Power steering
- Sundym windows
- Mudflaps
- Brushed nylon front seats
- Front seat belts
- Electric windows
- Stereo cassette radio with four door mounted speakers
- Alloy wheels and extra wide tyres
- Chassis underseal
- Spare wheel fixed and covered

Optional Extras:
- Additional speakers in headrest
- Electric aerial
- Side exhaust
- Sliding sunroof
- Overdrive
- Chest refrigerator
- Webasto roof wind deflector
- Air horns
- Rear seat belts
- Automatic burglar alarms
- Front mounted winch
- Towing ball and bracket complete with electrics
- 7 seat arrangement (4 door only)
- All and any other extra requirements considered including paint colours and finishes

From the Carmichael brochure: 
The Carmichael Highlander Custom Car 
The Carmichael HIGHLANDER is the top of the range model and incorporates every possible luxury
fitment, each vehicle being individually prepared by craftsmen working to the highest standards. 
The chassis preparation, with the addition of the third axle, has full Rover warranty and approval and is 
designed such that spare parts are fully available from normal Rover stockist. The chassis extension
is well proven, as Carmichael staff have now built several hundred three axle Range Rovers over the
last five years for both commercial and private use. The vehicles also incorporate fully tested 
modifications to brakes, chassis and suspension resulting in safety and dependability

The body lines will follow those of the basic Range Rover 4x4 car but are longer and a raised roof 
section allows the fitment of an extra row of seats with comfortable access with the unique high line
All seats are luxury trimmed and incorporate built-in head rests, access being by the normal Range         Carmichael Highlander with 6 wheels and seating for 6 persons
Rover doors or through four doors on the optional four door model. The second and third row seats
incorporate arm rests and are fully shaped for maximum comfort. An area remains behind  the rear
seat available for the stowage of luggage/goods which together with the rest of the vehicle is fully 
trimmed and carpeted. Not only is the total volume of the vehicle usefully increased but the extra 
weight carrying capacity over the standard Range Rover is enormous even with the extra personnel
carrying ability

Air Conditioning
A high output air conditioning system is fitted to the vehicle. The air is circulated by a three speed
fan through adjustable louvres on the dash facia panel

All exposed parts of the chassis are undersealed and bodywork on the underside of the vehicle is fully
finish painted. The remainder of the bodywork is individually finished to customer requirements, the
interior trim and choice of carpet is also left entirely to customer's discretion

Standard accessories
- Wolfrace 7" x 15" diameter alloy wheels with B.F. Goodrich all terrain tyres                                            Carmichael Highlander launced at auto exhibition in mid-70's 
- Electrically operated front windows
- Chromium plated bumper bars
- Vinyl covered roof
- Stereo cassette/radio system with four speakers
- Extra speakers in head rests
- Electric aerial
- Special heavy duty radiator
- Rear window wiper
- Sundym glass
- Power assisted steering
- Towing ball and bracket with chrome plated cover

Optional extras
- Overdrive
- Front mounted winch
- Rear seat belts
- Air horns
- Spot and fog lights
- Chest refrigerator
- Auto burglar alarm                                                                                                                          Carmichael Clansman is a less equipped version of the Highlander
- Four doors

These options represent a small selection only and any other extras will be considered (1979)