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Chameleon Car Co (UK) Ltd

 1982 Chameleon Car Co     1983 Range Rover Chameleon            1983 Chameleon program                1983 Chameleon profile
  1982 Chameleon - RRC          1983 Chameleon - RRC              
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1982 Chameleon Car Co      1983 Range Rover Chameleon            1983 Chameleon program           1983 Chameleon profile brochure 

Chameleon Car Co (UK) Ltd 

 Chameleon Car Company is mostly known for their very luxurios and reworked conversions on Mercedes Benz vehicles sold mainly to Middle East clients. Versions called Mercedes 1000 SEL, Typhoon, Tornado and Cyclone with very luxurious interiors and and sometimes to the extreme exteriors. The 1000 SEL could be ordered in standard length or in limousine versions. Also Porsche, Range Rover and other car marques were offered.

Chameleon Ltd was driven by Mike Lahav in the 1970's and in the 80's. The company had their 
London Showroom on 63-67 Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1 and the company was adressed in 
15 Reece Mews, London SW 7 and

The Chameleon conversions was sold at Prestige Autos, Palestine Road East in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
                                                                                                                                                           Longest ever 136" wheelbase and 6x6 extension to the rear
Pullman Ltd at 9-10 Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colinbrook, Slough with similar layout
on the brochure materials for both Range Rover and Mercedes 1000 SEL conversions as Chameleon.

Steering Wheel in Fort Lauderdale, US driven by Lahav Import & Export Agencies, 15 Reece Mews,
Londong and Lahav Agencies Inc, 1616 E Sunrice Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida offered both Range Rover Convertible and Range Rover 6 wheel conversion with 120" wheelbase in 4 door version in US
in the 80's. 

As Chameleon said in their brochure materials from that time:

'Beautiful Cars
The Chameleon Car Co (UK) Ltd subtly enhances and personalises the world's finest motor cars.
Taking such fine chassis as the 'S' class Mercedes Benz, the Range Rover and the Rolls Royce, 
each car becomes a masterpiece in the great British coachbuilding tradition.
Only the very finest materials and the very best craftsmen are good enough for Chameleon; wherever
you see our trading style you find the best that the world has to offer.
We create style that the world's finest design houses only aspire to.
                                                                                                                                                        The 120" 6 wheel conversion also sold in US by Lahav Agencies
Conversions currently available include the Typhoon, Tornado, Cyclone and 1000 SEL'

Chameleon Range Rovers
Chameleon policy is to tailor the Range Rover to the exact requirements of the client, using only 
the best craftsmen and the finest materials. No matter what the requirement, Chameleons unique
fund of experience makes it possible. Just let us know what is needed, we will happily do the rest 
to give the owner the best all purpose vehicle in the world.
- 4 or 6 Wheel Drive 
- 120" or 135" Extensions 
- Full Length Sun Roof 
- Video and TV 
- Bar 
- Hydraulic Rising Seats 
- Choice of Fine Velours and Leathers                                                                                                         Chameleon 120" wheelbase 4 door 6 wheel conversion 
- Fully Convertible or Landaulet 
- Special Alloy Wheels 
- Nudge Bars Front and Rear 
- Full Hunting and Desert Equipment
- 'High Top' Body Modification 
- Superb Chameleon Paintwork 
- Occational Folding Seats 
- Special Walnut Dashboard 
- Sports Steering Wheel 

                                                                                                                                                         Beautiful 120" 4 door Chameleon conversion under restoration


                                                                                                                                                              136" wheelbase 4 door conversion with long rear doors
                                                    Every thinkable interior could be delivered with luxury upholstery, TV/Video, extra seat, refreshments, deep carpets, leather etc, etc

                                                      Chameleon offered FLM Panelcraft version in the Middle East         Chameleon covertible also sold in US via Lahav Import in Florida

                                                           Chameleon is mainly known for their Mercedes conversions       Mercedes 1000SEL outside the Showroom on Park Lane, London