Chris Humberstone - UK

Chris Humberstone Design, London, UK

Source: Autocar 15. July 1978.
'Ever since the Range Rover was launched eight years ago, people have been telling Rover what changes should be made to the car.
We even had a go, in an Autoproject feature some years ago, with a two-wheel drive version. Despite all this, the original Spen King/David Bache design continues virtually unaltered, and looks like doing so for several years to come. There is, however, a demand for four-door versions, especially from the lucrative Middle East and Swiss markets.
Two firms have been carrying out this work - FLM Panelcraft and Chris Humberstone Design. Humberstone are now offering a complete package for the four-door Range Rover, for a conversion price of under £3.000.
The major engineering consists of removing the B-post, and splitting it, to form a new B/C post to take the rear doors. The front doors are shortened by 10in., and are fitted with new door handles which do not have the rear catches found on two-door cars. Included in the package are special wheel arches, full carpet throughout the interior, soundproofing, a restyled front with four headlamps and horizontal radiator grille, chromium plated bumpers and rear lamp protectors.'

Comments to the picture at right:                                                                                                                 '78 Chris Humberstone Design 4 door conversion for wealty clients
'A Humberstone four-door Range Rover, showing the improved access to the rear and the rear lamp
guards. Part of the conversion package has yet to be fitted to this car.'