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Con-Moda GmbH, Köln, Germany

    1985 Con-Moda Cabriolet
            1985 CM-RR
Con-Moda Range Rover Cabriolet
From the CM-Range Rover Convertible brochure:
CM - Range Rover Cabriolet - Whether in jeans or evening dress -
always dressed appropriately is one in the Range Rover Cabriolet.
"Topless" - Convertible (CM) is the logical complement to this exclusive rough leg.

The CM-Convertible have remained all the properties and benefits of the Range Rovers.
By pressing a button the hood opens electronically.
Whether 2 doors or 4 doors, the elaborate roof design with inner lining ensures high stability, impermeability and sound insulation.
With individual design in colors and equipment we can guarantee to design your special CM-Cabrio

The original window frames and panes give our top construction and stability
- Perfect fit of the top edge
- Large window area for great visibility
- Keeping the characteristic Range Rover shape
- Spare wheel with cover                                                                                                                         Con-Moda Range Rover Cabriolet from 1985 in Germany
   CM-Range Rover Convertible keep the characteristic Range Rover Classic shape, when closed           By keeping window frames, more solid solution when closed hood