Duncan Hamilton Ltd - UK

Duncan Hamilton Ltd, Bagshot, Surrey, UK

Hamilton Range Rover Turbo conversion (Sept. 1975)

From Autocar - 6 Sept. 1975:
Adrian Hamilton at Duncan Hamilton Ltd, Surrey, is (in 1975) marketing a Range Rover turbocharger conversion tells; 'there are always people who want more and more performance'.
The conversion; involving the fitting of an Air Research Ltd turbocharger, blowing at a maximum of 6 psi over atmosphere, puts the power output of the Rover V8 up from 130 bhp (DIN) at 5,000 rpm to a claimed 205 bhp at the same rpm.
The driveline and the engine handle this sort of output without problems. The turbocharger does not build up full boost until the engine is turning at around 3,000 rpm, so there are no sudden shocks on the transmission, and the clutch is in fact handling exactly the same load as normal when it is released.
The Rover V8 is an exceptionally strong and reliable unit, capable of being opened out to over 4 litres, and of being heavily tuned without modification to the standard crankshaft, or bearings.

British Leyland commented that they thought the drive lines and gearboxes would be up to the extra load. They would be unhappy about any increase in engine revs. They were not sure if the brakes would
be adequate for the increased load, and there was a speed limit of 100 mph on the tyres which must 
not be exceeded under any circumstances.                                                                                          Hamilton Range Rover turbo installation is neat under the bonnet

Installation poses problems in Range Rover, it being necessary to bring the exhaust pipe from the left 
hand cylinder bank down, under the sump and back up the other side to drive the turbo unit. 
The Hamilton Turbo-Range Rover is no tyre-smoking ball of fire, but a smooth and deceptively fast

The conversion is not cheap, at £575, but the consumer gets in return a smoother feeling vehicle than
standard, and moreover, a Range Rover that is very quick. The impression is of a smooth engine with
steady delivery of power right through the rev. range. It also enables the car to be fitted with power steering and air conditioning with no effect on the performance over a standard car.

Hamiltons are tending to specialize in converting the Range Rover, offering in addition to the turbo 
charger, a sliding sun roof and vinyl roof for £195, electric windows for £175, twin headlamps for £65,
and door pockets for £55.                                                                                                               Vinyl roof, electric windows and sliding sun roof on this Hamilton conv.