Garage Boursault - FR

Garage Boursault, Paris, France

1980 Boursault Convertible        
1980 Boursault Convertible
From the Garage Boursault Range Rover convertible brochure:
The Garage Boursault is exclusive dealer for Wood and Pickett, which allows you to trim
your vehicle to your specifications.
Specialist car styling and it performs all transformations and development, all to your
The Range Rover is an outstanding vehicle in its own production.
You can specify your own Range Rover Convertible with the hood completely powered and fully
leather-wrapped white interior. 
The garage Boursault offers to possess a vehicle as you wish, completely redesigned
according to your wishes.
Unique vehicles, the haute couture of the automobile.
                                                                                                                                                      Garage Boursault, Paris, dealer of Wood and Pickett conversions
                        To your own specifications you could order your Range Rover conversion from the high society automobile dealer Garage Boursault, Paris in France