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 7/75 Gloster Saro RIV
Gloster Saro - Rapid Intervention Fire/Rescue Vehicle
Four-crew cab on a Range Rover 6 x 4 chassis 
From the Gloster Saro brochure:
This is a high performance fire/rescue truck for airfield emergency use. The vehicle is capable of
speeds approaching 90 mph with high acceleration and accomodates a 4 man crew.
The fire fighting equipment consists of two easily accessible and controllable hand lines with jet/spray nozzles supplied from a 200 gallon lightwater tank, by a flooded suction Godiva fire pump.
The chassis used in the standard Range Rover. It is extended and fitted with a third axle to give a 
6 x 4 configuration with GVW approaching 4 tons.
The engine is the standard 3.5 litre V8 petrol engine producing 156 max gross BHP.
The transfer box is of two speeds reduction type. Front and rear axle drive are permanently engaged
via a lockable third differential.
Suspension is by coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers, with Boge hydromat self levelling units        Gloster Saro four door RIV from 1975 ready for duty on airfields
at rear axles.
The electrical system is 12 volt negative earth with 60 AH battery and 45 amp alternator.  
Crew Cab
Accommondation is provided for the driver and 3 crew members in a four door cab with full weather
protection and ample headroom.
Separate rear seats are provided, with back rests and lap/diagonal seat belts.
A stowage shelf is fitted between front seats and behind and above rear seats for helmet and gloves
The new raised roof and structure is manufactured from aluminium sheet and extrusions. This is
double skinned with insulation.
Capacity - 200 Gallons of lightwater mix.
The tank is made of GRP in a sandwich type construction comprising an interlining of closely jointed
polyurethane foam between GRP skins. It is designed to produce a tank compatible with lightwater 
and which is robust and self insulated.                                                                                                Front and rear doors with sliding windows and shutter blind at rear
The tank floor is designed to slope at a small angle from each direction to a sump at its forward end.

Pump and Pipework
The pump used is the Godiva type UFP Mk. 6 aluminium alloy pump.
In view of the flooded suction condition, no primer is fitted.
The pump is capable of delivering 200 GPM at 150 psi at 2700 rpm approximately.
The twin pump outlets are each connected by 2 in diameter aluminium alloy pipes passing under the tank to the hose positions at the rear, on either side of the vehicle. These pipes terminate in 1.5 in aluminium ball valves, connected to 2.5 in instantaneous female connectors, adjoining the hose stowages. 
At the rear nearside of the vehicle a 2.5 in male inst. connector is provided for flushing and test operation. This is controlled by a 2.5 in aluminium ball valve and connected via a 2.5 in aluminium pipe to the pump suction pipe.

Hoses and Equipment
Hoses stowages are located on either side of the vehicle above the tank. They take the form of open edges horizontal trays, on which are folded 120 ft of 1.5 in layflat hose.

Rear Bodywork
The rear structure houses the tank, hose stowages and jet/spray nozzles stowages. The part of the 
roof over the tank is removeable for access to the tank inspection cover. A grab rail is fitted at the             200 gallons of lightwater stored in GRP tank with double pump
rear, above the roller shutter.

Aluminium Roller Shutter Door
Opens to provide access to the equipment storage locker at the rear of the bodywork.

Controls and Control Panel
The two hose valves are operated from the sides, aft of the branch stowages. At the pump position,
a small instrument panel is fitted, equipped with:
a. Tachometer - pump speed
b. Pump pressure gauge
A hand trottle control is also installed at the panel. The trottle is equipped with a friction lock.

General Equipment
A light, robust bumper with a crash grid is mounted with overrider - type gussets to the front chassis       Schematic view of the Gloster Saro vehicle. Centre PTO for pump

Electrical Equipment
a. Standard front highway lighting is retained, together with standard driver's panel and switches
b. Standard heater/demister system is retained
c. Rear lamp clusters are fitted
d. Adequate cab lighting is provided
e. 2 lights are fitted in the rear locker, operated by the roller shutter
f.  A lamp is fitted on each side at the nozzle stowages
g. A Francis F9, 9 in searchlight is mounted on the cab roof, together with a 150 ft cable reel. 
    The searchlight is demountable and a tripod is stowed in the rear locker
h. Francis Mk II air horns are fitted with dashboard control
j.  Butler 15889/P map reading lamp at front passenger position
k. Blue beacon lamp mounted centrally on raised tube stem
l.  A battery charging point is fitted and wired to a plug in the crew cab

Tools                                                                                                                                                         Gloster Saro's ready for military airfield duty in UK 
Stowage room is provided in the rear compartment for vehicle jack, starting handle and specialist tools

Space is provided on the rear cab shelf for radio equipment, and vehicle wiring is screened and

Trained engineers based at Head office are ready to be on site if necessary within 48 hours. We retain
most standard spares in stock and can air freight to any part of the world should it be required.

Vehicle dimensions
Length: 216 in (5,48 m)
Width: 70 in (1,78 m)
Overall height: 96 in (2,44 m)

Vehicle weight:
Estmated weights;
Unladen:                        7000 lb
200 gallons lightwater:    2000 lb
Laden wight:                  9000 lb
                                                                                                                                                          This unrestored Gloster Saro was pictured at Gaydon in 2010
Our meticulous production techniques ensure you get the ultimate in quality. From drawing board to 
highway or airport, every Gloster Saro vehicle is subjected to the highest standards of assembly and 
Each stage in the fabrication and assembly of a vehicle is undertaken by a specialist team of trained 
craftsmen, thus assuring their personal interest in the quality of the finished vehicle.
The few specialised components that we buy out are selected only after long and stringent testing.