Grand Prix Metalcraft Ltd - UK

Grand Prix Metalcraft Ltd
2/3 Thane Works, Thane Villas
Seven Sisters Road, London, N.7
United Kingdom

Grand Prix Special Range Rover Conversions

Amongst many exterior options are:
Extended bodies with upto 43" extra length
Four or six doors
Six wheels coupled to six wheel drive
Flared wheel arches with wide alloy wheels
Redesigned grilles, lamps and nudge bars
Full length electric fabric roofs
Convertible models with lined electric hoods
Landaulets and boot extensions
Grand Prix High Class coachpainting in colour of choice

Interior options to include:
Complete redesigned interiors and dashboards trimmed in the finest leathers, velours and burr walnuts
Extra rows of seats, and occassional folding seats
Fully rising front or rear hydraulic hunting seats
All audio and T.V. equipment, cocktail cabinets and fridges in luxury Grand Prix trimmed consoles.
Air conditioning and air purifying units
Best Wilton carpeting throughout