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Range Rover Herbert Lomas ambulance conversion
A long history with Bedford and Land-Rover ambulance conversions among others from approx. the early 1910 throughout the 60's and 70's.
Herbert Lomas used the conversion company Spencer Abbott as a supplier of 10 inches stretched wheelbase Range Rovers. Spencer Abbott was approved by Land Rover to do the
frame extension. They delivered the stretched wheelbase Range Rover with engine, gearbox and the complete suspension, together with the front end, windscreen, doors and B-pillars to Herbert
Herbert Lomas then produced and mounted the fiberglass ambulance body with raised roof line, check the characteristic Lomas shape, just visible behind the front door upper frame end. Both single and double rear door ambulances where produced.
During the 70's Herbert Lomas also developed a 135" wheelbase ambulance. This version sold less than the standard 110" Range Rover ambulance                                                                                       Herbert Lomas ambulance used in Czechoslovakia in 1976
The launch of Range Rover ambulance from Herbert Lomas was from the middle of 1972 and  the
company ended the Range Rover ambulance production in the 80's, were Herbert Lomas also was
closed down.
Most of the Herbert Lomas' Range Rover ambulance customers were located abroad, but some
were sold in UK.
                                                                 The 135" wheelbase four door Herbert Lomas conversion    One of 4 Herbert Lomas ambulances built in 1972 for Somerset