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J E Motors - Range Rover Dakar
From J E Motor Ltd press release (20th May 1988):
  A Coventry company, J E Motors, is now selling a high performance conversion for
Range Rovers and is already facing increasing demand from customers. The conversion
involves enlarging the engine, improvements to the brakes, suspension and exhaust
system, and uprated wheels and tyres.
  The company built the engines for the factory team of Range Rovers entered in the
Paris-Dakar Rally for the last two years and is already preparing for the 1989 event.
The name 'Dakar' has now been given to its conversion of the standard Range Rover.
  J E Motors is run by two Coventry businessmen: John Eales and Ron Hall. When
asked why the Dakar conversion is so much in demand, they explain that more Range
Rovers are purchased as roomy saloon cars than for their abilities over rough terrain.
Many drivers, therefore, are looking for extra performance on roads.
  The Dakar conversion raises the top speed from 102mph/164kmh to more than
120mph/193kmh. Acceleration from 0 to 60mph is 8.1 seconds in contrast to the
12.3 seconds of the standard version. The real benefit is the huge increase in torque                             Ron Hall & John Eales, J E Motors Ltd at their 'Dakar' conversions
which halves the time taken in the 50mph th 70mph and the 70mph to 90mph speed
ranges. The engine block is bored to 93.5mm and a new 77mm crankshaft, pistons and
bearings, are fitted to give a capacity of 4,200cc.
The power unit is completely re-balanced and a new camshaft, double valve springs,
big-valve cylinder heads and other parts, make up the mechanical changes. The
electronic fuel injection system is modified to enable the full power of the engine to
be realised.
  A new set of ventilated front brakes are fitted with Mintex M171 pads to eliminate
fade at high speeds. New springs and front and rear anti-roll bars are fitted to reduce
body roll. The conversion is completed with a big-bore manifold and exhaust system
and 235 x 70 VR15 tyres are fitted on 15" alloy wheels.
  This conversion, which costs £11,000, is backed by a 12,000 mile or twelve months
parts warranty. Range Rover agents everywhere can service Dakar converted vehicles.
Further information:      Ron Hall (1988)                                                                                               Discreet elegance of the powerful J E Motors 'Dakar' conversion
Press enquiries:           Charles Wade (1988)
                                  Geoff Walkden (1988)
Date issued:                20th May 1988
   J E Motors has been since 1975 a Range Rover tuning specialist on Rover V8 engines.
J E developed their own version of 3.9 litre Rover V8 with focus on enormous bottom-end
engine torque which suited the Range Rover Classic perfect.
   In 1982 J E Motors developed their engines further to 4.2 and 4.5 litre and sold these
fabulous engines to conversion companies well suited for their wealthy Middle East
customers requirements.
   J E Motors was also involved in Land Rover's Paris-Dakar projects in 1987 and 1988 by
building the engines used in the legendaric desert rally.
   In 1988 J E Motors developed their Range Rover Dakar version with uprated 4.2 litre
Rover engine with 250 hp and 280 lb/ft, which gave an acceleration 0 to 60 mpg in less
than 10 seconds. Uprated brakes and suspension package, as well as a rigid exhaust
system gave a very finetuned Range Rover.
Land Rover Ltd purchased design right to 4.2L engine for Range Rover from JE in 1988
J E Motors Ltd renamed to JE Engineering Ltd in 1991
The company JE Engineering Ltd still work with Land Rover conversions.