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1993 Range Rover Lichfield Advert
      1993 Lichfield TVR advert
From the advertisement text: 
   A personal programme of bespoke enhancements creates
the LICHFIELD Range Rover - a unique and personally specified
combination of power, driveability and elegance.
   Its breeding is reflected in a tailored choice of smooth, refined
and potent TVR POWER engines, sophisticated suspension
enhancements and fine, soft Scottish leather on made-to-
measure RECARO seats.
   The LICHFIELD, a symbol of its owner's commitment to
power, quality and style, hallmarks its refinements in choices
of advanced audio and communication technology and the
deep pleasures of an interior subtly trimmed in personally
selected real-wood veneers, fine leathers and choice fabrics.
   The LICHFIELD - bringing power to the individual.