Nova Swiss Turbo - CH

Nova Swiss Turbo - Switzerland


Novaswiss Range Rover Turbo

- Turbocharger with wastegate control
- Max. boost pressure 5 PSI
- Oil cooler
- Special airfilter
- Stainless steel exhaust piping (18 Cr 10 Ni)
- Turbo-Muffler
- Revolution counter and boost pressure gauge
- Premium fuel 

Engine data             Turbo                              Standard
Displacement  3530 ccm - V8                  3530ccm -V8
Power  150 kW (205 PS)              97,1 kW (132 PS)
Torque  380 Nm                            252 Nm
0-100 km/h                11,5 sec                          16,5 sec
0-120 km/h                17,0 sec                          25,5 sec
Fuel consumption
Travel                        15-18 l/100 km
Town  19-22 l/100 km

Turbo Plant 205 HP
(for engines built from 1977/1978)
Oil Cooler with thermostat
Revolution limiter
Engine overhaul

Suspension modifications
Stage 1                    Comfort
                                4 special shock absorbers 

Stage 2                    Sport
                                4 adjustable shock absorbers 

Stage 3                    Pulling
- firmer control when cornering
- reduced tilt
- better comfort

The Fairey-Overdrive, developed for the Range Rover, 
reduces petrol consumption and noise level on highways.

Special Turbo instrument panel 
Leather steering wheels 
Lamp protectors

We modify your Range Rover to individual wishes. (1980)

Novaswiss Turbo Engineering
- Range Rover special program (further cars under development)
- Increased power by Turbo-charging
- Research for reduction of emissions
- Development of Turbo conversions for existing engines and vehicles
- Optimization to EC 15
- Designs for series production
- Machining facilities for production
- Large facilities for development and testing
- Trading in Turbochargers and accessories

Nova-Werke AG, Abt. Turbo
CH-8307 Effretikon

Based on the Nova Swiss Turbo brochure from approx. 1980