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   'Overfinch offer an extensive range of improvements which have been refined and expanded since we began the Range Rover enhancement programme back in 1975.
   Universally acknowledged as THE Range Rover and Discovery specialists, Overfinch remain unique in being the only company to work exclusively on improving Land Rover products - a fact of enormous significance.
   With anrivalled pedigree and product range the company offers you everything from the elegance of a solid crome interior door handle set to the ultimate 5.7 litre Overfinch Range Rover or Discovery, or anything in between - the choice is yours. Brand new vehicles account for just under half our production and often cover a high milage, since the resultant multi-role vehicle may the replace two conventional cars.
   Equally suitable are 1 to 6 year old vehicles where the owner is perfect happy with the existing 'host' car but wants to avoid the heavy depreciation that is inescapable when changing vehicles. Instead, by tapping into our 20 years of dedicated experience it can be made into what the owner would have reallyliked in the first place! In so doing the vehicle is thoroughly re-engineered and gets literally a new lease
of life.'
1994 Overfinch 5.0 & 5.7 litre Models 
Overfinch 500 i          from £4,995 =>£6,995 (Oct.1994 - ex VAT)
Refined, low stressed and economical, but very powerful. Exceptional value.
GM Engine 5.0 Litre V8 i Petrol High Efficiency - Fuel Injection:
- 5.0 ltr V8 Compression:9.3:1, Bore: 95.0 mm, Stroke: 88.4 mm
    5013 cc V8, Max power: 282 bhp at 4950 rpm. Max torque: 310 lbs ft at 2500 rpm
- Pistons - low friction, cast aluminium
- Cylinder block - light weight, thin wall casting technology
- Maintenance free hydraulic valve play compensation
- Oil cooling system
- Dynamic balance optimisation
- Ignition system - electronic plus Bosch high energy coil
- Fuel Injection - twin venturi EFi system with computer control
- Exhaust manifolds - high flow 2.5" bore mates to existing exhaust section.
  Very quiet, no outward sign of new engine.
- 12,000 mile main service interval
- Plug leads - silicone heavy duty (blue)
- Camshaft - Overfinch torquemaster
- Fuel requirement - unleaded (min octane 95 RON)
- Fuel consumption (touring): 16-18
Overfinch 570 Ci          from £11,830 =>£13,830 (Oct.1994 - ex VAT) 
Classic 5.7 litre (Corvette) capacity version with effortless cruising ability and truly vivid acceleration. 
GM Engine 5.7 Litre V8 i Petrol Sports - Fuel Injection:
- 5.7 ltr V8 Compression:9.5:1, Bore: 101.6 mm, Stroke: 88.4 mm
    5734 cc V8, Max power: 284 bhp at 4920 rpm. Max torque: 345 lbs ft at 2900-3700 rpm
- Pistons - low friction, cast aluminium
- Cylinder block - light weight, thin wall casting technology
- Maintenance free hydraulic valve play compensation
- Oil cooling system
- Dynamic balance optimisation
- Ignition system - electronic plus Bosch high energy coil
- Fuel Injection - twin venturi EFi system with computer control
- Exhaust manifolds - high flow 2.5" bore
- Stainless steel sports exhaust system. Unique Overfinch free-flow design.
  Twin polished tail pipes.
- 12,000 mile main service interval
- Main Bearings - heavy duty with four bolt main caps
- Plug leads - silicone heavy duty (blue)
- Rocker covers - finned aluminum
- Camshaft - Overfinch torquemaster
- Fuel requirement - unleaded (min octane 95 RON)
- Fuel consumption (touring): 15-17
Overfinch 570 Ti          from £15,415 =>£17,415 (Oct.1994 - ex VAT)
Most potent engine available. Special internal components produce exceptional performance and refinement.
GM Engine 5.7 Litre V8 i Petrol High Efficiency - Fuel Injection:
- 5.7 ltr V8 Compression:10.0:1, Bore: 101.6 mm, Stroke: 88.4 mm
    5734 cc V8, Max power: 328 bhp at 5000 rpm. Max torque: 350 lbs ft at 3100-3900 rpm
- Pistons - low friction, cast aluminium
- Cylinder block - light weight, thin wall casting technology
- Maintenance free hydraulic valve play compensation
- Oil cooling system
- Dynamic balance optimisation
- Ignition system - electronic plus Bosch high energy coil
- Fuel Injection - twin venturi EFi system with computer control
- Exhaust manifolds - high flow 2.5" bore
- Stainless steel sports exhaust system. Unique Overfinch free-flow design.
  Twin polished tail pipes.
- 12,000 mile main service interval
- Main Bearings - heavy duty with four bolt main caps
- Plug leads - silicone racing spec (red)
- Spark plugs - NGK 'V' groove super spark
- Cylinder heads - aluminium, gas flowed with angled spark plugs
- Rocker covers - cast magnesium
- Oil pump - high volume
- Camshaft - Overfinch powermaster high output
- Fuel requirement - super unleaded (min octane 97 RON)
- Fuel consumption (touring): 15-17

Overfinch Individuality
From the Overfinch Bespoke Vehicles brochure from 2001:

This brochure summarises the latest range of Overfinch specialist enhancements available for vehicles
which are mechanically related to the Range Rover Classic. With a unique 26 year pedigree in the Range Rover enhancement business and over £3.8 million spent in R&D, the progressive evolution of Europe's definitive luxury 4x4 marque remains our sole endeavour.

Take time to study this guide to see how it relates to your personal motoring desires and vehicular needs. Through Overfinch you can literally tailor a car to your individual taste. Choose from an exciting range of high quality special equipment and accessories to create a personalised vehicle that is exactly right for you and your family. Uniquely, you can elect to further upgrade your Overfinch at a later date so that it actually improves with age and pleases you more.

Overfinch enhancements will help you realise the full potential of your vehicle and give many years of immensely enjoyable motoring, in timeless style. Call us today to find out more.

PRICES (2001-prices)
Unless otherwise stated, prices include free fitting at the factory. As this guide covers vehicles from new 
to approximately 10 years old, allowance should be made for seized components / extra works which 
may be required on older examples. N.B. VAT is not included in the stated prices.

A variety of financial packages are available for the private and business user to make it easy to own 
an Overfinch Range Rover or Land Rover. Written details available on request.

A unique Incident Management Support Package, is available in conjunction with Mondial Assistance Ltd. Free of charge with major conversions for 12 months, this vehicle specific cover provides emergency breakdown/recovery services throughout the UK and Europe; also cover for home and roadside assistance, storage charges following recovery, onward travel or overnight accommodation, replacement car hire for 2 days, vehicle re-delivery, and medical transfers if required. Additionally, in Europe cover includes 2 weeks car hire and the repatriation of passengers. This service is available to anyone driving the vehicle, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Developed for Overfinch owners in conjunction with a specialist insurance broker. Flexible tailor-made 
policies, voluntary excess payments and repayment schedules are available.

Covers the cost of parts and direct labour for 12 months or 12,000 miles (20,000km), whichever comes 
first. See also Overfinch Assistance and Overfinch Warranty under Terms & Conditions of Sale

5.7  Engine Philosophy

In a nutshell our philosophy is (and always has been) that if you want a high performance vehicle it will
need to have a big, strong, powerful engine designed for the job. Some people are surprised at the lengths to which we go in order to make, what we believe is the ultimate Range Rover or Land Rover. 
A demonstration soon convinces any sceptic that the character and pace of the vehicle is utterly transformed but not everyone has the time for test drives these days. Here we put forward the reasons why in our professional view an Overfinch 5.7 V8 should be the engine of choice for your vehicle.
Reliability - it is much better to have an engine designed to be 5.7 litres by the world's largest 
engine manufacturer (General Motors), rather than take chances with a stretched or radically tuned 
unit which is, by definition compromised.
Resale Value - everyone knows US V8 engines are strong, potent and very long lived. This, combined with our 26 year pedigree, means a buoyant used vehicle market. Conversely people are rightly wary of tuned-up standard cars which unlike our own cannot attract a premium; often just the opposite.
Refinement - honed over more than 25 years for use in American sedans, limousines and 
sports cars, this engine is a model of compact, refined power and good manners.
Longevity - classic low-stressed U.S. V8 is well known to exceed 200,000 miles before first rebuild. No tuned or stretched engine could get near to meeting this Overfinch minimum aim.
Brand New - all engines are brand new hand-built units using only top quality internal components and external systems. They are not someone else's engine reconditioned.
Are there any disadvantages to our performance solution? No, but a few misconceptions pop up from 
time to time. Sometimes people imagine that the installations might not be neat and tidy, which they 
assuredly are, or that the engine is much heavier which at just 39 kg more than standard (or no more 
than a supercharged Land Rover engine) is only the weight of a Bull Bar so means nothing to the car. 
An inspection and test drive will always allay any concerns. Naturally we have been diligent in the 
integration of the Overfinch engine with all the complex systems on the cars (e.g. alarm/immobiliser, 
diagnostics, gearbox etc) so that in every respect the vehicle operates as before - compromises here 
would be unthinkable and unacceptable.
The vehicle should be serviced in accordance with the standard Land Rover mileage/time intervals. 
This is done through your local Land Rover dealer or back at the Overfinch factory - no one is better 
qualified or more interested in maintaining your car's high standards than we are. The General Motors 
origin means that service parts are easily obtained in most parts of the world, or of course from 
Could we not have achieved a similar result by tuning-up the standard (ex Buick) engine in some 
radical way? An emphatic no has to be the answer. Stressing anything, especially something as 
critical as an engine, way past its design limits always ends in regret sooner or later. In car terms 
history is literally littered with engines (and companies) that have failed because they were pushing
their luck. Fact: particularly with a big, heavy 4x4, no vehicle manufacturer would ever choose to 
tune-up an existing engine if they had a larger one available.

Whichever way you look at it the Overfinch philosophy makes sense. For the ultimate Range Rover or 
Land Rover there is simply no replacement for displacement. To find out just how true that statement 
is call the Sales Department to book your test drive - it's an amazing experience.

V8 ENGINES - 460i, 570 Ci & 570 HSi (1, 2 & 3)
The engine is the heart of the car. A stronger, fitter heart means a much better car. Overfinch are 
famous for their long standing range of smooth, powerful larger capacity power units that use advanced technology to improve driver enjoyment and overall vehicle performance. The first, the 460i, is a unique Overfinch evolution of the Land Rover 4.6 litre V8 and is a joy to sit behind. A 460i would make a big 
improvement to your car. The two 3rd generation Overfinch / GM 5.7 litre high performance engines 
represent the ultimate in refined, sophisticated 4x4 motoring and offer simply blistering acceleration 
(eg. 0-60mph in just 6.43 seconds). See separate specification sheets for details.

RR    D1    D2    LR                460i          V8i engine installation                     from £5,870
RR    D1    LR                     570 Ci       GMV8i sports engine package     from £10,895
RR    D1    LR                     570 HSi     GMV8i performance engine package   from £12,680

Transforms the performance envelope of the respected Land Rover 2.5 TDi engine whilst retaining 
its famous economy and reliability. The HPD is a must for all TDi owners because it makes everyday driving or towing much more enjoyable and overtaking much safer. See separate information sheet 
for full details. 
RR   D1    LR                         £1795

Versions to suit all 3.9, 4.0 and 4.2 litre V8 plus also TD5 diesel engines. Gives noticeable acceleration 
improvement which is particularly beneficial for overtaking. Provides additional 10-32 BHP depending 
on derivative. Please enquire for further details. 
RR   D2   LR                          £395 - £750

Refined over many years, this stainless steel free flow exhaust system is ideal for all V8 engines up to 
5.7 litres. Guaranteed for six years, it gives a cultured V8 sound that avoids the tiresome drone 
invariably found with other sports exhausts. A direct replacement for the standard item, the system 
consists of a large centre box and an over-axle tail section which terminates in the traditional Overfinch 
twin polished tips. A durable, refined and very attractive upgrade or service replacement part. 
RR   D1    LR                        £679 + fitting

Our special manifolds for Land Rover engines are designed with long primaries for enhanced low end 
performance plus correctly dimensioned tubes and collector boxes to maximise power output and 
efficiency. Standard on 5.7 litre models. Supplied complete with Y section. 
Please enquire about Catalysts. (Complements items 5 & 6). 
RR   D1   LR                         £495 + fitting

Chassis Dynamics

If your Range Rover has air suspension, the unique Overfinch 2nd Generation ECAS system for
these cars is fully explained in a separate information sheet. For owners of coil sprung cars we offer
a choice of two levels - Stage I offers superb control of body movements, less roll in cornering and
the compliant ride quality praised by many journalists. These desirable improvements are achieved
by perfectly matched dampers and by avoiding the use of progressive (i.e. variable) rate springs.
Stage II gives further benefits by virtue of its outboard mounted self levelling system, combined
with anti-sway rear geometry and special dampers. This results in increased stability at speed,
especially when laden plus a further gain in primary ride quality. It is without doubt the most
effective and sophisticated suspension system available for all coil sprung models.
RR     D1     LR             Stage I Coil             £995
RR     D1     LR             Stage II Coil           £1695
RR                           2nd Generation Air  £1640

A major advance in both handling and ride comfort is offered by our unique new hydro-pneumatic system. First developed in principle for Formula 1 racing, it eliminates all existing springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. A.R.T. gives virtually tilt free cornering thanks to lateral g.sensing plus low ride frequencies in the Rolls Royce / Bentley league for new levels of comfort. Primarily an on-road 
dynamic handling system for the connoisseur, A.R.T. also allows unresisted axle articulation off-road 
for even better performance in testing conditions. An entirely new era of 4WD chassis dynamics dawns 
with the arrival of this advanced new suspension system. See separate information sheet for full details. 
RR     D1   LR             POA

Sharpens steering response and 'turn-in'.  New, re-engineered linkage eliminates free play and sponge 
in the system and helps damp out steering 'shudder'. Highly effective handling upgrade. 
Mandatory with 235 & 255 section tyres. (Complements item 20) 
RR    D1    LR             £485

Available in two levels as either, a) an improved shift programme with more responsive characteristics, 
or b) a new, stronger  gearbox to suit the latest, high torque 570 Ci and HSi models, complete with the 
responsive shift programme already described. Applicability depends on model year of host car. 
Please enquire for details. 
RR   D1                      from £592

TYRES (14, 15 & 16)
Although generally acknowledged to be excellent off-road, the standard 205 / 80 profile M & S tyre
has limited grip by current standards (particularly in the wet) and generates too much irritating pattern
noise. For improved grip, steering response and quieter running new, dual purpose 235 / 70 H rated
Avon Ranger tyres are recommended. These are enhanced M & S type and offer good performance
both on or off the road. If you want a predominantly on-road tyre, the 255 / 60 16 Avon Turbospeed
is undoubtedly the answer. It has the best grip and steering response, the least pattern noise and is
very long lasting. Developed originally for Aston Martin and Bentley motor cars, it has proved
excellent on Range Rover and its cousins. (Both tyre sizes require structural modifications to the
spare wheel carrier to allow normal installation of Range Rover parcel tray - see below).
RR D1   D2  LR      235/70R 16H tyre                             £141 each + fitting
RR D1   LR     255/60R 16Z tyre                             £197 each + fitting
RR                     Spare Wheel Carrier Modifications       £142

Popular over many years as an alternative to changing an otherwise favourite car, our conversions to 
automatic or an improved 5 speed manual transmission are carried out with traditional Overfinch attention 
to detail using either original equipment or uprated components. Options include automatic transmission 
for all Defender models, including TD5. 
RR  D1   LR           POA

Internally ventilated, cross drilled front disc conversion improves fade resistance and pad life. 
Enthusiastic driving or touring in hilly terrain can severely tax your car's reserves of braking ability making an uprated system highly desirable.  Comes complete with P501HD pads. For Series II Discovery the acclaimed Overfinch / Alcon 366mm vented / drilled heavy duty system is offered. This
includes special aluminium 4 pot calipers and gives a 57% increase in swept area. Requires certain 18" wheels - please enquire.
RR  D1   LR          from £645
D2                    from £2295

As fitted to Range Rover since 1989, this unit gives virtually silent transmission and will progressively lock the centre differential to get you out of sticky situations off-road. Ultra quiet Morse chain drive eliminates the familiar gear whine of Defender and Discovery models. An additional benefit is reduced transmission 'shunt' so making progress smoother in traffic or when changing from Drive to Reverse. 
D1   LR                 POA

An absolutely key ingredient in the quest for good handling A 20% more direct acting steering gear gives vastly improved directional control with 2.9 turns lock to lock in lieu of 3.7. This results in a steering system with the responses and accuracy of a good sports saloon, so achieving a real handling advance. A unique Overfinch product, highly acclaimed by press and owners alike. 
RR   D1    LR         £785

Safety & Convenience

This is such an important contributor to road safety that all new cars are now required to have one by 
law. Ultra neat installation makes the unit appear part of the original car. The 3rd brake lamp shines 
through the tailgate glass and greatly reduces the risk of rear impact by making your braking visible to 
cars much further back in the queue. 
RR  D1   LR             £162

Everyone dislikes filling up with fuel so why not do so less often? A Touring Fuel Tank is available for 
most models and significantly increases the car's range between fills, without any loss of loadspace. 
(Separate information sheet available). 
RR  LR                    from £582

Allows the carriage of 2 children up to approximately 15 years of age in the load area of your Range 
Rover. Complete with 3 point (lap & diagonal) safety belts, this rear facing bench seat folds up when 
not in use or can be removed altogether in moments without tools. Upholstered in matching leather 
or velour (subject to material availability). 
RR                          from £785

Incorporates an integral aerodynamic spoiler to prevent smearing at speed or into strong head winds.  
An excellent safety feature suitable for all Range Rover and pre 1999 Discovery. (Only fitted to driver's 
RR   D1                   fitted £28

Cool refrigerated and de-humidified air is no longer just a luxury. Increasingly regarded as the essential 
extra, air conditioning dramatically improves driving comfort and hence safety for all occupants in warm 
weather. Available for all models, the Overfinch installation is indistinguishable from the factory fitted 
option. Air conditioning will also increase the value of your car. 
RR   D1   LR           from £1390

Ultrasonic parking sensors are now a familiar sight on prestige vehicles and for very good reason. This 
neat system senses an impending collision when reversing and gives an audio visual warning inside the 
car. When the indication becomes continuous you'll be within a few inches of the obstacle and know to 
stop. The ultrasonic sensors fit in or just below the rear bumper and are almost totally impervious to dirt 
build up. A valuable safety aid that could easily pay for itself the very next time you park. 
RR   D1   D2   LR     from £592

Every bit as useful as a heated rear screen, this important advance is a real safety feature in the winter 
when it can de-frost or de-ice a windscreen in moments. You will never want to go back to motoring 
without one. Complete with heavy duty electrics and timer system. (Once installed glass replacement 
can be covered by your car insurance in the normal way). 
RR   D1   D2  LR     from £498

Choice of 2 levels of headlight improvement - high power Halogen or full Xenon ( high intensity gas 
discharge) system. The necessity to see really well on dipped beam is an obvious safety pre-requisite 
yet even well aimed standard headlamps are barely adequate at times. Offering a minimum 42% 
improvement in output on Halogen or over 200% on daylight white Xenon, these products are literally 
brilliant in their effectiveness. They should not be confused with the simple fitting of novelty coloured 
bulbs. Includes professional beam alignment to ensure dazzle-free operation. Please enquire for further 
details. Separate Xenon information sheet available on request. 
RR  D1   D2  LR       High Power Halogen system     from £347 
RR  D1   D2  LR       Xenon Gas Discharge system   from £1092

Theft of and from cars is still a real menace, the risk of which can be significantly reduced by installation 
of a Thatcham approved alarm / immobiliser.  The few available systems which meet the Government's 
Thatcham Category 1 standard really are effective and may reduce your insurance premium too. More 
user-friendly than earlier systems, we highly recommend fitment to protect your investment and give 
added peace of mind. 
RR  D1  LR                from £295 (Cat 2 transponder immobiliser)

When fog or snow seriously reduces visibility you really need proper, purpose-built halogen fog lamps
to see at all. These lamps replace the spoiler mounted driving lamps (if fitted) and are re-wired to work 
without headlamps for maximum vision when conditions turn severe. Supplied complete with lens 
covers so they survive the summer unbroken by stones, ready for winter use.
RR  D1   LR               from £243

Using the original equipment alarm remote this unique system will centrally lock/unlock all 3 or 5 
doors at the press of a button. Greatly improved convenience and security from neat, fully integrated installation. An exclusive new Overfinch development. 
LR     £582 (3 door) or £693 (5 door)

Luxury & Refinement
Unique and luxurious treatment for Range Rover door trims.   Features quilted and padded leather 
door inserts (replacing existing cloth versions) plus Padded Door Armrests and Chrome Interior Door Handles (34 & 44) at a special package price. 
RR      £642

Comfortably padded and upholstered in matching leather, these special armrest tops integrate with the 
front door trims to form a soft, cushioned elbow rest. A very neat and welcome comfort enhancement. 
RR £197

The result of demand for a more sporting dashboard appearance, the conversion to Ferrari style 
instruments is particularly elegant. Two styles are offered dependent on model and year of host car - 
either red pointers alone or a full reprint of the whole gauge cluster in Ferrari style (this process uses 
photographic reduction technique to ensure exceptional clarity and sharpness). A very stylish upgrade that updates your vehicle and harmonises perfectly with the interior. 
RR  D1   D2      £320 / £536

The acclaimed Overfinch 4 spoke sports wheel, in all leather or wood/leather, with unique hub system 
is an exclusive tactile upgrade for all models, including those with SRS airbags. The wheel has a 
special padded 'grip' which fits the palm perfectly and the spokes incorporate buttons for Cruise 
Control (where fitted). A still more sporting 3 spoke version is available for some models - please 
enquire for further details. 
RR  D1   LR       £290 / £545

A full range of exclusive additional woodwork is available to add tangible style and character to your 
vehicle's interior ambience. Carefully matched and polished by hand, the application of this attractive 
natural product can be a most effective and elegant upgrade when carried out professionally - please 
enquire for further details. 
RR  D1   D2        POA

Made from smooth, high silicone rubber, these supplementary door outer seals completely fill the gaps 
around the window frames and body so almost totally banishing wind noise - a surprising but true claim. 
Fitting times vary from car to car. An amazingly effective modification. (Separate information sheet 
available on request). 
RR D1   D2        £380 + fitting

The perfect upgrade for tired, unsupportive seats. In the case of Range Rover and pre 1999 Discovery, 
your existing seat frames / transport mechanisms are retained and new upholstery / bracing is fitted 
giving the following benefits:
- Greatly increased backrest lateral support. 
- Infinitely variable inflatable lumbar 'pillow'. 
- Extended under-thigh support area.
Backrest and cushion heating (optional). 
- Special new design back trim panel giving extra rear passenger knee room (options)
For Defender models, complete new sports seats, featuring the benefits listed above are offered, 
trimmed to match the interior. Importantly, they incorporate a unique quick release mechanism to give 
prompt access to the battery / jack / tools etc in the underseat storage compartments. Please 
enquire for further details.
RR  D1  LR         POA

Fully integrated system for front doors only employs new O.E. style electrically powered regulator 
mechanisms to give reliable, quiet operation from flat type switches with green night illumination. 
Neat grey covers replace the winding handles for a perfect finish.
LR                     £563

Set off the interior of your Range Rover or pre 1999 Discovery with a set of these attractive mirror 
finish tread plates which replace the standard dull silver or black plastic originals. (Complements 
item 40). 
RR D1                 £270

More comfortable rear seating for all pre 1993 model Range Rovers. Includes new, late style raised 
rear parcel tray and rigid side trims giving neater, more modern appearance. (See separate information sheet for full details) 
RR     £595 + fitting

The finest Connolly hides, carefully stitched to complement and update the interior of your vehicle, 
add more than a touch of tangible luxury.  With 26 years experience on which to draw, it is possible 
to significantly improve the interior ambiance achieved in even top specification production models. 
Soft, luxurious Alcantara (washable man-made suede) can also be used as part of the enhancement 
in certain areas for a very stylish look and feel. Please enquire for further details. 
RR  D1   D2  LR      from £690 & £1780

Nearly all prestige cars have elegant chrome internal release handles; now yours can sport this 
luxurious touch too. Precise copy of the standard grey plastic handle but in heavy chromed metal 
giving a high quality appearance and feel to the interior. Set of four. 
RR  D1   LR            from £294 + fitting

Provides the luxury of pre-set constant speed cruising at the touch of a button - a feature which can 
be a license saver in a refined car. Incorporates accelerate, decelerate and resume functions. (On 
certain models the controls may be built into the steering wheel spokes at extra cost)
RR  D1   LR             from £598

The latest, most sophisticated models of all these are available to give true high fidelity sound, a new 
standard of passenger entertainment and the convenience of electronically assisted route guidance in 
the UK and Europe. Exceptionally neat, integrated installations guarantee top class results and an 
immaculate finish. Please enquire for further details 
RR D1   D2  LR         POA

Not to be confused with self fit kits, the unique Overfinch soundproofing process is neat and 
unobtrusive. A quiet, refined, vehicle is a pre-requisite for stress-free, long distance motoring. Our deep 
understanding of noise transmission in cars means the treatment is highly effective in reducing road, 
engine, drive line and water splash noises. 
RR   D1    LR              from £395

A miniature independent fuel burning heater unit, permanently fitted to the car, allows you to drive off in 
fully de-iced, warmed up vehicle. This is obviously far safer, more comfortable and could save money 
(since any engine is at its most inefficient when warming up). It enables you to pre-select a a set 
heating time up to 24 hours before you want to drive away, its integral pump then circulates warmed 
coolant through the engine and heater which warms the interior and de-ices the windows. Suitable for 
both petrol and diesel cars, the system is very well proven in Europe and beyond. Optional extra: 
remote operation via telephone. 
RR   D1    D2   LR        from £1295 fitted

The colour coded 8x16 Overfinch Nevada wheel represents the ultimate in wheel design for these 
vehicles and gives dynamic as well as visual improvements, all of which are fully explained in a 
separate information sheet. Alternatively, a wide track five spoke '5 C wheel is also available for use 
with the addition of wheel arch eyebrows. Eyebrows not required on Defender. 
RR  D1   LR                    POA

A tough, composite 3 piece colour coded panel fitted to your Range Rover's front spoiler brings body 
colour below the bumper line to enhance its classical styling. A very smart and attractive addition. 
(Bottom spoiler lip remains black). 
RR                                 £297 + fitting

How a high specification Classic Range Rover might well look if it were in production today. Stylish, 
contoured mouldings fit over existing bumpers and replace the loose end caps. Beautifully finished 
in tough body colour gloss paint, they are the perfect visual update. See separate information sheet 
for full details. 
RR                                  £770 + fitting

Introduced on the 1992 limited edition Range Rover Brooklands and then adopted for 1995 LSE 
models, these styling additions consist of large, contoured front and rear body 'aprons' plus optional 
contoured sill covers. Gives a more radically altered appearance than Integrated Sports Bumpers for 
those who want a car that really stands out from the crowd. 
RR                                 from £1390 + fitting
Available in green, bronze or two shades of grey, lightly smoked tinted privacy glass is becoming an 
increasingly popular means of reducing glare (up to 38%) and solar heat transmission (up to 44%).   
It also gives a very exclusive look to the car. An anti-vandal version of most shades (and clear) is also 
available at extra cost which offers good protection from smash and grab thieves. Please enquire for 
further details. 
RR  D1   D2 LR               from £595

Effectively change your car by removing the signs of age and familiarity. An Overfinch body colour 
change means your car will have a fresh new look and increased resale value, plus become 
stylistically unique and exclusive. The benefits of this investment are often under-estimated and the 
comprehensive panels and doors-off painting process should not be confused with a simple respray. 
(See separate information sheet for full details). 
RR  D1   D2  LR             from £2875

Add individuality with a smart, contrast colour pinline to the sides of your car. Available in a choice 
of colours, a coachline can provide the perfect finishing touch to a special motorcar. 
RR  D1   D2  LR             from £48

Your car's appearance will be greatly improved by replacing the standard outer door handles with our 
special new, body coloured versions that match the paintwork. Visually de-clutters and modernises 
vehicle appearance. 
RR  D1                          from £385 + fitting

By a special process the door mirror heads are de-textured and colour coded in body colour gloss so 
giving a more stylish, contemporary look to the car. (Standard with Body Colour Change). 
RR  D1   D2  LR             from £239

Choice of two designs - small eyebrow or larger Carbon Fibre flare, both of which may be colour coded 
if desired. Gives very substantial 'four square' appearance to the car.   N.B. Necessitates fitment of 
wide track '5C alloy wheels. 
RR  D1                           POA

Questions & Answers

A An independent manufacturer of bespoke Land Rover vehicles with a proven track record going 
back to 1975 (see 'Overfinch Pedigree'). Overfinch retain the absolute key advantage of being the only 
company in the world that enhances Land Rover products as its sole business.

A A bespoke enhancement programme with suggested performance packages, plus a large range of 
special equipment which can be optimised to meet individual needs. Refurbishment work is also 
catered for including body colour changes and interior re-trims. Any Range Rover, Discovery or 
Defender up to approximately 10 years old is suitable for modification. An allowance is made on the 
final invoice for parts removed if applicable. All work is carried out to the highest standards of 
engineering integrity by highly experienced technicians who are intensely proud of what they make.

A      Approximately 1 week for a 460i or 3 weeks for a 570Ci or 570HSi, depending on the 
specification ordered. NB. Subsidised hire cars and chauffeur collection/delivery are available 
nationwide for your convenience.

A Your premium is unlikely to differ greatly from a standard car. Some small companies don't insure 
modified vehicles - refer to Overfinch for assistance with our tailor made insurance scheme.

A Standard servicing by any official Land Rover dealer, ourselves or any Overfinch dealer is required. 
The 5.7 litre engines are of typical low maintenance USA design, in mild tune and are simplicity itself 
to look after. General Motors origin means excellent parts availability in UK, Europe and most areas of 
the world The 4.6 litre 460i is a derivative of the Land Rover V8.

A Not in most oases, in fact sometimes quite the reverse - for example if the work constitutes 'repairs 
and maintenance' it should be possible to reclaim VAT, and when vehicles become four years old 
company car tax benefit reduced by a useful 25%.

A Yes, these types of vehicle are a popular choice as it is less expensive to convert a car in near new 
condition with few miles under its belt.

A Yes, given the necessary specialist attention to detail, any host car, old or new will be made tight, 
responsive and 'fresh'. This is fundamental to the concept of the host car being given a new life as an 
Overfinch vehicle. Older cars may require more remedial works.

A Yes, a 12 month / 12.000 mile (20,000 km) parts and direct labour warranty plus a 12 month 
Incident Management Support Package ensure 24 hour assistance in the case of accidents or 
breakdown, 365 days of the year. Overnight accommodation or free hire car can also be provided. See 
also Overfinch Assistance and Overfinch Warranty on page 2).

A      A strong demand for used Overfinch cars exists because:
Sound concept - everyone knows American engines are potent, reliable and very long lived. 
        (See also Engine Philosophy, page 4).
Proven track record - over 26 years as a low volume manufacturer demonstrates Overfinch 
Highly acclaimed by the Press. - see articles, tests, books and videos.
Comprehensive and unique Overfinch improvements, plus special engine, mean the added value 
        of works cannot be ignored.
Public and trade concerns over tuned or stretched Land Rover engines cannot apply to Overfinch 
        vehicles by definition.
Choice of host car model can be an important factor - please enquire for advice.
Long standing, prestigious reputation of Overfinch vehicles ensures strong public demand and 
        ownership aspirations.

The Overfinch Pedigree

Important achievements in OVERFINCH (formerly SCHULER LTD) development history.

1975 Development commences to improve Range Rover performance using 4 Dellorto carburettors and 
other external modifications.

1976 Experiments with 4.4 litre Leyland V8 in a Range Rover (Australian version of Rover V8 with new 
heavy duty engine block for Leyland P76 Saloon).

1978 Prototype testing of new Schuler/Ferguson Formula transfer gearbox and Anti-Skid Brake 
System (ASB) in the Welsh Rally.

1979 Pioneering development of the 5 speed manual and 3 speed automatic transmissions with 
factory involvement and co-operation.

1980 Release of SCHULER 350 HE. Similar power and torque to latter day 3.5 EFi but using existing 
Stromberg carburettors. Land Rover Ltd commission Schuler to produce 25 Range Rovers with 
Schuler/FF chain drive transfer case and Chrysler Torqueflite automatic for sale through dealers to test 
market acceptance of automatic Range Rover. This led to it becoming a factory approved option retro-
fitted by Schuler Ltd.

1981 Paris-Dakar Rally win. A Range Rover entered by Land Rover France equipped with the 
Schuler/FF gearbox and using components developed in conjunction with Schuler won this famously 
gruelling event in the face of strong competition. Jaguar V12LWB Range Rover development 'mule' - 
high speed chassis testing gives unique insight into vehicle behaviour. First appearance of Vented 
Brake option and second generation transfer gearbox for engines up to 350 BHR

1982 'STRANGE ROVER' Project. In conjunction with a rally specialist the world's 1st mid-engined 
4wd rally car was created (using Schuler/FF transmission). Successful durability proving in extreme 
conditions. Introduction of first Chevrolet engined production vehicles. The 570 T (Torque) with GM400 
automatic gearbox combines performance, refinement and longevity with ease of installation.

1983-85 Further Research and Development to refine and evolve the Chevrolet production vehicles. 
Introduction of Touring Fuel Tank and Air Strut Suspension options. Critical acclaim of 570 T model by 
Motoring Press.

1986 Introduction of OVERFINCH 570 S (Sport) with GM700 4 Speed automatic transmission and lock-
up torque converter. Armoured Range Rover Project - Ministry of Defence commission Overfinch to 
carry out specialist conversions to 5 armoured examples to improve handling and stability levels on 
these very heavy vehicles.

1988 Launch of OVERFINCH 500 E & 500 S. Cost effective 5.0 litre models achieved by retaining 
standard gearbox. 'E-Type' Land Rover (570E) - a 110 Pick-up is fitted with torque optimised 5.7 litre 
engine, GM700 automatic, Overfinch FF transfer gearbox and Overfinch suspension.

1989 Launch of OVERFINCH 570 S2. Power increased, new Ride and Handling Suspension system 
plus further refinements.

1990 Fuel injected OVERFINCH 500 i and 570 TPi models introduced. Advanced electronic injection 
systems offering improved economy, performance and driveability. New Precision Steering Conversion 
(PSC) enhances chassis dynamics.

1991 First Discovery V8 converted to full OVERFINCH 500 i specification plus automatic transmission. 
The new Quick-Ratio Steering option revolutionises Range Rover driving characteristics with new 
standards of responsiveness and high speed security. New OVERFINCH 570 Ti (Torque injection) 
announced. High value performance conversion achieved by interfacing 5.7 litre power with uprated 
version of original ZF automatic transmission.

1992 'STRANGE ROVER II' Project. A 1971 Rover 3.5 Coupe (P5B) receives full OVERFINCH 570 Ti 
engine, 4WD chassis and Range Rover running gear to create a stunning high performance hybrid, 
with classic style.

1993 The limited edition 10th ANNIVERSARY 500 i and 570 Ti models celebrate 10 years of GM 
engined Range Rover production. New Ride & Handling Suspension package announced for air sprung 
Classic Range Rovers. New, high value 570 Ci model launched superceeding the previous 5.0 litre 

1994 New OVERFINCH RECARO Sports Seat option. High Performance Diesel (HPD) engine uprate 
released for all TDi powered vehicles. Exclusive new OVERFINCH NEVADA 8x16 two piece alloy 
wheels launched offering stunning appearance plus improved handling.

1995-96 New SPORT-DESIGN range for all Discovery and Classic Range Rover offers a choice of 4 
high value enhancement packages. Initial range of upgrades for new Range Rover launched, including 
unique 7 Seater Conversion.

1997-98 Advanced new 3rd Generation Overfinch 5.7 litre engine is introduced for all Range Rover, 
Discovery & Defender models (570 HSi / 570 HSE). New entry level 460i engine conversion 
announced. Further evolution of products for vehicles based on the Classic Range Rover platform and 
for new shape Range Rover.

1999 The Overfinch 570 HSE is available as a complete brand new car option for the first time. 
Satellite navigation now available.

2000 New 630 R Anniversary model of current Range Rover celebrates the Company's 25th year in 
style. Xenon (gas discharge) lighting introduced across the range.

2001 Advanced new Active Ride Technology suspension system (A.R.T.) re-defines Range Rover 
chassis dynamics by ingeniously reconciling the conflicting requirements of ride & handling in an off-
road vehicle.

These terms are the only terms on which we do business. No variations of these terms are effective 
unless in writing and signed by a duly authorised officer of the company.
Please state in your order if your vehicle deviates from the standard UK vehicle specification. If we are 
not fully informed prior to the vehicles arrival considerable extra cost and delays may result.
To be advised when sending deposit. 
Price Basic
Prices will be fixed once your deposit payment has been received and order accepted.
Unless otherwise stated in writing, this quotation is subject to our General Conditions of Sale. 
Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy of the specification, due to our policy of continuous 
improvements we reserve the right to vary both prices and specification with or without notice.
Prices stated DO NOT include Value Added Tax which will be shown separately on your invoice.
Export Customers (sales inside EEC)
In order to obtain a refund of VAT, certain export formalities must be complied with. We have to 
invoice you with VAT which will be refunded after receipt of the correct proof of exportation issued 
by HM Customs and Excise at the post of exportation. 
Without this no refunds can be made.
On placement of the order we require a deposit of 50% of the estimated total order value, before 
allowances, as shown on the Pro Forma Invoice. This payment is not refundable on cancellation 
by yourselves.
The balance of the cost of carrying out your order is payable by cleared funds on the completion of 
work and on or before collection of the vehicle. Payment will be accepted by BANKERS CHEQUE or 
TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER made payable to Overfinch Limited. Personal or company cheques can 
only be accepted prior to delivery when funds have been cleared (minimum 4 working days). For most 
orders we accept MASTERCARD, VISA or SWITCH cards.
If full payment is not received in cleared funds within 5 working days of completion of your order 
interest shall be payable by you on the unpaid amount on a daily basis at the rate of 4% per annum 
above the current leading rate of Barclays Bank Pic.
Special Notice
It may be necessary to drive the vehicle to different specialist sub-contractors (depending on the 
extent of your order). We assume therefore, your permission to drive or to have your vehicle driven for 
this purpose.
Our obligation under this warranty shall be to correct any defective work and to repair or at our option 
replace free of charge any goods which are shown to our satisfaction to have been defective provided 
that notice of such defects and satisfactory proof thereof is given by you immediately after discovery 
in any event within 12 months of the completion of your vehicle or 12,000miles / 20,000kms whichever 
the sooner.
Our warranty shall not apply:-
Where spares, replacements, or alterations have been carried out by a third party.
If any damage is caused by parts of the vehicle being in a state to which your attention was drawn at 
the time of completion of our work. Where you have used your vehicle in any competitive motor sport 
or on a rolling road.
We shall be under no liability for any personal consequential or other loss or damage of whatsoever 
kind or howsoever caused as a result of any goods supplied or work done being defective and not in 
accordance with any order or as a result of anything being done or omitted in connection with any 
work done or omitted to done by us including any breach by us of any fundamental term of any order 
and our liability under this cause shall be in lieu of and to the exclusion of any liability, condition, 
guarantee, warranty, term, undertaking or representation whether expressed or implied, statutory or 
otherwise. You recognise that the limitation of liability contained in these terms and conditions is 
reasonable in that prices quoted by us are dependent upon such limitations being incorporated in 
these terms and conditions.
Nothing contained in these terms and conditions shall exclude:-
Any liability for breach of our implied undertakings as to title.
Where the Purchaser deals as a consumer (as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977) any 
liability for breach undertakings as to conformity of goods with description or sample or as to their 
quality of fitness for a particular purpose. Any liability arising from fraudulent misrepresentation or from 
our negligence causing death or personal injury.
If you become insolvent or in our opinion are likely to go into bankruptcy, receivership, administration 
or liquidation or makt commit breach of contract we may forthwith by written notice to you terminate 
any contract with you without incurring liab without prejudice to our rights accrued up to date of 
Force Majeure
Both you and we shall be released from our respective obligation in the event of national emergency, 
war, prohibited regulation or if any cause beyond your or our reasonable control renders the 
performance of any order impossible. This provi relieve you or your obligation to pay for all products or 
work done pursuant to same.
Retention of Title
Until full payment for labour and parts is made all works and parts supplied remain the property of 
Overfinch Limited. 
In the event of any dispute it is agreed that at the option of Overfinch the matter may be referred to the 
Small Claims 1 referee or other such legal arbitration as Overfinch deems fit.
Company Policy
Overfinch company policy is one of continual improvement and evolution. Products are subject to 
change from time to time \ or consent.
Overfinch Ltd
Newman Lane, Alton, Hampshire. GU34 2QR. England. Tel:. +44 (0) 1420 542877 Fax: +44 (0) 1420 
543693 www.overfinch.com   email: sales@overfinch.com
The above is from the Overfinch Bespoke Vehicles brochure released in 2001