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  1973 Range Rover Pilcher-Greene
1973 RR Pilcher-Greene Ambulance
Range Rover Pilcher-Greene ambulance conversion
From the Pilcher-Greene brochure: 
A versatile, high speed casualty ambulance 
The power of the Range Rover combined with the sleek coach-built ambulance body provide a new kind of high-speed casualty vehicle. The roadholding and cross country mobility produced by the four-wheel drive, special suspension system and rugged chassis needs seeing to be belived. Add to this refined patient and driver comfort and the result is a new and unrivalled class of ambulance. Equipment can be supplied and modifications carried out to clients' requirements.
type SA body 
Constructed in aluminium alloy sections with 18 SWG aluminium sheet exterior 
type CS body 
Constructed in aluminium alloy sections with fiberglass panelling 
                                                                                                                                           Pilcher-Greene ambulance with 110" wheelbase and SA body in aluminium
standard interiors
Interiors may be modified to suit clients' requirement.