Pullman Ltd - UK

Pullman Ltd, London, UK

            1983 Pullman 6 wheel 4 door 
1983 Pullman Range Rover 6 wheel 4 door Conversion 
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In parallell to Chameleon Car Co Ltd the Pullman Ltd of London offered extreme conversions
like this 6 wheel 4 door Range Rover in addition to Mercedes conversions.

Any desired option could be tailored to the clients taste, like:
- Extra wheelbase length of additional 36 inches
- 6 wheels, either 6x4 or 6x6 wheel drive 
- Third axel with extra body length at the rear for really increased additional loadspace
- 3 full size seat rows
- Full length Webasto foldable sunroof 
- Double set of air conditioning
- Any desired engine combination
- Automatic transmission
- Any other thinkable option

The Pullman Ltd were located at 9-10 Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colinbrook, Slough.    Maybe the longest ever Range Rover; the Pullman 6 wheel 4 door

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                                          1983 Pullman Mercedes 500 SEC Typhoon        1983 Pullman Mercedes 500 SEL Crystal                   1983 Pullman Mercedes 1000 SEL