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- From the Wood and Pickett brochure of 1983: 
A tradition of superb craftmanship dating back to 1947, the finest leathers and veneers, undoubted design flair and a very special range of cars built to suit individual requirements of the most discerning customer.
These are the qualities which have created an international reputation.
These are the qualities which make Wood and Pickett unique.
- Special cars for special people.
As a powerful four wheel drive vehicle, with a superb cross country performance, smart styling and 
comfort, the Range Rover represented an ideal car on which Wood and Pickett could exercise their 
renowned skills. Dedicated to maintaining an impeccably high standard, the team of highly skilled 
designers and craftsmen at Wood and Pickett have produced an astonishingly wide series of Range 
Rover adaptions. 
There are versions with longer wheelbases; a multi role design aimed specifically at the needs and           Wood & Pickett conversion from early 70's with A/C on the roof
special conditions of the Middle East and easily adapted for police or military use; a convertible
model with power operated seats for prestige and ceremonial purposes; models especially suited 
to hunting and even a version with six wheels. 
Each model required considerable development work and this, together with the Wood and Pickett 
marketing philosophy has resulted in the most extensive range of interior and exterior options 
available for any vehicle in the world today. 
Customers can select from a variety of luxurious interiors each of which incorporates the leatherwork
and woodwork for which Wood and Pickett are famous. The combination of a special interior package
together with one of the many external styling alternatives results in what can truly be called a unique
We have named these very special Range Rovers - the Sheer Rover series.
Remember; to all the prices below you must first add the cost of
the initial new, standard Range Rover 2- or 4-door to a price of:  £ 15,000.00 - £ 19,000.00 (1985)
All prices below (from 11/1985) are exclusive Value Added Tax 
                                                                                                                                                          Typical Wood & Pickett Sheer Rover version with special front
Widening of bodywork by 8" (20cm), additional cost:                                £ 14,573.00  (Nov 1985)
- Available on all extended chassis, except soft tops 
Wood & Pickett Aintree Multi-Role Sheer Rover                                          £ 9,695.00  (Nov 1985)   
Aintree standard features:
- Fold flat windscreen
- Removeable roof panel
- Rear vinyl tilt cover
- Removeable rear frame
- Storage boxes under rear bench seats
- Reinforced driver / passenger cab
- Front bumper capping
- Flared wheel arches
- Grab handles to side panels
- Contrasting centre paintwork
+ Many other options are also available on request
                                                                                                                                                                    Wood & Pickett Aintree Multi-Role Sheer Rover
                                              Aintree could be used for hunting, reviewing, personnel transport              Shown is the foldable front windscreen and the hood is removed
Wood & Pickett Ascot Sheer Rover                                                               £ 9,235.00  (Nov 1985)
Based on the 4-door manual or automatic Range Rover 
Ascot standard features:
- 18" / 45,7 cm extended wheelbase
- 4" / 10 cm raised roof line
- Many optional exterior and interior features:
    - Long range petrol tank
    - Water tanks
    - Maximum load capacity
                                                                                                                                                                            Wood & Pickett Ascot Sheer Rover
Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover - 2 door                    £ 9,975.00  (Nov 1985)
Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover - 4 door                  £ 10,825.00  (Nov 1985)
Wood & Pickett Goodwood Convertible Sheer Rover - 118" 4 door          £ 14,295.00  (Nov 1985)
Restyling of body available in two or four door models
Goodwood standard features:
- Full power operated hood finished in mohair
- 10" / 25,4 cm body extension to rear of vehicle
- Power operated windows and quarter window
- Wheel arches and running boards, lockable boot, box style coachlines
- Roll-over bar with braided grab handles and interior light
                                                                                                                                                           Wood & Pickett Goodwood 2-door Convertible Sheer Rover
                                                             Beautiful interior of the 2-door W&P Goodwood Convertible          Wood & Pickett Goodwood 4-door Convertible Sheer Rover
Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover                                             £ 19,545.00  (Nov 1985)
- Optional extra: 6 wheel drive                                                                  £  3,435.00  (Nov 1985)
- Optional extra: 8" (20cm) bodywork widening                                        £ 14,573.00  (Nov 1985)
Based on the 4-door Range Rover and previously on the 2-door model 
Cheltenham 6 standard features:
- 18" / 45,7 cm wheelbase extension for additional leg room and comfort to rear compartment
- Addition of 2 extra wheels on a trailing axle
- Flared wheel arches
- Running boards
- Extension of the rear bodywork
- Extra load capacity
- The roof panel and rear quarters are all finished in colour of choices
- The full range of special interior and exterior options are available to special order
                                                                                                                                                                      Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover
                                                               One of the luxurious Wood & Pickett interior options              Earlier version of the Wood & Pickett Cheltenham 6 Sheer Rover
Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon Sheer Rover                                         £ 4,889.00  (Nov 1985)
This vehicle provides the ultimate flexibility for the Falcon enthusiast.
Newbury Falcon incorporates the following design:
- Easily removeable vinyl top and hood sticks
- Padded outer roof frame
- Two fixed hunting seats as extra to rear of standard bench seat
- Fixed hunting seat to rear of driver/passenger seat
- Both extra seats incorporate armrests, safety belts and falcon perches
- Both seats may be removed when not required so that the car can be adapted for normal use
- Specification also includes additional petrol capacity of 34 litres for extended range
- Options include: 5.7 litre Chevrolet engine with additional price on application
                          Bonnet catches and bonnet louvres
                                                                                                                                                                   Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon Sheer Rover
                                                                                                 Falcon perches shown at the rear             Wood & Pickett Newbury Falcon with the 5.7 litres engine 
Wood & Pickett Newmarket Hunter Sheer Rover                                         £ 7,295.00  (Nov 1985)
An ideal all round vehicle
Newmarket Hunter featuring following standard:
- Front cab with built in roll-over bars and also lift-out glass roof
- Partition with sliding glass division and storage of spare wheel behind front seats
- Two full length bench seats in place of original seats in rear
- Side opening rear tailgate and fold down rear access step
- Raised roof line behind cab to provide additional headroom
- Removeable tilt cover and hood sticks
- Flared wheelarches in body colour and running boards
- Front pillar mounted spot lamps
- Repositioned fuel filler cap
- Long range petrol tank and separate water tank                                                                                                Wood & Pickett Newmarket Hunter Sheer Rover
- Alloy wheels and choice of All Terrain or Sand tyres
- Plus other options to special order
                                                                                   Raised canvas for better headroom                 Rear step, side mounted door, tank filler cap on Newmarket Hunter
Wood & Pickett Warwick Sheer Rover  -  9" extension                                 £ 4,299.00  (Nov 1985)
Restyling of 4 door Range Rover to include 9 inches longer wheelbase and bodywork  to provide additional leg room and extra comfort to rear compartment
Warwick main features:
- 9" / 22.8 cm wheelbase extension
- 4 door conversion with box style coachlining
- Vinyl roof and rear quarters in colour to match bodywork
- Options as television, video and coctail cabinet
- Wheelarch flares and running boards
- Wide options of:
    - Front ends
    - Interior trim
    - Exterior options
                                                                                                                                                        Wood & Pickett Warwick shown with Sheer Rover 'S' front end
Wood & Pickett Epsom Sheer Rover  -   18" extension                                  £ 6,785.00  (Nov 1985)
Restyling of 4 door Range Rover to include 18" extended wheelbase and bodywork to provide 
additional leg room  and even greater comfort to rear compartment
Epsom main features:
- 18" / 45.7 cm wheelbase extension for extra long leg room
- Vinyl roof and rear quarters in colour to choice
- Great space for television, video and coctail cabinet
- Even possible to have a third bench for more passenger capacity
- Shown with Sheer Rover 'H' front end:                                                                 £ 725.00  (Nov 1985)
    - Sheer Rover 'H' front was introduced in 1976
    - Fully horizontal slatted style grille
    - Manufactured in aluminium and finished in black or in colours to match exterior                                       Wood & Pickett Epsom with slatted Sheer Rover 'H' grille
- Wide range of options both interior, exterior and front ends

Wood & Pickett - 4 door conversion with 36" extension

Early extended Wood & Pickett 4 door Range Rover conversion
136" extended wheelbase
4 door conversion with use of shortened doors from 2 door Range Rover
Similar doorlocks and doorpulls as 2 door 
3 rows of seats for 8 passengers, plus 4 occational seats at rear
Vinyl roof with option of full length foldable sunroof
Optional with special W&P interior and facia
Optional air conditioning installation

                                                                                                                                                           Super long 36" extended 4 door Wood & Pickett conversion
Wood & Pickett Windsor Sheer Rover  -  36" extension                               £ 9,015.00  (Nov 1985)
The longest wheelbase conversion made by Wood & Pickett for more royal customers
Windsor main features:
- 36" / 91.5 cm wheelbase extension, with a total length of 212" / 537 cm
- Could be used on both 2- or 4-door models
- Mock Rolls-Royce grille
- Dummy hood irons
- Extra bench at the rear to provide eight seater capacity
- Very similar to Rapport Excelsior 
- A large variety of exterior and interior options
                                                                                                                                                     Wood & Pickett Windsor with 36" extended wheelbase and 8 seats
Wood & Pickett - 4 door Landaulet extended wheelbase
Special W&P conversion from late 70's 
Extended wheelbase for better proporsions and more legroom for rear passengers
4 door conversion with door pulls based on 2 door type version
Open landaulet with manually foldable/removeable hood
Turbo converted Rover V8 engine with at least 200 bhp
'Margrave' luxury W&P facia covered in dralon fabric
In-dash air conditioning installed
Recaro electric adjustable hi-comfort sports seats at front
Blaupunkt Berlin super grade hi-fi music equipment
Burl walnut W&P door cappings, similar as the Range Rover In Vogue were delivered with
Wide wheel/tyre solution with wheel-arches and running-boards
Bull-/Camelbar at front end                                                                                                                  Wood & Pickett Open Landaulet 4 door Range Rover conversion                         


                                        Even with the hood closed this W&P conversion have nice proporsions            'Margrave' luxury W&P facia with A/C, normally seen with walnut

Wood & Pickett - Sheer Line 6 door                                                             £ 8,750.00  (Nov 1985)

Restyling of 4 door Range Rover to include extension of wheelbase to 132".
Extension of main bodywork and all components to provide 6 door feature including
additional bench seat behind existing front seats, thereby providing capacity for 8 adults.
Specification includes:
- Box style coachline
- Wheelarch extensions painted in colour to match bodywork
- Running boards to provide easier access to the rear

                                                                                                                                                       Wood & Pickett Sheer Line 6 door limousine at Brummen in 2007 

In addition to bodywork conversions with standard packages mentioned above, the clients
could choose from the option list below to personalize his very special W&P Range Rover:
- All prices are from Nov. 1985 and exclusive VAT

Exterior options:

- Complete respray of vehicle throughout to coachbuilders finish in any colour to 
  customer's choice in conjunction with conversion                                                           £ 1,905.00

- Additional charge for two-tove finish                                                                                 £ 407.00
- Lower half respray                                                                                                          £ 530.00

- Coachbuilders fineline in colour to choice
  Single line each side                                                                                                        £ 81.00
  Two lines each side or box design                                                                                   £ 141.00

- Special additional lining, personalised initials or crest added to special order               On Quotation

- Flared wing extensions, secured to body and painted to match existing body colour
  2 door                                                                                                                           £ 255.00
  4 door                                                                                                                           £ 338.00

- Flared wing extensions, secured and moulded to bodywork. This item applies only when
  cars is being completely resprayed or has lower half respray
  2 door                                                                                                                           £ 417.00
  4 door                                                                                                                           £ 496.00

- Special Wood & Pickett full length running boards secured to both sides of car with
  matt aluminium finish
  2 door                                                                                                                           £ 304.00
  4 door                                                                                                                           £ 304.00

- Restyling of the front end by the addition of extra lamps to form twin headlamp unit             £ 407.00

- Restyling of front end to 'Sheer Line' "H" specification                                                    £ 725.00
  including a new horizontal slatted style grille

- Additional charge to 'Sheer Line' "H", if push bar required to be moulded below
  front bumper                                                                                                                    £ 92.00

- Twin headlamp conversion behind "H" grille                                                                      £ 407.00

- Restyling of front end to 'Sheer Line' "H/L" specification                                               £ 2,045.00
  This restyling includes a lift-up centre gate in the front of the grille to allow the
  use of a winch and twin quartz headlamp units recessed in new housings.

- Restyled front end to 'Sheer Line' "S" specification                                                         £ 890.00
  incorporating rectangular quartz halogen headlamps complete with housing and
  grille in black impact-resistant thermoplastic rubber. 
  Restyling includes earodynamically styled front spoiler incorporating provision for
  the fitting of rectangular quartz halogen driving or fog lamps.

- To restyling front end to 'Sheer Line' "O" specification                                                     £ 463.00
  including incorporating rectangular headlamp units and new "O" style grille.
  Specification includes the finishing of the grille in gloss black or in any colour
  to customer's choice to contrast or tone with the original body colour.

'Range Rover' taping of lower panels in Black, Gold or Silver
  4 door cars                                                                                                                    £ 128.00

Interior options:

Retrimming of the standard facia complete, including heater housing panel                   £ 795.00
  and steering coloumn cowl, finished in leather or suede, including the fitting of a
  separate radio housing mounted centrally on top of dashboard.

'Margrave' superluxury facia panel, complete with matching speedometer,                      £ 1,951.00 
  tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, ammeter
  and clock and incorporating provision for radio fitting and also lockable glove box.
  Finished in either best quality Connolly leather, draylon or polished walnut with
  leather surround.

'Sheer Line' luxury facia finished in polished burr walnut incorporating original               £ 1,564.00
  instrumentation and 52 mm tachometer and vacuum gauge, complete with cubby
  box, provision for housing radio/cassette player with surround finished in leather/
  dralon to match interior

- Polished burr walnut door and rear quarter cappings
  2 door                                                                                                                            £ 124.00
  4 door                                                                                                                            £ 251.00
- Retrimming of the existing interior throughout using leather and/or dralon type fabric.          £ 2,404.00
  Including the retrimming of the front seats, the rear seat squab and cushion, 
  the door panels, side panels, rear quarters and headrestraints.
  Additional cost when fitted on Vogue EFI models                                                                £ 350.00

- Retrimming as above, but using:
  Recaro LS seat trimmed to match. Extra cost per pair                                                       £ 932.00
  Recaro Orthopaedic or 'C' type electric seats                                                               £ 1,822.00
  including inflatable lumbar support pads, seat heating and electrically
  operated reclining backrest trimmed to match. Extra cost per pair

- For two door models only, additional charge for inertia reel safety belt anchored                     £ 100.00
  to reinforced 'B' post, when fitting Recaro seating. Per pair.

- Recaro stereophonic headrestraints with built-in speakers trimmed to match. Pair.                 £ 278.00

Carpeting options:

- Carpeting the passenger area of the car in deep pile nylon or Wilton-type carpet.                   £ 588.00

- Carpeting the luggage area including the spare wheel cover and tool flap in deep                    £ 549.00
  pile nylon or Wilton-type carpet 

- Carpeting of luggage area in B.L. standard matching carpet                                                  £ 232.00

- Deluxe soundproofing of interior including under bonnet                                                        £ 183.00

- Fitted rubber overmats bound in leather for all footwells and luggage area                               £ 169.00

Interior Accessories:

- Complete retrim of the headlining, sun visors and side pillars down to waist                           £ 468.00
  level in wool cloth or dralon, vanity mirror to passenger sun visor

- Tonneau cover for luggage area, foldaway when not in use, finished in vinyl                            £ 123.00
  to match interior

- Occasional fold-down rear seat fitted to rear compartment opposite spare wheel
  finished in either
  Palomino                                                                                                                         £ 146.00
  Leather/Draylon                                                                                                                £ 347.00

- Door map pockets with provision for incorporating ashtray and speakers when
  required, finished in colour to match standard Palomino trim.
  2 door cars, pair                                                                                                                 £ 93.00
  4 door cars, 4 pieces                                                                                                        £ 101.00

- Door map pockets finished in leather/carpet to match interior including fitting
  ashtray and cutting-in speakers.
  2 door cars, pair                                                                                                               £ 259.00
  4 door cars, 4 pieces                                                                                                        £ 363.00

- Ashtrays to both rear side panels for rear seat passengers                                                    £ 93.00

- Centre armrest box with padded lid with large capacity for storage of tapes, maps etc.             £ 98.00
  Mounted between front seats and finished in standard Range Rover palomino vinyl.
  Extra charge for finish in Leather/Draylon                                                                            £ 166.00
  Extra charge for lock                                                                                                          £ 50.00
  Extra charge for ashtray to rear face                                                                                    £ 45.00

- Supply and fit low profile cubby box with lock
  In Palomino                                                                                                                        £ 86.00
  Extra charge for finish in Leather/Draylon                                                                             £ 230.00

- Electric hunting seat to front passenger side                                                                      £ 1,951.00

- Electric hunting seat for rear passenger bench                                                                   £ 2,249.00

- Rear seat centre folding armrest in standard colour                                                               £ 198.00
  Additional cost when retrim called for                                                                                     £ 75.00

- Rear seat headrestraints in Recaro Tan, Mesh or Solid
  Two                                                                                                                                   £ 196.00
  Three                                                                                                                                 £ 279.00

- Air purifier unit                                                                                                                      £ 90.00

- 4 spoke 15" steering wheel finished in Black leather or polished wood                                       £ 90.00

- 3 spoke 14" or 15" steering wheel finished in Black leather or in colour to match interior             £ 90.00

- Retrim of existing steering wheel in leather                                                                             £ 95.00