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  1979 Rapport Excelsior       1979 Rapport Quadraporte          1979 Rapport Range               1981 Rapport Range                     1981 Rapport Ritz
 1979 Rapport Excelsior         1979 Rapport Quadraporte   1979 Quadraporte & Excelsior       1981 Rapport Range                      1981 Rapport Ritz
      1981 Rapport Starlight                     1981 Rapport Huntsman      
      1981 Rapport Starlight                     1981 Rapport Huntsman      
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   Rapport Ltd is the story of three BA students that started the company Rapport in 1978 with 
special luxury conversions of the superb but under-developed Range Rover to the wealthy market
in the Middle East.
- Ian A Leaf                 - BA(HONS) - Chairman 
- Jonathan C D Brydon - BA(HONS) - Sales & Marketing 
- Warner G N Manning - BA(HONS) - Finance & Operations 
- Andrew D Shanks     - ACA MOMS - Engineering & Development 
   As Mr Brydon says:
"The cars were expensive to fund and build, but we did it and it was massive fun and not something that could be achieved easily today.
Ian Leaf led a team of very young people (non above 26), who achieved remarkable success in                   Rapport Quadraporte in 6 wheeler with long range fuel tanks
manufacturing and selling these cars to the expanding Middle Eastern market.
Christopher Humberstone Design, not a great businessman, but a 21st century designer
inspired the workforce with his style and ideas.
I was sales director for Rapport International for two years during a very active period in 1978-1980.
It was a very exciting time for a young person to be involved in the motor industry." 
   Rapport Ltd had the address Rapport House, Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3EJ, UK and developed a wide range of different creations for the wealthy customers like many of the world's royal families, governments and their agencies throughout East and West Africa and Europe or the Arab markets. 
   Rapport had several factories operating exclusively for them and other subcontractors delivered all different items for the Range Rover conversions, like the often tastful interiors, powerful engines and the many different body shapes and front ends.
Rapport models: 
- Rapport Quadraporte             4-door conversion
- Rapport Excelsior                 ultra luxury stretched 4-door limousine
- Rapport Starlight                   2-door cabriolet 
- Rapport Hunter                     stretched 4-door hunting wagon with open landaulet
- Rapport Huntsman                open version known from James Bond movie                                         Rapport Excelsior a real off-road limousine with ultra long rear doors
Rapport available engines and transmissions:
- 4.4 litre Leyland Rover V8 engine (originally only available in the Australian Leyland P76) 
- 4.4 litre HiPerformance Rover V8 engine
- Turbo equipped V8 3.5 litre Range Rover engine, with Allard turbocharger 
- 3.5 litre V8 engine, standard Range Rover
- Formula Ferguson FF automatic transmission 
- Borg Warner BW automatic transmission 
- Manual 5 speed FF transmission 
- Sports Pack Suspension 
- 6-wheel or 4-wheel conversions
Rapport available front ends 
- Standard Range Rover front 
- "Droop Snoot" front from Ford Granada 
- Wedge front with headlamps and repeaters from Volvo 264 with spoiler 
- Excelsior front with revised Rolls Royce grille and crome dual headlamps 
                                                                                                                                                        Plush interior in the Rapport Excelsior to really suit a royal familiy
Rapport exterior features 
- Coachpaint any desired colour or effects; metalflake, metallic or standard
- Sunroof, electric, one or two depending  on choice   
- Sunroof, full length, manual
- Vinyl covered roof 
- Wide tires and alloy wheels 
- Flared wheel arches
Rapport interior features 
- Full luxurious interior in leather or warm Dralon retrim, included Wilton carpets 
- Entertainment system Radio/Tape in HiFi with remote control or standard level 
- Redesigned walnut dashboard in aircraft style with new instruments and functions
- Air conditioning system, different solutions; on roof, in dash or under dash
- Air conditioning system, front and/or rear
- Electric windows, front and rear 
- Seats, electric, occational rear - Seats, electric, manual anatomic 
- Central door locking 
- Central armrest and glovebox, leather between front seats
                                                                                                                                                      Rapport Quadraporte "Droop Snoot" version with Ford Granada front 
Rapport additional features 
- Long range fuel tanks with high positioned filler cap
- Refrigerator with split charge system
From a French Auto Magazine in 1980 of the launch of the Rapport Starlight: 
"The outdoor report
   Specialist in conversions of all kinds of English society, Rapport International Ltd is exhibited
at the Geneva Salon in March(1980) and have developed a convertible on a Range Rover. 
   The convertible, to be frankly, is characterized by various accessories and a very special
grille borrowed from the Ford Granada. This kind of a vehicle cannot remain unnoticed to the
outdoor or off-road enthusiasts. 
   It offers four seats under a canopy of quality and a variety of optional equipments. For those  
interested in power, a 4.4 liter V8 engine with a turbocharger will be offered.                                         Rapport Starlight cabriolet with "Droop Snoot" front and hood closed 
Added to this only the fantasy of the client may limit the creation; an automatic transmission,
and electronics antilock braking system, is available.  

   And for the "sophisticated", they can claim Connelly leather, like Rolls Royce and Jaguar.
   There's something for all tastes, so why not, after all it’s just simply to have at its disposal a
solid bank account also sure for tomorrow, without worries. 
   Moreover, the English coachbuilder have improved its comprehensive catalogue in the
Range Rover series transformations to also give us a 6-wheel conversion with four-wheel drive
or six-wheel drive, enough to satisfy the most demanding client.
   There are also another on the same basis, the Quadraporte, whose frame is lengthened
by 90 cm.
  Rapport Ltd goes even further by offering its transformations for models as different as the
               Rapport Starlight open air cabriolet with characteristic low profile front
Mercedes, Jaguar, Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, VW and even the Alfa Romeo and Mini."
   Rapport also launched the Triumph Acclaim based Ritz model, that can view view in the
brochure above, via the link.
   The ultra modern Rapport Forté a four seat sports car with a fully retractable hard top launched    
in 1982.
   Chris Humberstone stated that, "once it was refined it worked very well and gave a real feeling   
of saloon car integrity". A sophisicated electro-hydraulic system was employed to stow the 
aluminium and steel roof within the boot space. As if that weren't enough, the roof panel also 
featured its own electrically-operated "moonroof".

   Rapport ran into financial difficulties in the early 1980's due to too many models and variant.      
A declining market and that the Rapport Ltd company expanded too fast and too heavily with all 
the challenges of keeping costs under control.  
    Rapport Ltd closed down, but their operations with Quadraporte and Starlight were transferred
to another company within the same group; Symbol Ltd.                                                                         Rapport Starlight cabriolet with more classic Range Rover front

 - A special "Thanks!" to Mr. Johnny Brydon for his contributions with information of Rapport Ltd.

                                                          Rapport International Ltd culminated with the models Ritz and the ultra modern Forté in early 80's and became Symbol Ltd

                                                   Very tasteful interior in leather and polished burl walnut wood luxury    Early version of "digital" instrument panel in a Rapport conversion
                                                        Rapport Range Rover 2 door conversion with Volvo 264 front            1979 Rapport Quadraporte Turbo with special front and flares