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    S.M.C. Sahara Six                    1984 SMC Sahara Six Ellgee                            1984 SMC Sahara Six Pickup
       SMC Sahara Six - RRC      SMC Sahara SIx - RRC 
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1973 S.M.C. Sahara Six            1984 S.M.C. Sahara Six Ellgee                             1984 S.M.C. Sahara Six Pickup



This all aluminium coachbuilt bodied version is available in both 6x6 and 6x4 configuration. 
It comes with an 8", 10" or 14" extended high top roof, and a choice of side opening or up and 
over rear doors. Sahara Six is also available in chassis cowl, chassis cab, van, pick-up and 
luxury saloon form.

                                                                                                                                                         1984 S.M.C. Sahara Six Ellgee with aluminium body with A/C

SMC Sahara Six
From the brochure of S.M.C. Sahara Six
Offering the comfort and the refinement of the proven 'Range Rover' in an entirely new role. The integration of an extended, Pick Up, body and six wheels makes the Sahara Six a leader in luxury off the road vehicles.
Basic specification
Normal 'Range Rover' controls and instruments in the 2-seater cab area, fully trimmed to a high standard. Tools and spare wheel stowed behind the seats, inside the cab, for security.
Power assisted steering, inertia reel seat belts, cloth seats and tinted glass are included in the standard specification. Access to Pick Up area is via the normal tail-gate.
A bed length of 90" / 229 cm and width of 62" / 157.5 cm, totals up to an impressive 38.78 sq. ft. of
load area.
The smooth ride is maintained by the normal usage, on the additional axle, of coil springs and hydraulic    S.M.C. Sahara Six - pick up version of 6 wheeled Range Rover
dampers. Location of the axle is by means of radius arms and wishbone assembly.

With the addition of this extra axle the payload is now 1500 Kg as standard, with the optional 2000 Kg springs available. Offered in both left and right hand drive in 6 x 4 and 6x6 configuration.
Available, ex-works in a range of colours, and trim options.

Left hand drive and export models also available
S.M.C. - Manufacturers of Sandringham 6, a six wheel drive vehicle based on the Land Rover with
2000 kg payload.

S M C / ELLGEE SAHARA SIX - Prices (1984)

                                        2 Door Model                                       4 Door Model
                                        6 x 4                6 x 6                            6 x 4                6 x 6
Chassis Conversion           3,348               5,408                           3,348                5,408
Chassis Cowl                   12,875             14,590                          13,650              15,399
Chassis Cab                     13,399             14,629                          14,114              15,863
Pickup                             13,854             15,569                          14,629              16,378
Standard Body                15,965             17,252                          16,378               18,025                  1984 S.M.C. Sahara Six 6x6 Pickup with impressive load capacity
Ellgee I (GRP)                  16,068             17,783                          16,843              18,592
Ellgee II (Aluminium)       16,892             18,607                          17,667              19,416

Prices include Heavy Duty Suspension, non-Vicous fan and water pump.

All the above £ prices are exclusive VAT and Car Tax where applicable.

                                                                                                                                                              The S.M.C. Sahara Six Ellgee forcing mud in Indonesia