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  1972 Spencer Abbott            1972 Spencer Abbott
          Spencer Abbott - RRC
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  1972 Spencer Abbott            1972 Spencer Abbott
Range Rover Spencer Abbott ambulance conversion
   The company Spencer Abbott Ltd had cooperated over many years in conjuction with Land-Rover and their Special Projects Department, and had a long experience in conversion building.
   A solution of a 110 inches, stretched wheelbase with the characteristic window and roof arrangements, so typical to the Spencer Abbott version. An ambulance prototype YXC999K where developed and taken to a medical exhibition in Switzerland in 1971.
  The Range Rover Spencer Abbott ambulance stayed in the Land-Rover's conversion catalogue for several years, but where never popular. Not many Range Rover Spencer Abbott ambulances where built.
   Even though the ambulances where never popular, the production of the extension conversions of the 10 extra inches or more, and the reinforcing of the Range Rover frame ready for other conversion companies, was given to Spencer Abbott, so they performed well.

                                                                                                                                                       1972 Range Rover Spencer Abbott YXC 999K ready for exhibition

Spencer Abbott on duty in the Belgian Gendarmerie in the 70's

The Belgian Gendarmerie used a Spencer Abbott converted Range Rover as a control room vehicle
by the Special Intervention Squadron in the 70's. The Belgian Gendarmerie used numerous Range Rover mainly as Highway Patrol cars and as ambulances (Wadham-Stringer and Lomas conversions).

The fate of this Spencer Abbott converted Range Rover is unknown.

Thanks to the Belgian Police Historical Service - Brussels for allowing to used this historic picture of the Spencer Abbott Range Rover conversion used by the Belgian Gendarmerie.

From Spencer Abbott brochure of December 1972:                                                                                                 Courtesy of the Belgian Police Historical Service - Brussels
Spencer Abbott Ambulance
Four wheel drive for added traction and stability on wet or slippery surfaces 
A ride-levelling rear suspension gives limousine standards of comfort under all conditions   
A 3.5 litre V8 engine provides ample reserves of power to cope with all situations
Exceptionally strong chassis frame and running gear for reliability and long life .... 
.... combine to provide one of the most suitable vehicles yet devised for the ambulance services 

An OHV all-aluminium high performance V8. Bore 3.5 in (88.9 mm). Stroke 2.8 in (71.12 mm)
Cubic capacity 215 cubic inches (3,528 cc) 8.5:1 compression ratio
BHP (DIN) 130 at 5,000 rpm. Torque 25.6 MKg (186 lb.ft) at 2,500 rpm

Cooling system
Pressurised type - 15 psi (1.05 kg.cm2) with pump, fan, thermostat and pressurised expansion tank.
Capacity 20 pints (11 litres)

Fuel system
A 19 gallon (22.5 US gallons), (86 litres) tank is located at the rear between the chassis frame 
members. The A.C. pump is mechanically operated and supplies fuel to two Zenith-Stromberg CD2
carburetters                                                                                                                                        Drawing from the initial plans of a Spencer Abbott ambulance 

Clutch is of the diaphragm spring, single dry plate type - 10.5 in (26.7 cm) diameter.
The main gearbox has four forward and one reverse speeds, manually operated with synchromesh on 
all forward gears. The transfer gearbox is of the two speed reduction type in the main gearbox output.
Front and rear drive are permanently engaged via a third differential which can be locked by a vacuum 
control switch, mounted on the gearbox

Overall ratios (Final drive)
                        High Transfer         Low Transfer
Top                          4.16                    11.76
Third                         6.25                    17.69
Second                   10.17                    28.78
First                        16.91                    47.83
Reverse                   15.23                    43.07

Burman circulating ball, worm and nut type incorporating an A.C. safety coloumn with security 
locking device. Turning circle 41 ft (12.5 m) 3.5 turns to lock

Front suspension
Coil springs. Axles located by radius arms and Panhard rod. Control is by long-stroke hydraulic              Official press photo of the Spencer Abbott ambulance issued '72
telescopic dampers

Rear suspension
Coil springs. Axle located by radius arms, support rods and central wishbone assembly, 
incorporating a 'Boge Hydromat' self-energising ride-level unit. Control is by long-stroke hydraulic
telescopic dampers

Lockheed disc brakes are fitted front and rear and are servo-assisted for easy pedal operation.
A dual line piping system ensures emergency to individually piped calipers on front discs. The
hand-brake is of the internal expanding drum type, operating on the transfer box rear output shaft

Wheels and tyres
Pressed-steel 'Rostyle' enamelled wheels, five stud fixing - size 6.00 JK x 16.
Tyres: Michelin radials XM+S x 16 (tubed) or Firestone Town & Country radials 205x16 (Tubed)

  Front Axle
 lb      (Kg)  
 Rear Axle
 lb      (Kg)
 lb      (Kg)
 *Unladen plus 19 gallons fuel
 Gross weight
 2000 (909)
 2200 (1000)
   200 (91)
 2470 (1122)
 3320 (1510)
   850 (388)
 4470 (2031)   
 5520 (2510)
 1050 (479) 
*This weight will vary according to type of interior specified.                                                                                                                  Spencer Abbott conversion for Sir Alfred McAlpine in 1974
Weights shown include a stretcher trolley and rear seating

Body interior (front)
Individual front seats have integral lap and diagonal safety harnesses and are fitted with a 
mechanism which allows the backrest to tip and automatically slide the seat assembly
forward for ease of access to the rear. Driver's seat is provided with conventional fore and
aft adjustment. Passenger seat is fixed in forward position.
Doors have combined armrest/door pull with twin interior operating handles, for front and
rear passengers. Each door has a sliding catch security lock. Interior appointments
include: Interior roof light, operated either by opening of front doors or by an independent
switch; ashtray on transmission tunnel; twin collapsible sun visors; safety spring-out
interior rear view mirrors; electric clock with front hand-set; integral parcel tray/passenger
grab handle; spacious glove box; provision for radio 

Overall dimensions and data
Wheelbase 110 ins (2.79 m); Track 58.5 ins (1.48 m); Ground clearance (under axles)
7.5 ins (0.19 m) - under vehicle 12.5 ins (0.32 m); Turning circle 41 ft (12.5 m)
Overall length 186 ins (4.72 m); Overall width 70 ins (1.78 m); Overall height (Beacon)
86 ins (2.18 m) - Roof 78 ins (1.98 m)

Standard equipment
Dual tone air horns                                                                                                                            This vehicle could carry 8 persons, bonnet mounted spare wheel
Illuminated 'Ambulance' sign
Flashing beacon
Davos White paintwork
Red reflective side strips 2" deep
Red reflective 'Ambulance' letters
Reversing lamps (2)
Hazard warning lamps
Electric extractor fans (2)
Heating & ventilation system
Floodlights in rear door (2)
Fluorescent lights in rear compartment (2)
Electric power points (2)
Roof light in front compartment
Rocker switch panel on fascia
Interior trim in Palomino PVC
Floor covering in grey vinyl

Chassis optional extras at extra cost
45 amp alternator single charge
45 amp alternator with split charge and extra battery
60 amp alternator with split charge and extra battery
Power assisted steering
Capstan winch
Drum winch

Optional extras at extra cost
Siren and alarm bell
Fog/long range driving lamps
Bonnet mounted spare wheel carrier
Additional flashing beacon
Fire extinguisher
Piped oxygen with two outlets
Hot water hand wash basin - 2 gallons
Petrol burning heater with optional pre-set timer and thermostat                                                          Special rear door to work as a step or foldable to facilitate stretcher
Air conditioning
Rear window wipers and washers
Roller blind to rear of driver's seat
Extension cable & reel for floodlamp
Universal spotlight on screen pillar
Sundym tinted glass to front compartment
Laminated windscreen 

Medical specification to customers requirements

                                                                                                                                                      Seating for 3 occupants and 1 stretcher. One piece rear door seen