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SVC - Specialist Vehicle Conversions Ltd - UK
   Hendall Gate Farm, Herons Ghyll, Nr. Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 4BU, UK

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SVC Ltd - Specialist Vehicle Conversions Ltd, UK offered in the 80's special convertible 
conversions of the Range Rover Classic. Their convertible had strenghtened windscreen frame
and improved B- and C-posts to prevent personal incidents when roll-over accidents happened.

SVC had different solution for their conversion, both with hardtop and hood.

In the late years of 80's and in the beginning of 90's it look like Merlin Automotive Developments 
took over the marketing of the SVC Ltd conversions.

The model at right is from the Merlin brochure, but the registration plates shows clearly 'SVC I'
Different interior solutions could also be ordered.

                                                                                                                                                             Late version of the SVC 4 door convertible, sold as Merlin

From the Specialist Vehicle Conversions brochure: 

"This new eye catching conversion to the Range Rover is ideal for those who require
SUN, STYLE and a unique SPORTING IMAGE whilst still retaining the proven 
mechanical capabilities.

Features include:
- Two position hood
- Roll bar
- Fully enclosed luggage area

Extras available:
-Torneau   -Electric windows   -Special wheel arches"

                                                                                                                                                       Typical shape of SVC converted 2 door convertible with roll cage

                                                     Delivered with bootlid and hood with rear and side windows                 The front part of the hood could be rolled back as a sun roof

From the Specialist Vehicle Conversions brochure: 

"This unique conversion can transform your Range Rover into probably the most versatile
four wheel drive available today.

From simply soaking up the sun to virtually moving house, this exciting yet practical vehicle
will suit any occasion.

Torneau and tilt covers are available.

Four weeks delivery."

Special Vehicle Conversions - Prices (August 1986)

The non bootlid conversion (white car)                                          £ 1,800.00
Bootlid conversion (gold car)                                                       £ 2,500.00                                              Fully open convertible without the bootlid cover at rear
Nudge bar from:                                                                         £    100.00
Wide wheels 4 from:                                                                   £    350.00
Wheel arch extensions 4 from:                                                    £    150.00
Power windows 2 door:                                                               £    200.00
Central locking 2 door:                                                                £      80.00
Remote alarm from:                                                                    £    150.00
Leather cloth dashboard:                                                             £    250.00
Torneau cover:                                                                            £    150.00

All prices are subject to VAT

                                                                                                                                                        Cover, which is not foldable but removeable with front opening


                                                                                                                                                        With the cover mounted, the original Range Rover profile seen