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     1982 Range Rover Symbol Starlight              1982 Range Rover Symbol Quadraporte              1985 Symbol Profile
                1982 Symbol Starlight                                 1982 Symbol Quadraporte                     1985 Glenfrome Profile
   Rapport International Ltd ran into financial troubles in 1981, then Symbol Ltd were formed and the
models from the Rapport periode; the Quadraporte, Starlight and Falcon were sold under the new
company. During 1984 the Symbol Ltd ran into new finance troubles and were transfered further to
(Symbol) British Motors Ltd.
   British Motors Ltd marketed from 1984-88 the Rapport/Symbol model range, Mercedes conversions known from Chameleon like the Mercedes Benz 1000 SEL, as well as Range Rover models from Glenfrome.
   In 1987 British Motors Ltd entered the wealthy US market in addition to Middle East. The success
is not known and British Motors Ltd looks to ceased to its existence at the end of the eighties, together with its Range Rover conversion models.  

                                                                                                                                                      1982 Symbol Starlight Convertible with extension and special front
From the presentation in 1987:
1987 Range Rover Symbol Profile
Symbol Profile is manufactured by Glenfrome and Profile is the targa version of the Glenfrome Facet. Offered for the first time in the U.S.
This luxury handbuilt all-terrain vehicle represents the last word in off-road excellence combined
withhighway versatility. Finished with special-effect metallic-white paint and trimmed with an
all-white leather interior.
This unique vehicle has almost every conceivable option as standard.
$88,000 including shipment to your nearest port (1987).
Symbol British Motor Ltd, Park Lane, London, UK
                                                                                                                                                       Glenfrome Profile sold through Symbol British Motor Ltd in 1987