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Townley Desert Ranger - Range Rover Conversions

Townley Cross Country Vehicles Ltd was owned by the Zanelli family, driven by three brothers, is 
mayby the coachbuilder company that delivered the outmost converted Range Rover conversions. 
Their clients were the very rich Arabs during the 80's and Townley delivered high quality converted
vehicles specifically tailored to the customers unlimited specifications.

Townley Desert Ranger were the ultimate royal transportation coachbuilt vehile.
Several different variants Desert Ranger's were delivere to royals and sultans in the Middle East.

- Wheelbase extension from 18" to extreme 54" 
- 4 or 6 wheel conversions, 4x4, 6x4 or 6x6
- 6" to 12" body widening were common
- 3, 4, 6 door coachbuildings
- Most often the original 3.5 ltr Rover V8 were changed to American 5.7 ltr Chevrolet engine
- Raised roofline option                                                                                                                      Townley Desert Ranger with widened bodywork for royal arab client
- Multi air conditioning installation
- Full body length foldable sunroof options
- Special front end solutions
- Interior to any desire from the clients
- Etched window with monogram available
- Any thinkable options were available:
- Long range fuel tanks
- Water containers
- Refrigerators
- Video, TV, Hi-Fi radio/cassette systems
- Refreshment cabinet
- Telephone
- Outside the same variance of options were availble, 
  just check details on pictures

                                                                                                                                                         6 wheel Desert Ranger with lot of space and a throne at the rear


                                  Ultra long and ultra wide Townley Desert Ranger, special in every details               Another royal Desert Ranger with widened bodywork clearly seen

Townley - Range Rover conversions - Main conversion program 1981/82

Townley - 4 door with 10" chassis extension                                           £ 6,450.00

Re-styling of car to 4 door specification including electrically operated windows to all 4 doors.
Flared wing extensions, moulded and fixed to existing bodywork and full length running board,
including an extension of the chassis and bodywork by 10" to privide additional leg room and
comfort for the passengers

Townley - 4 door with 20" chassis extension                                           £ 6,950.00

Re-styling of the car to the same specification as for the 4 door conversion with 10" extension,
but including the extension of the chassis and body by approx. 20"

Townley - 4 door with 36" chassis extension                                           £ 7,500.00

Re-styling of the car to the same specification as for the 4 door conversion with 10" chassis
extension, but including the extension of the chassis and body by approx. 36"                                            Townley 4 door with 10" wheelbase extension and 6 wheels

Townley - 2 door with 36" chassis extension and 6 wheels                     £ 9,000.00

Re-styling of the car to 6 wheel specification by the addition of two extra wheels on a third
axle, including flared wing extensions, running boards and electrically operated windows and
the extesion of the body to the rear by approx 36"

Townley - 4 door with 10" chassis extension and 6 wheels                   £ 14,000.00

Similar to the '2 door with 36" chassis extesion and 6 wheels', but with 10" chassis
extension and 4 door installation.

Additional charge for 6 wheel drive (only necessary for special application)      £ 3,600.00                            Townley 6 wheel 4 door conversion, with special doorhandles

Townley - Convertible - 2 door - power operated                                    £ 7,550.00

The re-styling includes the fitting of a fully automaticpower operated hood complete with
inner cloth headlining in colours to choice, a central roll-over bar which may also be used
for ceremonial purposes, power operated front windows and rear quarters, flared wing
extensions and full length running boards to provide easier access to and from the vehicle

Townley - Convertible - 4 door - power operated                                  £ 10,450.00

As for 2 door Convertible, but with 4 doors

Townley - Basic conversion                                                                    £ 3,500.00

100" wheelbase 2 door hunting vehicle with fold-down windscreen and full vinyl tilt
                                                                                                                                                         1985 Townley Convertible with power hood and quad headlamps
In addition to bodywork conversion the clients had to choose among a long option list:

Front end styling:

'Sheer Rover' - H-front                                                                              £ 915.00

Re-syling of front and to 'Sheer Rover' 'H' specification. This conversion includes the 
fitment of a push bar mounted below the front bumper, and the changing of the
headlamps to quartz halogen units, including a new horizontal slatted style grille

Twin headlamp conversion for 'H' front                                                           £ 295.00

'Sheer Rover' - H/L-front                                                                         £ 1,665.00

Re-styling of the front end to 'Sheer Rover' 'H/L' specification. This re-styling includes a 
lift-up centre gate in the front of the grilleto allow the use of a winch and twin quartz
headlamp units recessed in new housings                                                                                                   Townley 4 door convertible conversion with power hood

Rectangular headlamps and new style grille                                           £ 825.00

Re-styling of the front end including the fitting of rectangular quartz headlamps and
a new style front grille.

'Sheer Rover' S-front                                                                                £ 775.00

Re-styling front end to 'Sheer Rover' 'S' specification incorporating rectangular quartz
halogen headlamps complete with housing and grille in black impact-resistant 
thermoplastic rubber. Re-styling includes aerodynamically styled front spoiler
incorporating provision for the fitting of rectangular quartz halogen driving lamps
or fog lamps

Sunshine roofs

Fabric sunshine roof, extra long, including wind deflector                                £ 595.00
with vinyl surround 

Electrically operated sunshine roof with vinyl finished panel                             £ 855.00
and vinyl surround

Electrically operated Moon-type sunshine roof with see-through                       £ 995.00
panel, with vinyl surround

Additional charge for supplying and fitting matching vinyl to                               £ 95.00
rear quarter panels when roof is finished in other than black
Vinyl roof in colour to clients choice, including rear quarters                            £ 275.00
where sunshine roof is not required

Vinyl roof only, in black                                                                                £ 180.00

Interior options

Re-trimming of the standard facia complete, including heater housing              £ 680.00
panel and steering coloumn cowl, finished in leather or suede, 
including the fitting of a seperate radio housing mounted centrally on
top of dashboard

Same re-trim option, but without radio pod                                                     £ 590.00

'Margrave' superluxury facia panel, complete with matching speedo-              £ 1,675.00
meter, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, ammeter and clock and
incorporating provision for radio fitting and also lockable box.
Finished in best Connolly leather or drylon

Or finished in polished walnut with leather surrounds                                    £ 1,825.00

Polished walnut door cappings and rear quarter cappings                                £ 125.00
Re-trimming of the existing interior throughout using selected                       £ 1,795.00
Connolly hides and/or draylon-type fabric including the re-trimming
of the front seats, the rear seat squab and cushion, the door panels
and rear quarters

Deep pile carpet throughout                                                                          £ 795.00

Deluxe groundproofing of interior                                                                    £ 190.00

Complete re-trim of the headlining, sun visors and side pillars down                  £ 350.00
to waist level in wool cloth or draylon

Occasional fold-down rear seat fitted to rear compartment opposite
spare wheel, finished in
A. Palomino                                                                                               £ 130.00
B. Leather/draylon                                                                                      £ 265.00

Centre armrest box with lift-up hinged lid for storage space suitable                  £ 95.00
for tapes, maps etc, mounted between front seats, finished in 
standard Range Rover palomino vinyl (2 door)

Other options:

Air-conditioning with high output refrigeration mounted indash                        £ 825.00 

Heavy duty radiator with 75% increase in coolant capacity and                      £ 495.00
60% increase effective coolant area
Automatic transmission                                                                           £ 3,200.00

Extra fuel tank 9.6 gallons                                                                          £ 395.00

All prices exclude Value Added Tax

Conversions for export:

Due to the variation of regulations from Country to Country it is the responsebility of the
clients to ensure that the conversion work satisfies local regulations

February 1982