Range Rover 1970

   The Range Rover was launched in June 1970 at Cornwall in Wales. The motor press was amazed of the new fantastic Land-Rover Range Rover. 

    In the press material available from the Solihull company at the time of introduction of Range Rover, they stated their new baby as:

"The world's most versatile motor car". Actually Land-Rover claimed it as a "Four-car-in-One".
In their brochures Land-Rover tried to define the Range Rover:
  1. "It is a seven-days-a-week luxury motor car for all business, social and domestic purposes."
  2. "It is a leisure vehicle that will range far and wide on the highways and noways of the world in pursuit of its owner's activities and interests."
  3. "It is a high-performance car for long distance travel in the grand manner."
  4. "It is a working cross-country vehicle with a payload capacity of 1200 lb."
And: "Who buys the Range Rover? Business and professional people with a leaning toward the great outdoors, who want a purpose-built vehicle
instead of an adapted one, the real thing instead of a compromise."
The Range Rover was a unik concept in 1970 and remain as a outstanding icon in 4x4, the luxury SUV market throughout its whole production periode of 25 years!
This site is my contribution as a acknowledge to the Land-Rover who developed and built this fantastic Range Rover !
All the scanned Land-Rover Range Rover brochures and marketing material are from original Land-Rover publications to sell the Range Rover Classic and
build the Land-Rover Range Rover brand. The content here is for your own enjoyment to build more knowledge of the most versatile vehicle ever:
The Range Rover Classic !

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YouTube Video

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