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1970 Range Rover Production Year - Suffix A - Released: June 17th 1970  


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- Range Rover a "Four-In-One" car:

  "A luxury car"

  "A performance car"

  "An estate car"

  "A cross country car"


- Launched June 17th 1970 at Blue Hills Mine, St. Agnes, Cornwall, UK

- Delivery to customers from Sept. 1970, then "J" reg number for public, "H" only factory registered

- Awarded Gold Medal for Coachwork

- Awarded Don Safety Trophy


Engine V8 Petrol Carburettor Zenith-Stromberg 175CD type:

- 3.5 ltr V8 Compression: 8.5:1

     3528 cc V8, Max power: 135 bhp at 4750 rpm. Max torque: 185 lb ft (250 Nm) at 2500 rpm


Manual Transmission with integrated transfer case LT95

- 4 speed and transfer box, high (1.174 - 47/32 teeth) and low (3.32) ratio. Central differential lockable

     Gear ratios:

     1st. 4.069; 2nd. 2.448; 3rd. 1.505; 4th. 1.0; R. 3.664


                                                                                                                                                                  Press photo of YVB 160H at launch of Range Rover 





- V8 3,5 litre aluminium with compression ratio 8.5:1, 135bhp @ 4750rpm, 185lb/ft @ 2500rpm

- Zenith-Stromberg CD2S carburettors, able to accommodate the extreme attitude changes

  without problems

- Mechanical fuel pump

- Lucas 16ACR 34-amp alternator

- Equipped with starting handle, standard

- Single pipe exhaust system



Engine number system:

- Engine Basic - starting Serial number on engine: 35500001A

                      - CR: 8.5:1 (First #984), 8.25:1 (From #985), 8.13:1 (From Suffix F)

- Engine Detox - starting Serial number on engine: 34100001A

                      - CR: 8.25:1, with Pulsair air injection system (Germany, Sweden, Norway)

- Engine CKD ("Completely Knocked Down") for assembly abroad, starting number: 35900001A

                      - CR: 8.25:1, non-detox                                                                                                              The profile of a legend for the next 25 years

- Engine Detox Australia - starting Serial number on engine: 39800001A

                      - CR: 8.13:1, with special Air Pump Injection system





- LT95 4-speed gearbox, ratio: 4.069:1, 2.448:1, 1.505:1, 1.00:1 - reverse: 3.664:1

- Integrated transfer box, high: 1.174:1 - (47/32 teeth) - low: 3.32:1

Salisbury Powr-Lok lockable limited-slip centre differential, friction-clutch type (Jun - Dec 1970)

  Approximately 300 built with Salisbury Powr-Lok. Required special anti-squawk oil

- From Dec 1970, only lockable centre differential as ever since on LT95

- Differential Lock warning light on transmission actuator knob

- Borg and Beck hydraulic operated diaphragm spring clutch with diameter of 10.5"

- LT95 Transmission RHD/LHD - 1,174:1 Serial number gearbox: 35500001A untill gearbox Suffix C




- Coil spring suspension with Woodhead telescopic dampers

- Boge Hydromat self energizing levelling strut in centre of rear suspension 

- Birfield constant-velocity universals on front suspension

- Front axel RHD - starting Serial number on axel: 35500001A

- Front axel LHD - starting Serial number on axel: 35800001A

- Rear axel RHD/LHD - starting Serial number on axel: 35500001A 

                                                                                                                                                          Palomino PVC interior for easy cleaning. Very comfortable seats






Brake system:

- Lockheed all wheels disc brakes

- Front disc 11.7" and rear 11.4"

- Dual secure brake pipe system with brake failure switch to fascia warning lamp

- Brake servo

  Bendix servo, US-produced, non-serviceable. Fitted on the first #569 produced Range Rover's

  Lockheed servo - Type 100, from the #570 vehicle and used until exchange of 1988MY      

- Lockheed master cylinder, dual valve. Imperial thread. Vertical bolt mount to brake servo

- Handbrake on separate drum type at the rear end of transfer transmission






- Burman Recirculating Ball - manual steering worm-and-nut steering box 18.2 to 1,

  around 3.7 turns of steering wheel from lock to lock                                                              

- AC-Delco collapsible safety steering column with a pair of universal joints to the steering box fitted




- Box-section ladder frame made up of 2mm (14 gauge) sub-assemblies welded together.

- Beam axles with long-travel coil spring and servo assisted disc brakes, all round

- Strong steel inner body shell bolted to frame with rubber bushes, 

  as Rover P5, to absorb road noise, by damping vibration between chassis and body                                  Early Suffix A facia with blanking plugs for aux instruments

- To this rigid body shell bolted unstressed skin panels in Birmabright aluminium

- Birmabright aluminium panels advantage is light weight and corrosion resistant


- Front and rear wings, scuttle, door skins, roof, upper rear quarter panels are made

  of aluminium

- Bonnet, lower rear tailgate and rear lower quarter panels are made of steel





- Front seats with integrated safety belts integrated in seat back and anchored to seat frame       

- Three spoke steering wheel with rim and centre in grey finish

- Minor extra instrumentation, only Kienzle mechanical clock with 'Kienzle' logo above centre 

- Cigar lighter (optional) mounted in one of the blanked aux instrument places

- Only inward front seat release handles

- PVC vinyl headlining with one centre courtesy light

- Palomino PVC mats on floors and transmission tunnel

- Black, thin rubber mat on rear compartment floor, shaped as aluminium floor



- Rear window pillars painted in the car colour

- Aluminium coloured front and rear bumpers                                                                                           Strong ladder frame with engine, transmission and suspension

- Round screw-off filler cap, lockable.

- Extend able fuel filler neck for use of jerry cans


- Round bonnet mounted rear view mirrors

- The first few Range Rovers where with metal letters front and rear

- Engraved "Range Rover" badge on front screen scuttle




From June 1970, available options:

- Safety harness - front (factory fitted) - Price: £ 7.83 incl. tax (29th September 1970)


By June 1970, announced option:

- Triplex "Hotline" heated rear window as a factory fitted optional extra on the tailgate. 

Link to advertisement.                                                                                            


Available colours: 




 Bahama Gold

 Palomino PVC trim


 Davos White

 Palomino PVC trim


 Lincoln Green

 Palomino PVC trim

Sahara Dust

 Masai Red

 Palomino PVC trim

Sahara Dust

 Sahara Dust

 Palomino PVC trim

Sahara Dust

 Tuscan Blue

 Palomino PVC trim


Price UK: £ 1 998.00 incl. tax (29th September 1970)


Annual production - Chassis numbers: 

Year     355 RHD Home/UK   356 RHD Export  357 RHD CKD*  358 LHD Export   359 LHD CKD*

1969    355-00001 to 00003

1970    355-00004 to 00312   356-00001 to 05   357-0000*A       358-00001 to 06   359-0000*A


*CKD: "Completely Knocked Down" kits of six cars for assembly abroad. Figures not available.



Additional info: UK Registration Plate Year Identifier -                                                     

                      Suffix Letter H - 1. August 1969 - 31. July 1970

                      Suffix Letter J - 1. August 1970 - 31. July 1971












                                                        The Range Rover's towing capacity was one of the main features the engineers had in mind when they developed the Range Rover   

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